The Deleted tales of The Lighter Side of U.S.T.C. : Chris and Ona's Date

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Chris asked Ona to go on a date with him, but they didn't expected that they were being watched by A.J. and his friends.

Submitted: June 21, 2008

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Submitted: June 21, 2008



One day, after school, Chris was nervous, but determined. He was more than ready to ask Ona out, so he walked up to her, just as she got her things from her locker.

"Hey,...Ona." he said.

"Oh... Hi." Ona said looking down.

"I know that we are so busy with stuff, and I was wondering if you want to..." Chris paused for a moment.

"Go on a date?" She finished his question.

"Actually..." He corrected. "I want to hang out with you more..."

"But..." Ona added. "We always hung out."

"I mean by ourselves." He corrected her again.

"Oh... Okay!" Ona agreed.

"Great." said Chris. "I'll see you at sunset."

"Okay." agreed Ona. "At sunset."

"Cool! Sunset it is... I'm going now, bye!"

Chris ran. A.J. grabbed him by the arm.

"Well you finally asked her out, eh?" said A.J. with a smirk on his face.

"What?!" Chris cried out. "You heard us?"

"You damn right! You two are going out!"

A.J. stands on the rim of the stairs, and annonced the news to the whole school.

"Everyone! Chris and Ona are gonna have a da..."

"A.J.!" Chris grabbed A.J. by the collar. "Open your big mouth, and I'll kill you!"

"You ain't that serious!" dared A.J. Chris just stared at him angrily.

"Okay. Okay! Damn!" A.J. finally gave in. Ona was waiting for Chris. She has a long yellow dress with matching stalletos on. Her hair was down and she wore the same gold hoop earrings. She didn't know that A.J., Riven and Beam are watching.

"Damn! Is it me, or her bra is on too tight?" A.J. asked to himself with the bonoculars. "Because by the way I'm looking at it, her boobs are getting big!"

"Dude!" Beam cried. "Shut the fuck up! She'll hear us!"

"Yeah!" Riven added. "We're doing this, why?"

"Because they're in love! Dammit!" A.J. shouted in chibi mode. "And we have to be there to see the action, so pipe down, fuckheads! you're ruining the fun!" 

Ona turned around, and no one was there, she thought she heard noises comming from the bushes. So she waited, then suddenly she heard the motor of the motorcycle, and the sound is getting bigger. It was Chris on his navy blue Harley Davidson bike. He turned the motor off, took off his helmet, got out of the bike, and gave Ona a bouquet of flowers. She was impressed. he was wearing a baby blue collar dress shirt, a black coat, dark blue jeans, and black sneakers.

"You look very lovely, tonight!" he commented.

"Oh, thank you," Ona commented back. She was blushing. "You look so good, yourself."

"Thanks... um, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know... Maybe we get something to eat!"

"I got an extra helmet, we can go to the fast food restaurant and order up!"


"Cool! Let's get on the bike, and head out!"

Ona grabbed the helmet as she got on the bike, sitting behind Chris, who is also ready for takeoff.

"Hang on to me, Ona!" he commanded. Ona wrapped her arms around Chris's waist, and the two were off. The bush, however, "followed" them.

"God Damn!" complained A.J. "This is a waste of time! Beam, you got the jet pack ready?"

"Yeah!" Beam replied. He turned on the jet pack, and they were flying like crazy, they screamed. At the restaurant, Chris ordered a hamburger with pickles and everything, fries, ketchup and a soda. Ona ordered the same thing, but without pickles, and mustard. They sat down at the same table, across from each other. They were staring at each other like they are in love.

"Ona..." Chris said.

"Yeah?" Ona asked.

"Everytime I looked at your beautiful yellow eyes, I could stop thinking about you..." he replied.

"Oh, really?"


Ona was blushing again. So did Chris. Suddenly they heard a thump outside from the restaurant.

"Did you hear that?" Ona asked.

"Hear what?" Chris asked. "I didn't hear anything."

"Well, anyways..." Ona said. "I feel the same way, too."


"Yes. I never felt that way before since..."


"Oh, you don't want to know."

"Ona. I'm all ears. I understand, just tell me, what bothering you?"

Ona looked down, she was rubbing her right arm. Outside, A.J. and his friends are peaking at the window where Chris and Ona are sitting.

"Oooh! This is gonna be good!" A.J. said cheerfully.

"I wanna see!" Beam complained.

"We need a new bush." Riven added.

"Later!" A.J. shouted. "I want to see the kissing part!"

But little did they know that Dax and Rose are behind them.

"And just what are you three doing here?" Rose asked sternly. The Trio looked. They screamed, and they fell.

"Whoa! Are you guys spying?" Dax asked cheerfully.

