My Forever Love

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I sometimes wonder where I'd be, If you hadn't came & set me free? I'm sad at the thought of being apart,
And ecstatic to know, I'm in your heart!

Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Submitted: August 20, 2015



“My Forever Love”

Dreams come true…

March 2018 couldn’t be any better.

I’m getting married to ‘My Forever’, my forever ‘love’, my forever ‘partner’, my only one, my forever ‘other half’. My “Anna”.

‘My’ Anna is a wonderful girl. She’s my nerdy. That’s what I call her, that’s what she loves me calling her. My nerdy is not actually a nerd. She's cool than you are, she's calm than anyone else is. She never quits a day without wearing her glasses and reading a book of a romantic genre. She talks endlessly. She utters frequently, she laughs repeatedly. She never gets tired of helping any one to make them smile. She's the brightest star, even in the dark clouds, she's a galaxy who's brighter than you imagine, who puts the shine on fire and will glow the dim bulbs. She has so much to say, one after the other, she gossips but never interrogates; she smiles but never frowns; she talk but never gets tired. She's my radio station, whose frequency is set to the clearest channel. "My radio station!”

We met each other seven years ago, in 2011. I was never very honest-to-goodness type of a person, and by then, when I was just fifteen, I had no idea, someone so sensationally exceptional and magical would come into my life; which was cool, but never that calm.

She has made me someone who I wasn’t.

She wasn’t a distinctive person when I first got to know her. She was an ordinary senior to me, who had a calm nature and quirky style of dealing people. She was real famous by then, in school. It wasn’t something common in the ‘Albany School’ to be very ‘specific’, but she, undoubtedly was.

Her hair were a mess, her laughter was a bang, her silence was profound, her hands moved like the wind, her voice was mesmerizing, her eye-glasses were that of nerds, and her appearance was trendy.

She had my attention for the very first time when I was walking randomly through the parking lot with David, Peter and Harry, and she was coming straight from the either side. She carried an abundance of books and novels and carried a colorful yet girly long-strapped bag. She was verbalizing continuously on phone with someone and suddenly she made her way through us. As soon as she was less than 3 meters away, I went to her and said ‘hey’. She responded a quick ‘hello’, and over right that moment I dodged her foot by mines and poor Anna had almost tumbled on the ground.

Expecting a rough beat up, I moved back and stood quite. She gave an unusual but a swift gentle smile and walked away. While David, Peter and Harry were laughing badly and I was just stuck on what the hell did I just do and she didn’t even abused or said me anything? That was embarrassing.

For the next three days, I searched for her as if it was my most salient activity of week but I couldn’t find her.

Girls had always been a challenge for me, I admitted, she was too one. But something besides challenging was also happening, may be in my mind, or in my heart, but yea, something more like a state of being embarrassed and humiliating.

On the fourth day, I found her. She was laughing engagingly with her friend, and as usual, held a bunch of books in her right hand, and a handsomely designed pen in her right hand. I went to her and after clearing my throat, began smiling;

“Hey listen, I’m sorry for what happened that day, I mean I was hell irritating… needed to apologize for…”

“Apologize for what dear young boy? That you had almost tossed me on the floor that day? Or that you are continuously disturbing my friends to let you know about me?”

“Oh! Come one Anna…”

“Oh Wow! You know my name already.”

“And I exactly know who you are, already… miss!”

“And what have you congregated?”

“Umm… that you are a… umm… a girl…umm…”

“Oh, wow, so informative; actually whatever… you don’t need to apologize, that’s really not suiting you, so best of luck.”

She almost meant that I should get lost as soon as I say something even more bewildering.

For the whole March, I stalked her. I collected whatever, whoever knew about Anna, and now at the end of the Month, I knew her somehow.

After our first conversation, I proceeded her in the cafeteria. She was sitting alone in a corner, holding a novel, and was almost drowned in that fantasy novel before I reached her table and asked to have a seat after her;

“If you don’t mind may I …?”

