Bloody Twist

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Tommy Johnson is living a nightmare. His parents were killed before his eyes, his brother is missing, and he's next on the list. Can Tommy figure out what's going on and find his brother, or will he follow his parents to the afterlife.

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011




Bloody Twist

He ran into the room, his heart pounding, and his clothes soaking wet. The wetness came from his parent’s blood that sprayed on him, as he witnessed their murder before his eyes. Eyes searching, tears falling, he ran to barricade the door with a dresser. Tommy knew two things. The intruder killed his parents, and he is next on the list. He can’t escape through the window. It was two stories high. He just ran on instinct to his closet and closed the door quietly behind him, hiding, hoping the guy would just leave. Wait! Where is Joseph, his twin brother? Joseph was in the kitchen while they were in the living room at the time, playing board games. Tommy started hyperventilating, choking on tears, snot, and blood. Oh god, Tommy thought desperately. I hope the man hasn’t slaughtered Joseph, the only family he has left in the world. Tommy couldn’t stop imagining his parents in their last breathing moments. They probably didn’t even see it coming. One minute they were a happy family, and next thing Tommy knew, they fell to the floor, leaving their insides as a parting gift.

The man, he couldn’t get a good look at him. He was as small as he was, dressed in black from head to toe. Tommy’s thoughts were cut off, hearing a thud at his bedroom door. Another… and then another. Continuous thuds increased into slams that matched his pounding heart. Tommy crouched on his knees to see through a crack in the door. The bedroom door vibrated from each blow on it. Tommy almost screamed but started sobbing uncontrollably. He felt like the whole closet was moving with him. Why don’t you leave me alone?! Leave me and my brother alone! Please don’t harm him! Please, Tommy thought. Tommy’s head started to pound in his skull, but he was too scared to care.

The slams on the door abruptly stopped. Gasping in relief, Tommy got his breathing together. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Tommy wiped the tears, sweat, and dry blood off of his face using his sleeve on his shirt. Looking around through the crack, Tommy had the sudden feeling of suspicion. Where is he? Maybe he just gave up like I hoped, Tommy thought to himself. Did he leave Joseph or did he finish him off too? Just thinking those thoughts put Tommy in despair. He reached the knob on the closet door. Opening it made a sound coming from a horror movie. Screeech! Crack, crack! Screeeech! Tommy crawled cautiously, eyes darting in each every direction. When it was clear, he got up and started walking on his toes. For a moment, humor filled his thoughts. This is like Scooby Doo, he thought. Sneaking around and finding clues. The humor then suddenly evaporated as fast as it came. This isn’t cartoons. This is like a life and death situation. Tommy moved to the dresser to slowly push it away from the door. Tommy lightly put his ear to the door, hearing only the air conditioning on the other side. He turned the doorknob and opened the door to meet an empty hallway. Tommy’s footsteps echoed in the empty house. The lights were still on in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Tommy then raced to the kitchen to find Joseph. He wasn’t there. Tommy almost gagged. Red foot and handprints stained the floor and counter. “Joseph,” Tommy whispered. The dining room was empty too but with no evidence of an intruder or Joseph.

He knew he was holding back but he didn’t want to look at his dead parents again. Tommy swallowed the vile feeling and shakily walked in there. Blood flowed in a puddle around their chalky skin and opened eyes, eyes that were glazed over. Tears fell freely again, not helping his headache. I need to call for help, Tommy thought, but couldn’t seem to move his limbs. “Mommy, Daddy, Joseph,” he cried. He didn’t realize something was breathing on his neck until something grabbed his shoulder from behind. “Aaaahhh!” Tommy screamed, flinching away from the touch. He turned and stopped cold. The masked man, or should he say boy, was right behind him. The boy, covered in black and stained red, just stood there, staring. Tommy couldn’t move, knowing that death was ready to meet him. The boy blinked at him. “Hello Tommy,” he said. Tommy thought the voice was familiar. Tommy’s head was killing him now. He grabbed his head and cried out, “what do you want from me? Who are you? The pain of the headache and fear snapped the last of his sanity. The boy cocked his head. “Why are you crying?” the boy said. “You’re the one who did this.”

“What?” Tommy chocked out. “You did this! You’re the monster!” “You are confused. Here, let me help you,” the boy said. He crouched in front of Tommy. Quickly, he gripped Tommy’s throat with one hand. Tommy thrashed his legs and arms, trying to get the boy away from his neck. “Stop it,” Tommy wailed. His head seemed to be increasing in pain from his touch. “You must remember me, Tommy,” the boy said. Tommy fell backwards in the puddle of blood, soaking his clothes and hair. The boy straddled him and brought out a bloody knife, making Tommy scream bloody murder. “I’ll make you remember me,” the boy hissed out, frustrated. He reached at his own face to touch the mask. “You see Tommy, I am you and you are me. We are one and the same. Remember!” the boy said, taking off the mask. Tommy stared at himself, an exact replica of himself. “Joseph?” “No, I am you, a part of who you are,” the Tommy replica said. “Look,” the replica said, putting a mirror at Tommy’s face. He was staring at Joseph’s face. “I… don’t… understand,” Tommy whispered, shocked. “How am I in Joseph’s body? How are you me if I’m me? This doesn’t making any sense!” The Tommy replica replied, “You will remember after I kill Joseph. It will hurt a lot, though since you’re in his body for the moment. It’s time for you to come back Tommy. I’ll be waiting for you.” With that, the replica slammed the knifed through Joseph’s chest. Before Tommy died, he saw his own smile.


