I'll Never Forget

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May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain falls softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016



I’ll never forget

Suddenly today, when I was asked by mom an unexpected question, I almost burst into tears.

“What are you gonna do after you get over your finals?”

“Let me get over the college, the mates, the teachers, the fun, the memories and then I’ll try to think what I’m gonna do after it.” I acted emotional while I answered my mom.

In my sweat shirts, with a cup of coffee, when I jumped to my bed tonight, I was up to my preparation for the first final, but that was almost impossible as I suddenly switched to the question my mother asked and the answer I gave. In the whirl of my boundless thoughts, I forgot the world…

I forgot everything for a couple of minutes…

I was multi-minded, when I got myself admitted into a Medical School and this was an arduous decision ever made. The first day I stepped into that building, I could only scratch my head and think what am I gonna do here. But like life goes around, things fell in place and to this day when I have achieved something, I’ll regret nothing.

During the very first week at Medical School, I sympathized myself by believing that “Things go better”. It was a different world with people of same age but pretentiously different aims and goals. My observation was always outspreaded and what I observed initially in my class were the well-built aims and objectives set forth by each and every student (please not me). So, it was a wonderful start as a whole.

Like every class, we had a diversity ranging from the hard workers and nerds to the back benchers and slurred. Nine rows; each with ten columns and almost a strength of forty-five. A queen bee in each two rows, many worker bees of course, nerds in almost every row and handworkers frequently distributed across the classroom. Exceptional classification included singers, sketchaholics, copying machines, hyperactives, BFFs, sports people, stressed out and some out of the earth (mars people). There were some ‘different people’ too. Clowns and buffs were common. Scientists were rare, but there. There was a back bench crew, few, but cool.

In biological terms, we were a heterogeneity, physically we were a constellation and of course, according to the vast chemistry, we were compounds. Our Biology’s Professor mostly called us the different chromosomes aligned or different patterns of nucleotides during his lectures, and on the other hand, we’ll be called protons or electrons in chemistry and physics class.

Throughout the session, I slept frequently in class, mostly during lectures. I even adorned my mindless mind with a creative idea to decorate my room like a classroom, so that I could sleep faster and anytime, but that couldn’t work either.

Exams got us into pieces like ‘totally’. By God, I’ve seen friends turning into strangers in a pity hall, ‘Examination hall.’ Once a teacher asked us about a place where there is a crowd but we’re already alone, so I answered that might be an examination hall because you stuck your own self with regrets that “I wish I’d studied more’.

But that ‘more’ was never quite enough in our class. There were hordes of nerds scattered in our class and it seemed as if I was a wandering workless creature among those hardworking ambitious people. But this never disappointed me. Medical was my wrong choice and not were the mates.

Infinitely with my best friend forever and the feeling of staying glued forever never went away throughout the session. Befriending the two funny yet funniest sisters (directioners) was an exceptionally great journey that I’ll always treasure. My artist friend always sketched me fat, but excellently. And a friend with the most beautiful and silky hair and with a slight dimple on her right cheek while she smiled and made us all smile. A glasses fellow friend, and physics teacher’s favorite student (seriously). A decent yet a congenial pair of same name fellows were sweet as sugar. One prettiest friend (an extremely melanin deficient as we all called her) and a poem writer and the other, a poetess herself. One with the most caring nature and other was one always in a dilemma. Two extremely high nerds, and one with very perplexed thoughts (all the time). Some fellows who remained on silent mode throughout the session and some who were on lights only (who appeared seldom in class). One was a lady inspector as I called her, and one was a pity fellow separated from her parents due to studies. Two fellows entered during the second semester and four were the shifted cases (from another medical section). One, as tall as giraffe, one with a short height; but both the cool minded and care hearted. A cute as an actress fellow (as we compared her to an actress) and a totally model-looking mate who left college in between the session.

Uneasy to describe each but yea, probably and mostly, everyone was friendly, congenial, and caring fellow.

