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Never to Return

Book by: ana jester


Taking place during the mining and gold rush in the 1800s, a few cowboys, a 49er, and some people are left behind to fend for themselves. As they travel along they learn more about each other and discover new things and new people.

Author Chapter Note

Taking place during the mining and gold rush in the 1800s, a few cowboys, a 49er, and some people are left behind to fend for themselves. As they travel along they learn more about each other and discover new things and new people.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 16, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 16, 2009



The sun was just about to come up. Since there wasn't much around at the time you could see the Rockies pretty far. California had been with less earthquakes and people then. Anywho, this don't matter much right now! Bullcreek, CA., is what they call it. Close to the border of Nevada. 49ers and settlers settled up or down if you want to be technical. At the exact sunrise a man was seen riding up on a white horse. People stopped to see who it was. Just the way he appeared made him look superior. Dust flew up all around him and his horse. His coat floated and his bag was about to fall.

His glasses appeared perfect to match his hat, moustache, and stern look. Parents rushed their children in their homes. Just when this man began to come downhill, he came across a tree with branches sticking outward. Before he could react he hit a branch and fell off the tall horse. Men laughed, women giggled, and a 49er shook his head and continued hitting a spike into the ground for no reason. The man stood and looked around, dusted himself off. This man is James Beaufant. Those that know him call him Sir James, but not many actually know him. He walked up to a nearby tavern and tied his white horse,"Easy boy."

"Hey boy," James turned," 'bout time you caught up wit the rest. How much money's you's got Beaufant?" This was Leslie Drumire. The drunk who's greedy and sneaky. He's alright to know but not when you got money on hand.

"Enough to try to win more. But first, a drink." and he walked in, leaving Leslie.

Ahh, the smell of booze and gun powder." He announced when he sat at the bar. Music played, dancers danced, and for some reason a peacock sat at a table with some drunks.

"What'll it be Sir James?" Hendrix Wrought asked.

"A glass of bourbon." he responded. He always tried to use a deep, strong, tough, voice. Sometimes he failed. Jefferson Haht sat beside him, always drunk and always timid. Sir James turned away while Jeffereson's head slipped and hit the bar, which would leave a giant mark later, and he hit the floor. Hendrix came over and gave James his glass of bourbon. He noticed Hendrix was shaking.

"Hendrix Wrought. You're shakin'." he said.

"It-it's the-a chill. I got a chill from the wind."

"But it's at least 90 degrees out, no wind."

"I'm just me." Hendrix said and rushed away. He is scared, thought Sir James and he chuckled, almost spilling his drink. Just then Leslie Drumire came in. He always caused trouble for anyone. James always wished Leslie wouldn't come near him.

"Please don't come over here, please don't don't don't." James whispered. Leslie sat down beside him. Almost tripping over Jeffereson. He tried to look tough and a look such as a matter-of-fact.

"Well now. If it ain't Sir James Beaufalt." he chuckled.

"Beaufant, Leslie. It is pronounced Beaufant." he replied. Why did people pronounce his name wrong , he did not know!

"I heard you won 'nother hand at poker!" Leslie said.

"As always, yes." he said bluntly. Took a sip. While they spoke, the dancer Josephine listened. She had red hair and it was curly like a porcelain doll. She is somewhat intelligent.

"How 'bout you play 'gainst me. One hand!" Leslie announced. Sir James looked at him, finished his bourbon and threw his glass down which broke on Jefferson.

"Alright, Leslie. One game, one winner." They went to a table, Leslie grabbed a man by the shirt and flung him. They sat down, everyone hushed to watch the two. Bullcreek had a rule: 3 strikes. If you get 3 strikes for something such as fighting, murdering, whatever, you get bannished from there. Away from the town. So far, the two men have only 2 strikes. As they played, Rec came in to see his brother at it again. Rec Beaufant, blond. He got that from his mother while James got his brown hair from his dad. Rec's short for Reginald. Except they call him Rec. Just to toughen him up. Rec, unlike James, is married to Cindi, a naive blond who is smart only at moments. They only had one child, daughter Mary. She always carried her doll Lucy around everywhere. Rec rushed over,

"James! You know you can't do this again! Think of your strikes!" he proclaimed.

"Rec, go fix your non...shaggy...hair." he said.

