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Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Next day the sky was such clear that as though there was not rain and storm at night. Leo woke up at six o’ clock in the morning as usual and when he saw dirty footprints on the white carpet. He angrily shouted, faster ran on the terrace, stopped in front of the Bony’s house and started stamping. Bony guessed that leo was angry and he put down his big fluffy forepaws on the eyes. Leo was still stamping.

Leo – Will you come out Bony? Or prefer to be hungry whole day?

Bony started purring and prowled more deep inside.

Leo – OK! I will go now to eat very delicious bacon, then again bacon, in the evening again bacon.

Bony loved bacon too much and when he heard about it, faster went out from his house and barked to Leo. He caught Bony faster, they were lying on the floor at the terrace and were playing almost whole morning. Leo did not go to exercise in that day. He cleaned a dirty carpet and a living room, when he finished everything, he changed clothes, dressed on a parti-coloured shorts and went down to the coast. When he was going to swim a woman called him, she was on the terrace. She was very elegant woman, with red curly hair. Leo’s face changed when he heard her voice. He smiled forced and turned back.

Leo – Dear Vanda! Why do you hate me such a hard?

Vanda – Because that I am only one who really loves you.

Leo was smiling and walking very slowly to the terrace.

Vanda – I know you are very glad to see me, so please stop this horrible smile. You would have seen my beautiful face if you had called me this morning.

She entered home and sat down at the table, which was in the living room. Leo put on a T-shirt and sat down opposite her. Vanda gave him a folder and smiled.

Vanda – Here are a few singers, which are invited at your concert.

Leo opened a folder, he did not check it, just was turning over pages. Vanda took her bag, stood up and while she went out turned back to Leo.

Vanda – If you want to change something, then please let me know in the evening or I will not change anything then.

Leo – OK!

. . . Leo was in the recording room the whole day, he was making his new song for the solo concert. Bony was siting in front of the door and waiting for Leo. It was midday when Leo came out from the room, Bony happily jumped up, took a frisbee from the floor and followed Leo in the kitchen, Leo smiled and looked at Bony.

Leo – I still remember a carpet.

Bony dropped a frisbee, barked to him and ran outside.

Leo -What was it?

Leo smiled took a frisbee and went out at the terrace. He was looking at Bony, how he was playing alone. After a few minutes he took off a T-shirt and went down at the coast. They were playing with a frisbee and running near the house.

. . . It was evening, Bony and Leo were lying on the sand, he was looking at the sky, Bony was sitting close to him and was digging sand. Leo sadly breathed and looked at Bony.

Leo – Bony! Everything will be ok, right?

He stopped for a second and again continued talking, Leo was sad and frightened.

Leo – I saw a dream yesterday, I know it was just a dream but it left me a strange fear

I was singing a song but people were very angry with me, they didn’t like my song.

Bony barked a few times and put down his fluffy paw to Leo’s head. Leo smiled warmly and stood up.

Leo – Yea, I know it was just a dream.

And he got in the water. He was forgetting about a time and a distance, when he was swimming. He was lying down on the water and was looking at the sky. He unexpectedly felt strong burn on the leg, he faster took his hand on it, turned around, looked at in the water and he saw a big medusa. He again was bitten by medusa. Leo was trying to swim faster but he was feeling heaviness on legs, his legs were numbed. He was beating himself on his legs to move them, but he could not feel his legs anymore. Leo was calling to Bony, he heard Leo’s voice in spite of he was too far from the coast and faster got in the water to help him. But Leo was really too far, Bony could not swim more, he was purring and was trying to swim closer. Suddenly Bony saw a girl on the coast and turned back to her. Leo hardly was trying to not sink, he had no force anymore to call Bony, he went faint and slowly went down at the bottom. Bony was barking and running to that side where was a girl. She was the same girl which Leo saw a few days ago. She again was dressed in black clothes, she had closed eyes and was trying to not hear barking. After a few seconds barking stopped and the girl opened eyes. She turned and saw, that Bony was running to her. She tried to go from there but she heard Leo’s heart beating. She stopped and was looking at Bony, the girl shook a head and whispered.

- No, it’s not my business.

She turned back and ran to other side. Bony started barking again, the girl was running faster and she was whispering the same.

- It’s not my business.

It’s not my business.

Suddenly she angrily stopped, toured back to Bony and shouted to him.

- Go away! call someone! Leave me alone!

Bony stopped in front of her and was looking at her eyes.

- Please go away, find someone, I can’t do it.

And I don’t want to do too.

Bony started purring, but the girl turned back and walked quietly, she was still hearing Leo’s heart beating. After a few seconds she stopped, turned to Bony and whispered.

- I will definitely regretted this behavior.

She faster took off boots and when she got in the water, momentarily changed water’s color. She did not need even one minute to find Leo. She faster took out Leo from the water and lay down on the sand. She was looking for a problem on Leo’s body and noticed that his legs were intumescence. She lifted he a bit and when she touched his back by hand, suddenly the shiny ray came out from her palm, inside the ray were tiny crystals. When the crystals touched his all nerves, his pulse back again. The girl was not looked happy that she helped him, she shook her head and looked at Bony.

- And you strange fluffy, please when I swim do not yapping to me anymore, alright?

Then she stood up and left them.

Leo was woke up by Bony’s licking and he slowly stood up. Bony was happily running around him. Leo smiled and hugged him.

Leo – Did I frighten you too much?

I promise I will not scare you anymore.

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