Rest in peace dad

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This poem is about my dad who passed away when I was 8 years old. He meant the world to me and when he was taken from me, it changed me and I became a stronger person because of it. R.I.P Dad. I love you and oneday we will meet again.

Submitted: June 06, 2011

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



Years have passed. 

I'll never forget the day when,

someone rang to tell us that you'd gone away. 

The hurt is the same like an open wound.


There are days where I look back at old photos,and remember those happy times when you were alive. 

 I've shut my private door and let no one in.

Locking myself in a box, they try but I won't give in. 


You were like a rock. 

Strong, faithful and true

What worth has my life

Now I don’t have you


I was your first born

Daddy’s little girl

I took my own path

But was still part of your world


I was not the best

Guilty of neglect

But you know daddy dearest

I had so much respect


I always loved you

My dad, my star

Now my pain is

To worship you from afar


I love you now

As I did back then

I just hope... one day

I will see you again


I am so proud of you

Brave and strong to the end

Now when asked “how are you?”

There is no need to pretend


We all love and miss you so much, sleep well

and take care of all who went before you 

 I love you dad, world's best dad.  Miss you everyday. 


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