"James Zachariah Beaufant, you are going to end up fighting, Leslie's no good!" he said.

"Hey, I'm a no good that got's feelin' too." he, Leslie, said.

"Sorry." Rec apologized. At that moment, two men rode up on horses. Tom and Charlie the Dart. Both notorious cowboys who rob and murder. Tom has dark brown shaggy hair, shiny brown eyes that'll make you forgive he ever robbed or murdered someone in a second, and old dirty clothes. Charlie the Dart has dirty blond hair with some actual dirt in it, green eyes, and dirty clothes. Tom's always confused at times and Charlie tries to be serious. But doesn't really succeed. They stopped their horses outside of the tavern Shoot n Drink. They prepared to go in.

"Just go in and pretend we're new 'ere." Charlie seriously said.

"But, we are new," Tom looked at him," ain't we?" Charlie thought and just looked at his friend.

" Yes. We are, let's go." They walked in and went up to the bar.

"Can I help you boys?" asked Hendrix.

" I'll have some whiskey in a cup." said Charlie.

" A beer. In a bottle." Tom responded. After they got their drinks, they turned in their seats, Tom almost fell over due to a faulty seat, and they seen the two men playing poker.

" Beauflat, I think ya's cheatin' me." proclaimed Leslie.

" If I were cheatin' you, this game would've already ended long ago."

" That sound like them fightin' wards boy!" Leslie yelled. He flipped the table and Sir James stood slowly.

"Here we go now, James, don't!" yelled Rec. before they knew it, Leslie and James were fighting.

" Now's the time," whispered Charlie and he yelled," Hey! We're robbin' this place!" Nothing. "Hey-HEY!!" he yelled again. Tom grabbed out his gun, pointed up, cocked it, and fired-BOOM!!!- women sceamed and everyone turned.

"Now, thanks Tom." Charlie said. Tom nodded.

"It's my job." he said, nodding once and putting away his gun.

" A'right now, we are robbin' this place!" Charlie jumped up and got out his silver pistol.

" Well, do it already, gosh!" yelled old Mr. Teer. Charlie the Dart loaded his gun while Tom just looked at the old man and then turned to everyone else.

