'Him' and 'Her'

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If you have ever loved someone ...I'm sure you can relate.

Submitted: June 11, 2013

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Submitted: June 11, 2013



Loving someone but them not returning that love back,why would anything like that exist in this world? Why would anyone want to put themselves through so much pain and loss? Why would you spend years loyal to someone who you will never have? Why why why why? It's because no one knows why, It just happens. No matter how hard you try to get over that one person, that connection, that spark never really goes away..it just gets buried deep down in your unconscious, the dark place where you force to forget things you no longer want to exist.

Loving 'him' at first was like a dream...the feeling i had in my stomach everyday when I saw his face was beyond any happy feeling I had experienced. He was my paradise. He was my perfect utopia. He was an escape from my darkness. He was my everything. I felt so strongly for him that it drove me to a point where I convinced myself he loved me and that we were going to be together. But secretly I knew I was hiding the truth within me which hurt so bad....the truth was he never has or will love me, I was just a another small and pointless star in his eyes. Where as for him he was my sun that brightened my day and the moon that guided me through my darkest times. No matter how hard I tried to neglect that truth, I knew that my conscious and realistic side of me was right, but I pushed that back till it gradually disappeared...leaving me with this one strong feeling for this one person who doesn't even love me back, at the time I did not realise what this was doing to me, what actually was going to come from this..I was only just wishing on a far reached fairy tale.

Dear God, I used to say Please let me be with him, I love him, he is my only and one true love, I have done everything right in life, I deserve him, Please God, Please,..

At night I prayed to God that he would finally love me like I loved him...I prayed too hard though, it only lead me to waiting longer on a hopeless love.

Still even though I have overcome this rocky road, I still don't understand why I felt that way towards him and what made me so in love with him, that I changed to someone who I wasn't.....why why why why? No one knows, it just happens....

'him\" ...I will never forget, I have learned and lost from this but altogether it has made me a stronger person, I know when to let my heart go and when to protect it...so thankyou 'Him'.

Love 'Her'

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