The Little Girls Tale (Based off of the film "The Bad Seed")

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Hi Everyone! I've always been a fan of earlier films. Musicals were usually my main choice until I'd seen "The Bad Seed" directed by Mervyn Leroy. It's a Drama/Suspense with a young girl named Rhoda as it's main character. She's a very naughty little girl who brings heartache and pain to her mother and everyone who gets in her way. I based this poem off of her because I found her story to be an interesting one. F.Y.I everything is copywrited so no stealing :D

Hope you all enjoy!

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



The Little Girls Tale (Based off of the film "The Bad Seed")

By Ana Ferrell

She taps her shoes along the pavement

The people passing stop and stare

“What a pretty little girl” says a little old woman

“Such pretty blue eyes and what shiny blonde hair”

“Why thank you nice lady, your words are so sweet

Do you like my new dress and the shoes on my feet?

They make you lovely and that medal does too

You must very talented, who gave it to you?

At first the girl was scared and a little surprised

But she answered quickly, “I won it” She lied.


But deep down inside her she knew it wasn’t true

She really had killed who it originally belonged to.

It had been a little boy, rather close to her age

He’d won it in a contest and that filled her with rage.

“Give it to me now, give it I say.”

She said to the little boy who soon ran away

“If you don’t hand it over, I’ll get you, I swear.”

“Don’t be angry with me Rhoda, I won it fair and square.”

So Rhoda chased him down to the edge of the dock

There was nowhere else to run, and they came to a stop.


“You’ve got one last chance” she took off her shoe

“Now please hand it over, or I will hit you.”

“No it is mine!” He started to fight

So she hit him with the shoe with all of her might

Then he fell into the water and began to drown

While Rhoda picked up the medal he’d dropped on the ground.

“Thank you little boy.” She said with a grin

“It’s so sad unfortunately that you cannot swim.”

Rhoda fled the scene while the little boy died,

With the medal in hand and a secret to hide

© Copyright 2018 Anaforever. All rights reserved.

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