Sciences freaked us out and the morning consecutive lectures, and sometimes the daily routine with a hell of tests and assignments. It’s totally okay to blame the subjects instead of blaming the subject teachers as we had the Best; indeed the best teachers for our batch and that was something which made college’s environment survivable.

Except for just surviving, we rather lived like our last. The second semester and its eight months were amusing yet pleasing.

While writing about the memories I fathomed, and the experiences I had in my college, it must be almost impossible to quote each time when we laughed together until our stomach ached and our faces turned red. I’ll automatically switch to the 8 AM lectures in which I could clearly see the anticipation on each face for the moment the lecture’s time run out, but that was not very easy. The time stretched infinitely during the boring lectures and it was suddenly lessoned during the fun time, mostly during the breaks.

I may never forget any day when we didn’t mock any nerd and didn’t tease anyone who studied more than us (of course). I’ll never forget how my squad more often lend me eatables from the beloved
(actually hated) college’s canteen, and I’ll never forget my craze for food during the last lecture daily. I’ll never forget how someone from the classroom switched to a gossip which even didn’t fail to seek teacher’s attention and they talked about it, ignoring the lecture.

I’ll never forget the most negative (as he calls himself) yet an entirely honest person, by words and by heart. The biology’s professor, the only person who taught us like nobody else ever did, like a way which was totally enjoyable as for the students, like a person who selflessly cares about each and every one in a room full of students. Through his negativities acting upon, we learned an uncountable series of the most positive things which happen in life and which can happen in our lives. Frankly, I haven’t seen any male with the qualities he possessed and this was the only thing which distinguished him from the rest of the staff. We enjoyed his lectures, like ‘totally’, and we cannot deny that his period was an anticipated one, while others were the sciences which would have rather killed us.

I’ll never forget the changes these two years brought in me and brought in us. From a very précised circle, our squad extended as the time advanced. Commonly called as the “Middle row”, I was proudly a part of the most non-serious students of the class, who created mess and fun all the time, and who apparently left all the good memories for all the students of the class, instead of disturbing them.

Fail was a word which defined our batch for a many times. When it came to sports, we could hardly volunteer, and if one did, all the others would raise their hands, just for the fun. Besides sports, we could never participate in anything which wasn’t related directly or indirectly to the studies.

Meriting our de-merited section was the worst and the best mistake our college did. We deserved it entirely, no doubt, but the best thing about the batch was its versatility. We topped and simultaneously we dropped. We behaved and simultaneously we didn’t at times. We studied well and invested our hard work in studying, but we simultaneously collected the best memories by spending the best time together.

Throughout the session, 2014-16, my pity mobile kept roaming around the classroom for the pictures, which is the vital proof of our coherence and which is the only record of the days we spent together playing and enjoying.

Teacher’s jokes entertained us, mostly the examples they told were funny. It was funny how teachers compared us to the other classes and described us as the most non-serious and un-ambitious students, while this section was indeed the only batch which gave the best result, formal attitude and uniform thoughts, most importantly the ambitious plans set forth by each and every batch mate.

Cracking jokes during lectures, passing comments (but not offensive obviously), teasing nerds, playing during breaks, eating in almost every period, laughing like retards, and mostly doing nothing but talking to each other; this actually sums up the environment of our class.

The cold melting room walls felt colder without the warmth of a helpful and considerate batch like ours.

Bidding a sad yet sudden good bye to all the endless days with all the brain less people was hardest, no, impossible. It all flew away, giving us a bunch of recollections and blasts from the past.

And then was a farewell party, more like an emotional ride, full of turns and twists, filled with sorrow and bliss, an end to everything, a start to a new beginning. As we said goodbye, we reminded ourselves that farewells are not forever, nor are they the end. They are simply words to say that we will miss you dearly and that we will remember you fondly.

“I’ll remember you all. I’ll always cherish the ride and I’ll always search a melody like one played with you all.” I whispered as I wept some desperate tears while going through my college’s diary, furnished by our memories which I’ll always treasure.

I’ll always treasure and I’ll never forget…

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