“Aaaahhh! Aaahh!” Tommy wailed so loud that it hurt his own ears. He shot up and found himself in his bed. Just by looking at his surroundings, Tommy’s memory returned, memories that were long forgotten. Tommy screamed and screamed and screamed, the pitch seeming to get higher and higher. Swirls of old images flew at dangerous speeds in his mind. Doctors, therapist, parents, Joseph, and the boy named Tom burned in his mind. Tom… Tom…Tom. Oh, I remember now… He is my other half. When he stopped, he started giggling. Giggling turned into insane laughter. The sound resonated throughout the room. I’m going crazy, Tommy thought. He remembered everything. He got himself under control, remembering who the boy that killed him is. Tom is Tommy’s other personality. When he was a little kid, he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. His condition didn’t seem bad as the other patients. Over time, his other self was forgotten. He stayed innocent, normal Tommy, until Tom wanted to have some fun. Tommy knew about his other self when he was little. They used to talk to themselves in Tommy’s mind.

Looking around the disheveled room, Tommy knew it that it was more than a dream. Then, my family is dead, Tommy thought. I killed them. A laugh vibrated in his skull. That was all me. Don’t take all the credit. Oh, and I’m glad you are back. It was boring without you aware of my presence. If I talked to you, you would have gone crazy and been stuck in an asylum. Now, that wouldn’t be fun would it? Kuku, Tom informed in his mind. Tommy understood now. Why did you, well I, kill my family? Tommy thought. I was bored and it was the only way I could think of to get you to remember, Tom answered. Well let’s go see our dead family, Tommy. Tommy got out of his bed, walked mechanically out of the door, into the hallway, down into the kitchen, which has dry prints on the counter and floor, through the dining room, and stopped in front of the white- colored bodies in the living room. Looking at Joseph, he saw the pajama’s he had on in the dream that wasn’t. Looking down at his clothing, he saw black clothing, stained with blood. He didn’t cry. He didn’t wail, scream, or throw a fit. He stared at the bodies calmly. He should feel desolated. He must be in shock. You are, Tom said in his mind. You aren’t a ruthless killer like me. I killed them for fun and to get you back. We may share the same person, but it’s called multiple personality disorder for a reason.

The discussion was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. “Hello, open up. It’s the police,” came from the other side of the door. Tommy was in a state of panic. Tom pushed to the surface. Tommy was yanked into a dark abyss. He had his senses but couldn’t move his body. Don’t worry. I’m taking over for a while. You’re not fit for this job, Tom thought, comforting him, moving fast to the kitchen. Well, I do remember Tom being the most dominate of us, Tommy thought. Tom sprinted to the cabinet, grabbed all the wine and a match. Tom then opened them and poured a trail from the oven and leading to the back door. He turned the oven on high. Tommy figured out what he was doing but didn’t question the ruthless part of himself. I didn’t even know I was capable of this sort of stuff, Tommy thought in wonder. Once Tom was done, the doorbell rings turning into banging and commanding’s to open the door, he ran to and opened the back door. Turning around, he took out the match. After lighting it, he dropped it on the spilled wine. Huge flames automatically ignited, following the path Tom set for them. Tom/ Tommy made a run for it, jumping over fence after fence.

The explosion was bigger than Tommy expected. Tommy, taking over, ducked for cover and turned around watching his ex-home and family burst into flames. I wonder if the skeletons will survive, Tom thought to him. M e too. Goodbye Mom, Dad, and Joseph, Tommy thought back. What should we do now, they thought together. “Hey you!” someone from behind said. Tommy/ Tom turned around. Police George, the town police ran to Tommy. “Are you okay? Hey, I know you. You’re Tommy Johnson aren’t you? That’s your house! Did anybody else make it out?” Go with it. You know what you must do, Tom thought to Tommy. “It’s just me. I’m scared,” he said in mock sadness. “Let’s get you to the Police Station!” Officer George said. He led Tommy/Tom to the cruiser. “You’re safe now kid. Who caused that?” Officer George said, beginning to drive off. “Well… I did it. I killed everyone too,” Tommy said softly. “Wha-,” Officer George’s throat was swiftly slit cleanly. Tommy put the blade back in his pocket. What a fool. You did well, Tom thought. Tommy/Tom calmly took control of the cruiser, thinking of where to dispose of the body and where the heck they go to now, a sick smile and eyes the color of blood on his face. 


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