First Day In a College

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Lacy thay day realised that the Big attractive buildings and high standard doesn't matter at all. It's all about Company you're given, it's all about your interaction with people around, it's all about your own nature, your own attitude!

Submitted: August 17, 2014

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Submitted: August 17, 2014



"Mom hurry up, I'm waiting for the breakfast, it's already too late". Lacy was shouting at her mother continuously as she realised that she woke too late that day too. It was Lacy's first day in college and she was really excited. Lacy was a hardworking, strong but a lazy teen. She knew she has to work hard as she was "daddy's big girl" now and was confident enough to move on and get what she desires. 

"College was big and over crowded. Girls and boys were introducing themselves to each other and most of them were already friends. I was keenly observing each and everything and was happy too, after all, It was my favourite college of all. I found my class where there were girls wearing long boots, holding tabs and mobiles in their hands, with weird hair bums, and with colourful sunglasses. All of them were looking at me like I asked for their right kidneys and then, finally I ignored and pretended that I didn't even notice them. They were odd, they were like the "Gossip girls". They were continuously staring at me, talking about something and laughing giving "high-fives" to each other. The class wasn't started yet and so I sat on a chair waiting for the lecture to get started. Boys in my class were even more odd and cheap than those girls sitting behind me. Their spikes and "bubble chewing" faces were continuously making me feel that I've entered a class full of Demons and Witches.( I know it sounds rude) but still, none of them was looking like a "student" except for one; Lauren. Lauren was different and looked decent, I sat on a chair with her and introduced myself, "Hey girl, How're you, feeling good? Actually fine? "
She kept silent for a while and then finally replied, "Stay away girl, I'm not a lesbian". "what what what? Seriously you said that? My God, I'm loosing my mind, For your kind info, I'm not a lesbian too and if searching for one, Best of luck!"
Picked the bag up and settled at a corner with none of the witch, demon or a "bloody Lesbian". Finally, the professor entered the class and introduced himself: "Welcome boys and girls, I'm William, William James, professor William James; I'm your Chemistry's teacher and I need full attention by everyone in my class, got that?" "Yess, Sir", everyone replied confidently. I was happy that at least someone's a Human in those insane people. "Sir, can I ask you a question?" I asked politely. "Yes, sure, come sweetheart, I'm not giving a lecture here, I'm not your teacher, because you are my dear teacher, my lady, come up, the class is waiting". I asked while I was confused, "I.. A..I'm like so sorry Sir but I didn't get you?" "Oh, yea, you of course would've not, because you interrupted me while I was thinking something and now it's not in my mind anymore, WHYYYY ??? I asked why you did that to me?" That much abnormality inside a same shade, I was totally shocked and couldn't even say a word back to that freaking professor cause I wasn't still believing which kind of people I was surrounded with. Hardly, finally, at last the class ended, there was thankfully no other class that day and I  left the class as soon as I could. Outside the class, all my "odd-looking witch mates" were already standing with "spike headed bubble chewing boys". I tried to get out of there, but suddenly I heard someone saying, "Haha just have a look at her, she's so old fashioned and check out her 19 century mobile phone, she looks funny." I stopped and turned back thinking of a suitable insulting reply, "If laughing at others, if being weird, if looking new fashioned like you, and if taunting someone is called recent fashioned, I'm proud to call myself an old fashioned, thanks all for making me feel proud". Their faces turned red, they all just were about to kick my ass as soon as I turned back but, it's the truth which stopped them doing so. I moved towards the cafeteria, there were a lot of colourful people there too, but instead of staring at all, I found a corner and had something to eat. While I picked my stuff from the cafe shelf, I was pushed hard from the back and realising that my eyes nose cheeks and ears , too, had their part in food. I turned and saw that mate group again laughing at me, when I pay at the counter and left for the gate. I couldn't believe I would turn that much sad after attending "MY FIRST DAY AT COLLEGE"

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