to fall in love, to feel worthless yet so priceless,confusion,weakness, companionship.



I’d allowed myself to be lost again,

Yet you’ve allowed me to be proud.

A fallen angel with a fraudulent face,

Absent to you but in me I have found.


My perishing wings still flutter,

My cadaverous eyes still shine.

My organs are weakening one by one,

Yet skin and bone scream they’re alive.


My lips are full of love for you,

My body craves your embrace.

You’re the fire in my breath when we kiss,

And you’re the contentment that strains my face.


Lungs labour under the pressure of ribs,

 Our pupils dilated with obligation.

I crave your touch as you do mine,

A silent commitment and understanding.


In your darker times I’ll be there,

I’ll comfort you with our familiarity.

We all have to have a broken heart sometimes,

So I’ll be the voice you can’t speak and your eyes to see.


Bodies tremble from watching the night fall,

I wish those stars could shine as bright as you.

Showing me constellations I never understood,

And Jupiter exceled for us next to the moon,


I’ll take you as you stand there,

Put your skyline upon my ground.

Our hearts run away with themselves,

Beating in silence but our thoughts filled with sound.


And perhaps it beats a little fast,

And yours is made of solid gold,

They may not always pulse rhythmically.

But I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather hold.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

© Copyright 2023 AnaDawn. All rights reserved.

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