My Red Stapler, My Murderuous Intent (Part One)

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About A guy who the only thing he likes at his job is his red stapler.

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



"What happened to my stapler," said Johnson, " Who took my red stapler!" Mr. Hank Johnson hates his job. They throw him around like a dirty sock, desk to desk, job to job, he gets no respect. He works for an insurance companies main branch, a big office building, and he hates it. On the other hand, he enjoys his red stapler. He painted it himself, at work. Yesterday he finished painting it, and now it's gone. "Who took it,"Johnson said. "Oh, I did Johnson, I thought you would'nt mind," said Mr. Francesconi. Mr. Francesconi is Johnsons boss, Who often thretens his job, so Johnson dose'nt fight with him. "Oh, sorry," mutterd Johnson,"You can borrow it..." "Oh, you did'nt know, todays my half birthday, I think I'll keep it," Mr. Francesconi exclaimed, "You Don't mind do you, I did'nt think so."".....,"Johnson Said nothing.

Part 1 End

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