"You are So Not An Asshole"

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Ex boyfriends. There's something to write about. Lol, this may be pretty gross for guys but I was soooo pissed when I wrote this. And I was p.m.sing so, don't judge :).

Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012



Here we have An asshole A complete and total ASSHOLE Or so I thought But as I realized the work of an asshole I thought no, you know what? I actually NEED an asshole Without an asshole I could never shit And if I don't shit I die

That's right girls shit Girls fall in love with stupid assholes like you And then take the fucking time to wipe away all the asshole's shit

But as nasty as it sounds Assholes are pleasurable They provide us a sense of relief Hence \"relieving yourself\" And for guys Assholes are the source of their gay pleasure! So you my \"asshole friend\" ARE NOT EVEN WORTH ONE FUCKING BLEACHED CLEAN ASSHOLE No, you don't deserve to get all that ass What you are Is worth going down the toilet with all that shit, all the shit in the world And then slowly being decomposed in the sea of the sewer With friends like disease ridden rats and ugly ass cocklaroaches You're only worth about 15 seconds of my time And then I just need to flush you down the toilet without even thinking about it twice Or admiring your shit stained face Because I was so wrong to think you should really be a part of me Therefore I take back thinking you were an asshole Because you're really not

You're the asshole's bitch You're that endless roll that wipes the asshole clean! Yes, that is right, asswipe!

YOU'RE AN ASSWIPE AND GUESS FUCKING WHAT ASSWIPE?! You're buttfucking self is running really low And one of these fucking days You're going to be all out And then you will never come in contact with my hot ass again.


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