"Trust" a belief!

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It is all bout trsuts that we have on others...and the pain when they break it!

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



It is not so long when I have stopped believing you, may be it is just because even a single moment of dedication will drown me to death. Still believing "you" is the most funniest aspect of my life right. Despite the broken heart and the broken words I still do love you. You never tried hard to earn my trust but I believed no matter whatever you have said and done. I can nevermake thebroken heart understand what went wrong and I tried, really hard, but this time it is too tired to understand the scene.

I begged for your shoulder to cry when you said you don't know how to comfort me. I explained my side of the story everytime, but you never found it right and asked me to leave. I told you my life from day till night but never realized your hidden perspectives. On the edge of every fight, you brought up my negatives, you felt you were always right and even I did not disagree with it. My mind has stopped staying by your side, as it is all tired making you look good, taking up all hurtful deeds, and then too never getting understood and always ignored.

Love has always been a tricky theory, and I believe in simplicity, may that is what is driving me away from it. I tried, too hard may be, even though could not taste the success of love, trust and understanding.

Someone being there for us, I want that, but I am sure it can never be you.

I would never force you to be the one I need and you can never force me to be someone I am NOT!

But at the end of the day...it was always you...but today...I don't think so!

By Anagha

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