I don't Love you!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something, which is natural; at the same time strange and unusual. You run after it until you don't have it and suddenly give it up as soon as you get it. It's how life goes with things you desire, with people you need.
Based on a natural research.

"And with all these discussions, I'm going to bed guys, Good night!"

 Andrea announced as she left for her bed room after long held discussions on 'how was her first day in medical school?'

 It was her first day at a Medical institute where she got herself admitted on her parent's wish. Unlike Andrea, who wanted to hold a pen and write until she could possibly write; she wanted to write for newspapers, magazines, internet and even a novel! But during her early teenage, she realized that medical was her last goal too, along with her parent's!

The very next day Mr. Landon arrived, sharp at 5.

 Mr. Landon was Andrea's tutor. It was not as long as two weeks before she started with Mr. Landon.

 Mr. Landon was an overall decent man. He was almost 27. He was completing his PHD as well as he was teaching at a famous medical institute, nearby. He was a candid man, honest-to-goodness and had an overall ethical and graceful personality.

 "I left you on chapter 3 Andrea, Make me sure you're learning it with me?" The hunk man asked!

"Yea-Yes of course Sir!" Andrea replied!

 After a half minute silence, Mr. Landon asked Andrea from a sudden excitement,

 "Oh! I forgot to ask, how was your first day at the medical school? I am sure the chapters we've already covered will help you to clear them again in school? Is it?"

Andrea answered from an unusual blank face, "It was almost good, teachers are kind at least, not sure about the mates; but no body's there is like you at least, Sir!" Mr. Landon gave a slight strange smile and continued.

 Andrea had never been through some emotional or financial crisis. She was mentally, as well as physically strong. She never had a relationship as she believed it not more than”bullshit", rather she choose to be single. She had many celebrity crushes, along with them; she used to have at least one crush every week.

 That day, after Mr. Landon left, Andrea went to her bed, closed the lamp, laid herself straight and closed her eyes. As she closed her eyes, she felt something very unusual for the very first time.

"I was standing in a huge farm where there was no one but Sir Landon. I was all alone and was forced to run away from the strong storm, but my steps were so jammed that I couldn't run from the storm. At that time, Sir Landon stared at me and smiled, coming gently towards me, held my hand and both of us flew up somewhere."

 Andrea just couldn't believe what she had been dreaming the whole night and tried to kick that "nightmare" out of her mind as soon as she could because it was actually unusual. Instead of thinking about the dream, Andrea continued her same routine and got herself ready, waiting for Mr. Landon to arrive. Talking to herself, Andrea whispered:

 "He wore black T-shirt with dark blue jeans in my dream did he?"

In her own thoughts she went by the main door, continuously whispering and thinking about the dream, and suddenly heard the bell rang.

 "Hello Sir, I'd been looking forward to your arrival for the last 30 minutes, I'm sure it was okay while you traveled, was it?"

Andrea asked and smiled slightly expecting Mr. Landon to say something unexpected!

 "I think you haven't had enough sleep last night? Or are still somewhere in school? I am on time and yeah! It's strange you're downstairs this early." Mr. Landon ironically answered Andrea and passing by the hall way, entered the study room.

 Andrea remained quiet and smiled.

"You know why I kept silent after his words today? Just because I was so much delighted after having a look on him as he wore the same black T-shirt and blue jeans as I saw in my dream the past day. I couldn't stop myself from staring at him for the whole time he was there, I.. I actually am not reaching a possible conclusion? Like is he trying' to be on my mind or am I compelling him upon my mind, by the way I just don't think one dream- with its abrupt solid reality says that all."

Andrea while lying on bed, right before closing her eyes to sleep, kept thinking about the day. About the next night, what Andrea dreamed was totally unusual.

"We landed together on a wooden tree house where they were deep woods, trees, flowers, birds and butterflies. That engaging, ravishing beauty attracted the birds to sin and the flowers to bloom. It was again him, yes it's him my professor, 'Sir Landon', and he picked me up and got me a flower crown. He kissed me on my forehead and we sat beneath the shade of dark green tall trees, beside a blue-green water stream. We talked and talked..."

 "Andrea get up girl, you're late for the school." Andrea's mom shouted.

 "What was this night mom? It just started and you wake me? No... It's just not fair." Andrea angrily replied.

 "You stupid, you are on your bed since yesterday night 9 and it's the next day morning's 9! Wake up from your dreams." Mom said

. Andrea frowned and tried to say something: "Dream? Ahh! Again this dream, no it's not possible, I mean again?"

Andrea kept thinking about the second dream she saw and again waited for Mr. Landon to arrive, after she returned from school.

"Today while teaching, I continuously stared at his eyes. Ahh! Those miraculous, phenomenal, magical, sparkling eyes with long eye lashes; when are blinked, just shut the world with them for a part of seconds and then lighten the world by opening again. His pink, soft and mushy lips; when moved saying something took my breaths away. His broad shoulders and thin appearance, his defined beard, decent personality with extremely attractive looks; this was all more than perfect."

 It was more than 3 months passed, Andrea was dreaming each night about him, thinking each day about him. Some part of her wanted Landon to be with her as if she had fallen in a naturally occurring phenomena called as 'physical attractiveness' and her sensations wanted him to stare at her, the way she does; touch her, the way he touches her in dreams; holds her to never leave. That was all natural. Andrea couldn't have ever fallen for someone like Landon.

Days passed, and Andrea's desires increased. She, now, wanted Landon. Although she never let anybody knows about all she was going through, but couldn't control herself in front of Landon.