“Oh, of course. Sit.”

Now after I had a seat right in front of her with a gap of a table in between us, I smiled at her, and she responded smiling, and continued reading her novel.

“I’m sorry to disturb you miss, but can I please have…”

“Oh, I’m sorry, actually I was so gone in this freaking interval; you know how these detective novels are.”

“Detective? I thought that was a romantic one?”

“Romantic, oh! Not this time, although I don’t do with the detective novels, but Katherine suggested me so I just began with it.”

“Katherine is my neighbor do you know this?”

I felt as if I was trying to be frank, but consequently, even she was.

“Katherine told me about how you helped her with her garden and her car’s punctured tyre last week.”

“Ha-ha-ha, she’s a good neighbor though, she once made me some yummy yet cheesy macaroni salad.”

“So, you guys are dating each other, no?”

“Dating, ‘NOT AT ALL’, she’s just a friend, a good friend, didn’t she tell you?”

“Of course she did, she told that you tried on her!”

I felt a slap on my right cheek but that was hilarious how she knew every embarrassing story associated with me.

“Ha-ha-ha, Anna, come on girl, that has been two years now.”

“Lol, okay I won’t say it again, but I heard about you and Mary, you and Elena, you and Hazel, you and…”

“Hahaha, God, gimme a pool to sink please.”

“I might be helping you sink, but I’m late for my class, good day with umm, Jane.

I waved her while she grabbed her bag and accessories from the table.

This conversation gave me a feeling that Anna knew more about I knew about her by then, but of course, everyone knew about me and my affairs, but even those backhanded compliments by her were sweet. After all she responded even after my idiotic act which almost had gone her head over heels.

After that conversation, I tried to back-off but umm, I couldn’t resist her. Don’t know why?

I offered her friendship for all the other conversations we had lately in April and onwards, right after which I got myself busy in table tennis finals’ rehearsals. Finally when I was told about Anna’s participation in the table tennis competition, I was elevated to uncertain limits.

This was the match, in which we were supposed to be a member of a same team representing Albany School of Sciences. It was less a competition and more an excuse which paved way for our friendship.

The competition was a stressful event to think about anything else, but my focus was ‘victory’, just because Anna and I were a team, a same team. She won her singles game, whereas I lost my doubles match with some weird opponents.

We had first shake hands when I lost that table tennis match, even as a team, we won.

After that day, everything was different. Normal gossips, fluent but hilarious jokes, games & teasing each other; this had been our lives, ever since we had a rough start in friendship.

I loved her stream-long hair, but couldn’t ever stop myself from snatching them. I loved how she talked fluently and comfortably around me. I loved how we roamed around the school together, and everyone burned as if they hadn’t ever witnessed such friendship for all through those years of their school life.

We were a perfect example of a perfect ‘Friendship’. I didn’t ever noticed our contrasts and differences, rather I preferred the amount of satisfaction I owed every time when we hanged around together.

She stressed upon the contrasts. She was afraid may be, so she shut her eyes at me for a period, but it all re-built when we had an intense conversation in a rainy, windy day, on a bench, in school. The black clouds, the thunderclaps, and the cold winds of a December’s cold day; this summed-up exactly the day when I told her about how she made an impression when I saw her for the first time and gifted her one of my old-used bands, which she wear already in her right hand.

Now for my finals preparation, I got myself distanced from every person because in my very own extra activities, I’d almost left learning. So, inevitably, finals preps got me crazily concerned.

I regret not giving time to Anna those days but I assumed, I didn’t have had either option so I kept her at bay.

She called to confront me after my finals on why we’ve not been in contact for more than a month’s gap. This was the end of the session 2011. “I ignored her”, I was a dumb, and I couldn’t abuse myself enough for ignoring her, because I think I took her for-granted for those days. I misinterpreted. I never knew the value of her being along, as soon as I suddenly had nothing left to do after my finals, and no one to hang around, I decided to confront her.

