Sara's Illness, My Illness

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A song my band has called 'Darling Darla' is based on this poem. In 8th grade, a friend of mine nammed sara died of a rare illness. What really gets to me is that when she left, we were'nt really at speaking terms, we got into an argument
and didn't talk, then she died. Because of that I have a severe problem worrying about all of my friends, which is also kinda of an illness. I worry too nuch.

Submitted: March 06, 2007

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Submitted: March 06, 2007



It haunts me inside,

it's to my friend who died...

We weren't talking,

this anger was stalking,

and it followed you all the way...

You left the day, leaving me wanting to say,

sorry and good bye...

As I think to the past,

you're memory will last,

as the friend you always will be...

But youll never know how drastically you changed me...

It makes me worry...

Worry for the ones who are still around...

I worry, And follow them as a hound...

If they need help, all they need to do is sound...

Because anything I will do, to keep them from falling to the ground...

When she died, she left a pain,

I know will never go away...

A friend died

and through all I've tried,

She went away,

in a painful stride...

Left me with an illness of worry to hide.

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