Most people just continued to do as they were doing before. "I guess no one's facinated about you guys." said Hendrix and he shrugged. Charlie the Dart looked at him and Hendrix ducked down. They continued with their plan only the fight still continued on. Humphry Hubbards was grabbed by the back of the shirt and flung over at Charlie the Dart and Tom. Both men were crushed by Humphry and they fell back against the bar. Meanwhile, Sir James and Leslie were trying to settle up. Leslie grabbed a man who hit him in the back of the head and threw him across the floor, knocking down a married couple. Charlie the Dart went and joined in the fight since he hadn't been in a fight since they left Oregon. Tom, knowing the drill, went out and grabbed his bag that was tied to his horse's saddle and he ran back in, almost slipping and falling on his face. Hendrix tapped on a man's shoulder because he was taking some free beer and the man turned around and hit Hendrix in the face with his fist. He fell. Mr. Tuntwire attempted to swing on the ceiling's chandelier and when he began to swing it fell down, crashing on the only table still in good condition. Hendrix stood up dazed and Tom ran over. Just as Hendrix is leaning over the bar door counter, Tom shoved it open which just hit Hendrix on the face; Hendrix's eyes grew wide and he lost his balance falling back. Tom ran over to the register, hit the counter and the register opened. He got out all the money that was left in there. a huge woman, Matilda Gummins, threw a drunk right over at Tom and he fell back against the shelves holding the bottles and glasses. The mayor of Bull Creek and his men came over to the Tavern to see the place in complete chaos. He looked at the bottle sitting on a nearby table, picked it up, and flung it, hitting a woman on the head. He turned to the man to his left," They're rather mean drunks aren't they," the man agreed," Dandy, get out the pistol and fire a warning shot into what's left of the ceiling." Dandy, with a handlebar moustache, got out his pistol, put one bullet in, and fired up towards the only part of the ceiling left. Everyone stopped and looked surprised to see the mayor. "Well now," he said and part of the ceiling fell down over on the bar," What is this? Who started this turmoil?" he asked. Josephine walked forward, feeling it was right to tell. "Mr. Mayor, this is a little get together. Like old friends. See, everyone's happy to see each other." she said and people began to nod in agreement and occasionally hugging someone or patting their enemy on the back. "Okay, I now know what it is, but could you tell me who started this mess?!" "Well, I don't rightly recall," she said while itching the back of her neck in nervousness. "It was that Leslie Drumire and Sir James- I mean, James Beaufant, sir." confessed Jefferson Platt. " Step forward Drumire and Beaufant." the mayor requested," You too, Reginald and Josephine." The two stepped forward along with the other two men. " Anyone else who knows or was a part of this please speak now." " Those two men, over there," Suzy Lyle pointed in hysterical motions," They came in and announced they were gonna rob this Tavern of ours." " You two gentlemen, come forward now." Three men brought the two over when they refesued," Who are you boys? I don't recognize either one of you." " I won't tell." Charlie the Dart said. " I'm Tom," the other said," I mean, I won't tell either." " Fightin' is prohibited here in this here town of ours. Leslie Drumire, sir James Beaufant, Reginald "Rec" Beaufant, Josephine Laurson," he looked at the other two," Tom, and you blondie are now exiled from this town. His men grabbed each of them and led them out; and the two strangers noticed their horses were gone. The men threw the group of people into the back of a wagon and blind folded them. As the men led them along in the wagon, the group sat in the back with Reginald's wife and daughter, and Margaret, another citizen who was accused of stealing from the mayor. " You know, I don't see the point of blindfolding us but not tyin' or gaggin' us." said Tom. " Maybe they forgotten." responded Leslie. " Well, I think they meant to or they're just that dumb." said Margaret. " S'that you Margaret?" asked Sir James. " Oh, hello Sir James. Third strikes always are painful than the first two ain't they?" While they all agreed, the wagon finally stopped and they were tossed out and the men left swiftly. Their horses hitched to the wagon went off course and they went down a steep hill. They took off their blindfolds. " That was quick." announced Josephine. " That's what cha said to ya'lls man!" and Leslie began to laugh scaring away the birds. " You idiot, you are my man." she confirmed and he stopped laughing and thought about that. " This cannot get any worser." Reginald said. At that moment it began to rain and they just stood there. Margaret and the two notorious cowboys walked away. Sometime later, all of them sat down by a tree and talked: " What's everyone's names?" asked Reginald's wife Cindi," Come on now everyone. INtroduce yourselves." Everyone looked at her like an idiot. " Then who are you?" asked Charlie. " Well I am Cindi Beaufant, I'm married to Reginald Beaufant." " Ah, the sissy lookin' fella." said Charlie. " Uh-huh." she responded smiling and not really aware of what he just said.

No one else wanted to talk. Or even look at one another. The day left and in came the night; the air was somewhat fresh and full of pine smell.

The night wasn't dull and it wasn't lively. The group of outcasts laid under the stars, and tried to sleep... Silence. Until... "Hey, ya'll s'wake?" asked Leslie. "Shut up Leslie," responded Sir James," or we're throwing you back in the water." Hearing this, Leslie obeyed and stayed quiet. "I gotta say... This ain't so bad." And they fell asleep with Tom's words lingering. "'This ain't so bad'! I got ants around my garter!" yelled Josephine. Due to the rain and dirt mixing, Josephine's red hair had become a huge mess of mud. It resembled a slumped over beehive, covered in chocolate or a simple description: a mud ball. Mud hive. As Tom dusted himself off, he couldn't help but notice the thief Margaret. He wasn't sure why, but each time he seen her, his stomach would react with butterflies; but of course it could be because he also felt hungry, but you know how he feels. Both hungry and falling in love feelings. " Enough of the time wastin'," yelled Charlie the Dart," let's find food. The sun was already high above hills.

So far for that morning, there was no sightings of any type of food around. Cindi found berries but they had turned out to be quite catastrophic for them. As the day wore on and on, the morning just seemed to get more and more unbearable.

© Copyright 2016 ana jester. All rights reserved.

Never to Return Never to Return

Status: Finished

Genre: Westerns



Status: Finished

Genre: Westerns



Taking place during the mining and gold rush in the 1800s, a few cowboys, a 49er, and some people are left behind to fend for themselves. As they travel along they learn more about each other and discover new things and new people.
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