After February’12, I had the most consequential conversation with Anna on 10th of May’12. After a three month’s break, although I knew we had accumulated much to say to each other but before she could hardly greet me, I began;

“I don’t even have had a couple of minutes for David, too, and even then I called you here to have a conversation, and I can’t stay calm, at least now, when we are not gonna talk or meet or tease each other anymore, never ever.”

She had already read my mom’s letter which scripted that I was heading up for Rochester. Even if I couldn’t exhibit the real-I phase by then, but her words, all of a sudden, cried my heart out. I left the table in Café, where we had a coffee before our conversation had begun.

“And I’ll never forget you because I’m fallen in Love with you.”

I whispered to her, holding her hand in mines.

She released her hand, and without uttering a word, left.

Mary was my class mate and my family friend. She used to be a neighbor in Rochester where I lived with my parents. We had never ‘dated’ each other as such, but yea, I shamefully regret that I flirted with her during the session 2011, just before Anna had arrived.

She left for Rochester in February, as soon as we ended up with our finals. She couldn’t be a bitch I thought, but she turned up to be a great one.

When she left for Rochester, she kept the note of my each and every mail and text in which I compelled her to give in while I flirted with him. She acted as the most innocent creature in the universe, and disguised herself as if she was badly heart-broken. This, consequently, unpleased her and my parents who had developed grudges because of Mary’s extra-ordinary acting capabilities, and because of my freaking flirt mails and texts. I had already been much scolded by my parents on calls but, this had to worsen yet.

My dad has always been that highlighted respectful man in the society. With the authority and the power of his money, he managed to get me admitted into the Rochester University of Medical Centre, and called me urgently to leave Albany.

I wasn’t ready for it. Of course I’d never been, but that was the first time in my life where my parents warned and scolded me. They couldn’t leave me in Albany as they were so damn sure that I’ll again continue a flirt relationship with any other innocent girl in the town. Mary used to hug me as a friend, she used to visit me and we seldom group studied. I never thought those connections would account for my destruction.

This wasn’t new as my parents had never treated me the way they should have, and I was torn from inside when I’d scarcely adjusted myself in Albany, and now I’d to leave Albany, when I confessed and admitted that I was fallen in love with Anna. That was un-bearable. I wanted Anna for infinities, I wanted her for eternities, it all faded soon and suddenly… soon and abruptly…

I am so sorry Anna, I couldn’t explain this to you ever, but I hope you’ll understand.

Every mistake demands to get penalty. I got mines!

When session 2012 came to an end, I was in Rochester. I couldn’t face Anna, and so I never even tried to, but that was getting on my nerves how Anna posted different sad quotes, how she looked so lonely, how her profile used to be and how she had made it, by then; dull and dim. I mailed her in April’13. I lied to her about my relationship. I was single, I never liked anybody after Anna, but I never wanted her to wait for a destroyed, mean, selfish and coward person like me, so I lied. I wanted her to move on. And after that mail, I was sure, she had moved on.

For the two years, every single day, every single night reminded me of her. I read our old conversations every night before turning off the lamp. I’d always remembered her memories in the hoping of meeting her back in my dreams. I barely remember a night I had a calm sleep from the day I left Albany to December 2014.

On the completion of my session in November 2014, I left for Albany on 1st December’14. As soon as I reached there, I used the same old number and texted and mailed her, not expecting a single reply, but even then, continued to try.

I left Rochester without my parents knowing about my decision.

They left me without expecting me again in their lives, ever!

She picked one call from my side and her words will never be forgotten, how precisely her heart summarized her expressions of love and hatred for me at the same time,

 “Listen to what from you Adrian? That you are talking to three other girls just now, and you’re having more than 2 girlfriends but wait Anna, I love you and I missed you? This is what you want to tell me? Or there’s even something more illogical than this Adrian?”

Her birthday was a perfect event to be sorry. It was in three days.

I planned everything in a trice. For the whole 9th December’s cold day, I kept roaming at Knox street mall. I got her a beautiful ruby necklace and had made a reservation in Terra International Cuisine.

