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the ocean roared its dismay.

Submitted: October 25, 2008

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Submitted: October 25, 2008




"when i was little, i used to see unicorns in the surf," she explained serenely, the wind touselling her curls and breathing the scent of salt across her smooth shale skin.

he smiled at her loveliness, feet digging into the white sand that squeaked with each footstep, watching the tumult of the sea roll forwards before lurching backwards in the same soothing wave that had lured so many into its glamorous spiderweb, that had tamed countless souls with its whispery lullaby against the sand. the velvet sky hung like a curtain above them, and the shore stretched for miles - and for miles it was only them and the ocean, a welcome companion.

"do you still see them?" or had the tides of age washed away her innate ability? she was a beautiful girl, with soft cheeks that sloped upwards and gave way to entrancing green eyes, mysterious as they were honest - sienna curls tumbled to pools at thin shoulders, held back as she sat in the sand, barefeet stretched forwards so that a palm of surf playfully slapped against her heels.

she cocked her head at his question, scrutinizing the sea for a moment before turning back to him, a wane smile scattered across countenance. "it's a little harder than i remembered."

the ocean roared its dismay - its ache.

(for age steals everything it tries to protect.)


"i see such beauty in the world. everywhere," she whispered one day on the beach as he sat behind her, fingers idly reaching for a thin brown lock to press gingerly against his nose.

she always smelled of salt and honey.

"do you see it?" she continued.

"no," he answered truthfully, eyes cast out to follow the sinuous dance of waves. "i don't think i do. not the same things you do." all he could see was her - he was blinded by her. nothing else mattered, it was all trivial to him.

the sky growled, a web of lightening darting across it.

a frown tugged at the corners of her lips. "i see so much. it's everywhere." she rose abruptly to a stand, spreading arms so that he followed their movement, eyes scanning across the beach. their beach. "there, in the sand, and in the waves and in the sky. in your breath against my neck. in the movements our lips make against each other. it all reciprocates each other. in mourning and in happiness, in death and life." she was angry, a desperate tone clawing at her voice to make it raw. "how can you not see it?" she demanded, turning to face him, the wind blowing a curtain of hair across expressions.

"i see you." the whisper was eaten by another gust of biting wind.

she shook her head. no. "you see me? you see me! well, i see you too. and i see everything else." the sky shook with thunder as rain began to pour in sheets. he was captivated, though; and she stood like a statue on her beach, arms outstretched and head thrown back. "how can you not see it?" she closed her eyes to weep. "it overwhelms me," she breathed.

he stood, slow and uncertain, grabbing her with strong arms to press the crisp lines of his body against her curves - soft and sure. "then share it with me." lips mouthed words against the nape of her neck, behind her ear, before catching her mouth, shaky with future sobs.

and then he saw everything.

um. the quotes all came to me during nights in rodanthe. um, two different stories with the same characters.


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