without you.. what will i do

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to a friend i loved soo much...
how will i ever live without you by my side
you were involved in every part of my day.
it was like my world Revolve around you & you only
i always get so worried when dont see you in the morning or at lunch, or when ever. (thinking something might be wrong) i could never have a good sleep if i cant hear your voice at night.
just the throught of nothing see you everyday scares me
its not like am never gonna you see again but it feels like it
your going to create your own dream
to became a superstar
a dream i have to support
even when i know i wont be able to be with you (Literally) every step of the way

im so scared___im so scared

i really am
i never want you to leave

. to my best guy friend
"i love you"

always and ever

"i love you"

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008



What am I gonna do

Who’s gonna talk me through the night… who??

I won’t be able to sleep

If I can’t hear your voice I’ll weep

Without you!! How will I ever sleep well again?

Who’s gonna wake me up each morning

You were my alarming without any warning

You’re the one who tells me “wake up! Today’s gonna be great”

And you’re always right; you teach me how to appreciate

Without you!! How will I ever live my day again?

Who’s gonna catch the train with me to school

Each day, if your not there it would be so unkool

You were always there just to make sure

Our ride would like going on a tour

Without you!! How will i ever wonder again?

Who’s gonna make sure i go to class and learn

Cause without you I’ll always jig

You’re the one who inspires me to do my best

Making sure that I will past my test

Without you!! How will I ever be that someone special?

Who’s gonna entertain me when bored

Cause you’re the only one who can make me laugh so hard

The way you hold my hand and play your cards

You’re all I ever need in life

Without you!! How will I ever laugh again?

Who’s gonna hang with me after school

You were always there holding my tools

You’re the one who gives me all that I want

I believe you are my angel

Without you!! How will I ever have faith in life?

Who’s gonna take me home when it’s dark & cold

All I want is to hold your hand and grow old

Together, side by side walking along the footpath

Hold on to something we knew we should let go

Without you!! I’ve lost my angel

Without you!! I’ll never laugh

Without you!! I’ll feel lonely

Without you!! I’ll loss all hope

Without you!! I won’t survive

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