"An interesting fact about staring at him is that I never get tired of it. I am never busy for him. I am never late for him. Everything is perfect when he's along but as he leaves, it seems something yet is to be completed. For me he is the best thing ever happened in my life. Whenever I close my eyes, he close his too, and kisses my forehead, then my left eye, then the right one, then kisses my cheeks with a smiling face; with his eyes closed. This all completes me, every night. But still then, I need him to stay with me as long as forever, to complete me further."

Andrea had now gone far in her thoughts and desires, which could soon drive her crazy, but she was clever too! She never exposed her thoughts as told before but it was now a time when her eyes spoke, her heart whispered, and her emotions briefed all to Landon.

 Landon, a man of high values, never wanted a teenage girl to destroy herself for him. And he thought that all after a few observations.

 According to Landon:

"Andrea is a good girl... She is not mature.. Obviously she is not, she's just 17, and the physical thoughts in this age are common. I've seen in her eyes, the innocence, which tells that she had been awake the all nights in search of something or somebody, and I was almost 'Shocked' to discover that it was non other than me! I discovered it in her eyes. She used to stare me without blinking her eyes for once. She, while passing me things like a pen or a notepad or similar; tried to touch me. She used to find an opportunity to work for me, to look at me, to help me doing something or to touch her, but that was not taken negative by me. God's there; I've also been through this age and I laugh up till now when I remember I had this kind-a crush on my Favorite model. And Andrea, on this stage needs my help."

Landon was to teach Andrea just for 9 months and this December was her last month with him.

 On a cold 28 November, Andrea experienced something more than beautiful and unimaginable. According to Andrea, that evening when Landon arrived home to teach her:

"Sir Landon sat beside me, as always; but today, he was somewhat close. He was in a good mood. My servant got him a hot chocolate coffee which was purely made by me with affection. He taught in a so polite way that I was all gone out of the time. Suddenly, he took all my books from my hands, put them aside, held my hands in his and stared into my eyes. Ahh God! I cannot even sum up the glee, my face expressed as soon as he touched me for the first time; intentionally. He asked me If he had even been rude or angry to me, so he's sorry and that he likes me as the best student he has ever taught so far. God! This state of contentment and satisfaction is not even causing me to fill up my breaths completely. Come, Oh! Somebody come, look at my eyes there are feelings of tranquility and serenity. Come, oh come somebody feel my soul, it’s no more begging him to be there with me. Come, listen this heartbeat, it’s a rhythm playing gently throughout."

Even more happened the next day, Landon didn't let Andrea open her books even; they talked and talked about each other, being personal, Landon telling his stories and Andrea telling hers.

 This continued to happen for the next 15 days and it was almost an end, when Landon had to leave for the other city, where his actual hometown was.

 On a bright good 20 December’s cold day, Landon visited Andrea's place, at the time when she was at her school. Landon wanted to talk to Andrea's business woman-mother about her. He was welcomed and treated well. Landon briefed Andrea's mother about her condition of lustful- thoughts and emotions; hearing to which, Andrea's mother gave unusual expressions and somehow tried to anger herself up but as she was well aware of Landon that he was not a kind of an immature person who can either force Andrea for this all or get her involve by himself in this. So she, without saying a word; amazingly, a bit worriedly asked Landon what do next? Upon which Landon's reply was unconventional and much strange and hard to believe.

 According to Landon, he insisted Andrea’s mother to stay home for a day as his words stated that:

"Aunt Mary, I just need a favor. Although you are a busy work woman, but just for a day I want you to stay at home for the time period I'll come and teach Andrea. I've promised her something which will give her life, and for this either I'll have to make her fool of her thoughts or I actually will have to pay for them. So, in any case, just stay out there, and keep a look on her what she does after I leave. I'm afraid of this teenage. I remember mines when I messed up my room and all things and broke the mirror and almost hurt myself after an ordinary fight with my mother. So, just need you."

Andrea's mother favored him and thanked him for all.

By the way, it was finally the time Landon arrived and as usual, Andrea was on the gate to receive him. Andrea didn't know that her mother had not left for office. She had a full plan to reveal all after Landon, about her feelings for him but what happened according to Landon was:

"I entered with a beautiful necklace-gift for Andrea and handed it over to her; receiving on which, her expressions were inexpressible. I entered the study room and told her to lock the door. Now that was for the first time I asked her to do so. I pulled her from her back, closer to me, she was breathing in my ears, Ahh! Little girl was so flattered by my acts. I asked her what she wants from me, upon which she confessed that I use to touch her in her dreams, she used to feel me around her and so, she was somehow; physically, not mentally attached to me. After hearing this, first for a second I laughed inside, but for not letting her hurt, I held her hands and stared at her, kissed her forehead, then her left, then right eye and then cheeks and just before I closed my eyes, coming closer to kiss her lips she pushed me away."

 According to Andrea:

"It's all true that I felt Sir Landon in my dreams every night touching and teasing me, but neither I was fallen in love with him, nor I ever want him to do something which I've never dreamed him to do with me."

According to Andrea's mother:

"The day when I discovered this all happening with my only daughter, I got afraid of her strong emotional feelings and emotions but Landon was right. He wanted Andrea to come back to life where there's reality and no fantasy and day dreaming."

 Landon, along with completing his medical, was also researching on different psychological phenomena including 'physical attractiveness'.

Physical attractiveness is the degree to which a person's physical traits are considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful. It's mostly ended as soon as soon as it’s achieved. For example if one had dreamed to touch someone, he might think he is physically attached to him/her but it is as long as the person touches the one and over. It's like running after something madly and deeply, and suddenly leaving it behind as if as a part of non-sense or one's history. It's mostly observed during the teenage of a person, especially when one has reached 16 or above.

For more information and facts visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_attractiveness

Submitted: November 17, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Anam Tariq. All rights reserved.

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