AIDEN (fire)

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Knowing the one you love still cares, not hating you like you thought... I WROTE IT AT WORRK WITH A OLD STYLE ROOT BEER IN A GLASS BOTTLE!!!

Submitted: February 24, 2007

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Submitted: February 24, 2007



Aiden is what the hoodie reads

Every time I see, plant my eyes like seeds

Aiden means fire, Burning is what fires do

Thats what my heart does when I am next to you

This blazing feeling in my chest

Makes me feel like I'm at rest

Aiden proves at what it does best

But even now the feelings no less

Because my hearts beating in happy fest

You are untouched by it now

by how I feel it from you're frown

but you have no need to feel down

You can wear my love just like a crown

you may not use it, this burning feeling

With many ugly heads constantly rearing

but you are still fearing, what you're wearing

My aiden has not left, maby yours hasen't

You do care, mabye not love, but care

And my hoodie she still will wear

lets me know that you still care

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