first kiss, love making, star gazing

The Midnight fields stretched out before them,

Thankful the sleeping faunae accepted their breathing.

Time hesitated for the hours which they shared alone,

His arms numb from cradling her yearning bones.


It was like dreaming art in just black and white,

The beating of hearts with the stillness of night.

They’d craved each other with the sound down low,

Their bodies wrapped close warmed from an unnoticed glow.


Breathing out mist as they watched the stars,

The moon cast her light over their tangled arms.

His voice so soft spoken only in a whisper,

“How long must I wait until I can kiss you?”


And as they lay whispering with their lip virtually affixed,

All accept one box was ticked.

With one swift motion, flirting with sin,

She pressed against his mouth and let him in.


His lips bonded back with an escaped moan from hers,

Her hands reached for his face and his crawled to her hair.

This moment long awaited and which had finally come,

They’d be cunningly embraced until the awakening of the sun.


He pulled himself over, parting from her kiss,

Her ribs rose and fell as he pecked at her hips.

Fingers clawing thighs and teeth dragging on bone,

Declaration was swallowed and stuck in their throats.


Cold water droplets fell from the windows condensation,

The cocktail of lust punched them with anticipation.

For one night she’s his and for one night he’s hers,

This only moment together they’d wish to preserve.


Their bitter bodies soldered to a morally fast pace,

And their gasping was swift as they rest face on face.

Blood and skin coursing in the lust which they divided,

Euphoria had stabilised them, a drug they both provided.


Tar sweating through their eyes as they lay in a clasp,

Staring at the moon and her beautiful stars.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

© Copyright 2023 AnaDawn. All rights reserved.

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