A Supernatural Story

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A woman in dire straits suddenly bumps into her deceased husband...

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



A Supernatural Story

Ana Esther


This was the very last time that poor Annie was in trouble with the complicated revolving door of her office building. Her boss has simply said to her that she would have to be fired.

Misfortunes never come singly. Two weeks ago, her old mother died of a never-ending cancer; last week, somebody stole her new car and now this piece of discouraging bad news. ‘What’s wrong with me? What else could happen to me? What on earth am I going to do?’ She was really frightened.

With these thoughts in mind and with wet eyes, she started on her way home. When she was near Madison Square Garden, she sat down on a bench. Memories from the old good times filled up her mind. She remembered Wells, her beloved husband. He had been the only man she had love but he was gone. Her mother was always saying that Wells was not the right man for her. ‘He’s 20 years older than you, my dear, please don’t marry him. Sooner or later you’ll regret it, Annie.’ The words sounded like a bad omen but their marriage had been a success for twenty years until a heart attack carried Wells away from her. Since then she has never fallen in love again.

Annie was missing her husband more than ever. ‘Wells, Wells, if only you were here with me. How happy we were! Five years without you is impossible for me to bear, please come back to me, come back.’

Still thinking about Wells, she saw an old gentleman approaching the bench she was sat on. The man had the same scar Wells had, a big one over his left eyebrow.

The old gentleman stopped in front of her and cried out completely excited: ‘Dear Annie, can you imagine how long I’ve been hopelessly searching for you?’

But Annie could not believe her own eyes neither her ears. It could not be Wells. He was dead for she was there at his very burial. Was it a hallucination?

‘Hey, Annie, aren’t you listening to me? I love you.’ He said earnestly.

‘Oh, Wells, are you really here? You are dead.’ Annie whispered in fear.

But he was not dead. He was touching her hands and telling her she was his loved child, and she believed him.

Tightly embraced they hurried to Annie’s apartment.

Although she was very hungry, the kitchen was left aside and they went straight to the bedroom, the same bedroom of their first night together. The same bed…

Many kisses and words of love had been feverishly said before the two lovers realized that the night was over. The sun was already shining through the window. Abruptly Wells got up, turned his head towards Annie and with a fading voice he said, ‘I love you, Annie, good bye.’ He reached for the corridors and simply vanished into thin air. He was completely undressed!

Nervously, she put her nightgown on and ran out in search of her husband. The streets were too chilly that morning. An instinctive force guided her straight ahead to Madison Square Garden. Soon she was there near the same bench where she found Wells the night before. He was not there. She began to cry desperately, ‘Wells, Wells, where are you?’

Suddenly, she saw him and immediately she realized he was not undressed. She looked at his face and saw the scar over his left eyebrow, ‘God, it has to be him’, she concluded and ran to meet him. She put her hands firmly on his shoulders.

 ‘Wells, why did you do such a thing? Why? Wells, Wells, prove me you’re not dead.’

The old gentleman who was going to cross the street stopped astonished. He could not say anything because Annie was shaking him strongly.

‘Wells, Wells, I need you so much!’ She cried.

‘I’m not Wells.’ He replied coldly.

‘Oh, you are Wells. I’m sure you are my Wells. Tell me you are my Wells… ’ She was begging now.

‘How boring this ‘lady’ is…semi-dressed, holding my shoulders and calling me Wells’. He angrily muttered. Then he faced her.

‘You are mistaken, madam.’ Said the old gentleman rather stiffly. ‘You see, my name is Willis, not Wells.’ He gave her a quick annoyed look and left without ever turning back.

‘Oh, dear…’ Exclaimed Annie shattered by the uncanny feeling the whole event produced on her.



* I wrote this story for a creative writing class some (long) time ago!

© Copyright 2017 Ana Esther. All rights reserved.

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