"Dax?!" Rose cried.


"Well of course we are!" replied A.J. beam and Riven give him dirty looks.

"Oh, don't tell me you want out?" he asked.

"Spying?!" Rose cried. "Don't you think that is wrong to spy on someone, especailly if they're having a date?!"

"Oh come on, Rose!" A.J. complained. "This is Chris and Ona we're talking about!"

"Oh boy!" Rose sighs.

"You wanted to see it for yourself, too, eh? Rose?" he dared.

"Ah, well..."

Ten seconds later. Now Dax and Rose are joining.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" She complained.

"I can't believe I'm doing this!" Dax said cheerfully. Rose bops him on the head.

"If they found out that we're spying on them, I'm blaming you!" Rose warned. The 4 shushed at her. Meanwhile Ona's tears fell from her eyes. Chris sits next to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Is it something that I did?"

"No." Ona sobbed. "See? That's the point! You are too kind. All these other jerks treat me like I'm their property! One of them try to force himself on me. You, are not like that! You're kind, gentle, and... oh I don't know, smart."

She rubbed her eyes, but Chris moves Ona's hand from her eyes, he put her chin up and wiped her tears away.

"Don't rub your eyes too hard," he said gently. "You'll might get them red."

"Thanks." She sniffed on a napkin.

"Well," Chris added. "I might be... understanding, but I'm not good at that."

"But you are!" Ona disagreed. "Don't say that, Chris!"

Chris was surprised. Ona knows about his persona.

"I think we should go!" Chris said.

"What about the food?" Ona asked. Chris knows that the food is not gonna be wasted, since it's still warm.

"Put it in the bag, give it to me, and we'll eat outside." he commanded. Ona finds a bag and put the food in it, then she gave it to Chris. As they got outside.

"Chris." Ona said.

"Yeah?" Chris asked.

"Would it be okay if I could..." Ona paused for a moment

"Ride the bike?" he finished her question. "Sure! Ever rode a bike before?"

"Yeah? Without training wheels."


The two got on to the bike, this time Ona was the one riding it, and Chris was behind her. He wraps his arms around Ona's waist. She felt her heart sank inside, but that doesn't stop her from riding it. So the two head back to where they meet first. Then again the bush went "flying" after them, this time it was invisible so the 2 wouldn't see.

"Why are we flying?" Rose asked.

"I have no idea." Beam asked cluelessly.

"Well, you have the jet pack, YOU SHOULD KNOW!"

At the park, Chris and Ona got off the bike, took off their helmets, grab the food from the trunk, and sat down to eat. The same beat up bush followed them. They try to stop at the ground but they ended up on the tree. The teens were visable, again.

"We seriously needed a new bush!" Riven complained.


After they are done eating, and drinking. Chris looked at Ona, and she looked at him.

"I really like you, Ona." Chris said.

"I really like you, too, Chris." Ona said.

"Oh... Ona." He whispered. "I wanted to tell you this..."

"Oh here it comes!" A.J. said with eagerness. "The kissing part!"

"Wanted to tell me what?" Ona whispered.

"OMG, are they?" Dax asked.

"Hell yeah!" A.J. replied.

"I wanted to tell you that I..." Chris said.

"Say it!" A.J. cheered.


"Yes! Yes!"

"That I had a great time hanging out with you." Chris told Ona. A.J., Riven, Dax, Rose and Beam fell. They were hoping for the kiss-and-make-up- ,but not this. "You are fun to be with!"

"I had a great time, too." said Ona. "You're also fun to be with!"

"And CUT!" A.J shouted as he was infront of Chris and Ona. They look at A.J., they screamed and they fell.

"What the hell was that?!" A.J. cried. "Where's the kissing part?"


"I thought that you two were on a date!" Dax cried. "You see..."

"It was A.J.'s fault!!" Rose cried. "I wanted no part of this, but he forced me to spy on you guys!"


"OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, DUMBSHIT!!!" Rose yelled. The 5 of the teens argued. Chris couldn't take it anymore.

"SHUT THE FUCK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone had their eyes wide open. Chris, however, was more pissed than Ona.

"Now!" he commanded angrily. "What the hell is going on?!"


"What?!" Ona cried angrily. "A.J. what the hell!"

"A.J., for the last time, It's NOT a date, It's a get-together without your sorry ass!" Chris corrected him.

"Then why didn't you tell me that is was?" A.J. asked with a smirk on his face.

"Because, asshole," said Chris. "That's how it is, so can you please go away?"

"Yeah!" Ona shouted. "Leave!"

"Not without seeing you two kiss." A.J. added. Ona punched him in the face. A.J. went flying in the air, and they laugh.

The End.

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