Just before 12’ I called her! It was now 10th December; her birthday! Even she wasn’t ready to respond, I settled on the plan of action and called her;

“Happy birthday my Love, cause you’re the only One, don’t leave me forever, just even not think of it ever. I’ll give you red rose, and anything you like who knows, I’ll love you till the end, you’re more than a friend, please forgive me baby, or I’ll die maybe…”

May be, may be, may be… I whispered for the three times after she had hung up.

She refused to join me in and I cancelled the reservations and kept the necklace safe.

From December’14 till March’15, she didn’t say a word, but I kept saying ‘sorry’. I never gave up, and March’15 got me lucky.

‘Anna gave in!’

Our first date after the patch-up on 25th March’15 was beautiful and prepossessing.

Washington Park Lake’s appealing beauty fainted as I saw her close to a bench near the lake side. A shade of her trendy appearance was now dimmed, a glow of her bright face was lessoned, but the stream of her stretched out hair was as phenomenal as before, but a little blacker and curled.

After the formal exchange of greetings and after some special confessions, I held her right hand and moved closer, kissing her forehead.

Every time, they told me that for her to fall in love with you, I must smile and make her smile; I did, but instead of her, I fell in love with her, every time when she smiled, when she laughed.

The time of us revised. Everything we did together got a chance again. The ‘then’ time, couldn’t be more worth living, worth loving.

I took her to many of her favorite places, and many of mines too. We went to spectrum 8 theatres on 15th April’15 and watched a musical romance movie together after which we had a pleasantly calm dinner and a soul-peaceful walk in a Jasmine pool garden. This was the first time ever when I wanted to kiss Anna but I withstood the feel. So, I just held her from her shoulders and played with her hair. She had her head on my shoulder.

Not too late, on 14th May’15, I woke her and offered a walk through the road at 11’o clock and that was the time when I had put in picture the fact that I didn’t know how to kiss which was dumb and funny, but what she said was even funnier.

“Even I don’t baby.”

She made me fall in love with her, every day, every second, even a micro second whenever I saw her…

June’s monotonous, dry as dust kind-a day could be that vivid, I never could expect.

I went to Albany Medical College and met Peter in the library. As I was in a conversation with him, I saw Anna behind a book shelf in the library. I excused Peter and wend my way towards her table. As soon as I could barely whisper ‘hey’, she stood up suddenly and turned her head towards the book shelf, finding a book. I went inaudibly towards her and put my hands on her eyes. Just before she said anything, I tilted my head towards right side and whispered gently in her ear,

“It’s me baby!”

I kissed her cheek, and after I released my hands from her eyes, she turned back towards me and I held her from her waist.

“So, what’s Adrian Michael doing in library?”

“Anna Thomas is here, where could you expect Adrian Michael to be?”

“Someone’s sounding so cozy today!”

“Someone’s looking so inviting today!”

“So, what are we waiting for?”

“To pick you up for a romantic date which will include your favorite things; shopping black clothes together, red roses, some jewelry, pair of stilettoes, pizza, dance with me and of course, the two of us together till evening.”

“Are you really alright today Adrian?”

She laughed as she released herself from my arms and went towards her table.

“I’m alright baby, and I’m serious.”

“So, let’s head up.”

And we did everything we planned.

There was no existence of a morning spent without her thoughts in night…

Then was an unfortunate 29th August’s date which worried the hell of me. Anna should’ve told me about what she was suffering through. Her epilepsy drove me crazy. I never could see Anna like that, being treated by doctors and being sympathized by people. Although she was apparently perfect but what she suffered from inside got me in a flap. I will never forget how she held my right arm, and right before I asked her something, she looked at me like death warmed up and her face was peaky and suddenly got fainted in my arms.

I will never forget that August!

Since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I use to.

In September’15, I finally got myself admitted into Albany Medical College for M.S and again, Anna and I were in same institute.

David and Katherine, the two of our common friends were getting engaged on 30th Sept’15. Anna and I decided to go together.

Their engagement was a ravishing day, and the two of them looked drop-dead gorgeous and a perfect couple.

Anna was no less. Her lighter than baby-pink long layered frock got her looked glamorous. I wore white. Even the two of us were captivating the guests.

Anna has always been romantic but less than me of course. At the spur of the moment, when David was on his knees and presented a beautiful diamond ring to Katherine, the crowd clapped and cheered, while Anna came closer to me, smiled gently and stared spell-bounded into my eyes, holding my hand. As the whole crowd cheered and hooted, she released her hands and clapped with everyone, leaving me suspended for a couple of seconds.

That was the day when I regretted kissing Anna.

For my internship program, I had to leave for Rochester to compile my degree forms and certificates from RUMC. I didn’t tell my parents about my arrival.

I left on 20th October and promised Anna to come back till 15th November.

My arrival, back to Albany, on 15th November’s night reminded me of the last time when I left Rochester and bought Anna a beautiful Ruby-necklace and made a reservation for us in a restaurant.

I planned to re-plan that missed plan of us. And so I did, but with a surprise.

I sent David, Peter, Harry and James to my apartment where she had been waiting for me and told them to lie to her about a party at Smokin’ Bulls.

Smokin’ Bulls had a story. I got myself drunk to death one night at this bar once and Anna had seen me there with my friends’ girlfriends’ and she has always hated that place. This was the day when I confessed Anna that I loved her, the very next day, I left for Rochester.

As soon as this mission got victory, I waited for her in the elevator, and as soon as she entered the elevator, I held her hands and instructed the elevator down till the lobby.

I took her to the same restaurant, Terra International Cuisine where I’d first made reservations. After a lavish dinner, and after dropping her at her place, I again offered her a walk down the road.

When we had reached enough of a deep green track down the streets, I stared at her intensely, and gifted her the belated necklace. That red-necklace went perfect with her black dress as if that was made for her.

“I love you so much Adrian, and I missed you.”

She whispered affectionately and I pulled her closer towards me. That was most delightful feeling I ever got. While I moved my head closer towards her, I saw her repressing the gentle glee from her lips and closing her eyes at a leisurely pace. After I had tilted my head substantially, I kissed her, and that for the very first time. As my upper lip met her lower one, something magical whipped up in both of us and as we ended, we could scarcely imagine ourselves without each other.

And this is how, I fell deeper and deeper inside her love day by day, more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

It’s Febraury’2018. Long time though! We had recently been shopping together for the wedding. She has always loved black for me, for her; in short for everyone. Recently we visited Crossgates Mall and she selected Black Armani Tuxedo in wool crepe for me.

In rush, she still didn’t had picked up what she was supposed to wear. She told about her selected dress at Vera Wang, but she wasn’t sure about that. By then, she had to order it by all possible haste, and so, she did.

I picked her Vera Wang’s Iconic bridal dress, which was a subdued dim-white gown with streams of net layers and was about ten-twelve inches long as compared to Anna’s height. That was incredibly dazzling. I could imagine her wearing that.

Our wedding reception was extremely romantic. White and red rose decors were adding in to the beauty. Anna was getting ready in a parlor with her best friend Miley. I was supposed to get ready before her, but that was quite mainstream for me.

Mindlessly I drove to her parlor. Miley had almost ‘O’ her mouth to an extra-ordinarily limits. Spencer; Miley’s husband was also shocked to see me there. I pretended laid-back.

With a smirk and spark on my face, I verbalized;

“Ahmm. Ahmm, can you excuse my bride for a moment please.”

Anna got up and with an annoyance on her face scolded me for being there. I got closer and hugged her as if I’d been wanting that for years. I held her from her waist and gazed in her eyes;

“I can’t let anyone else see my bride before me, I can’t…”

A gay tear trickled through her cheek, which was removed by my touch before reaching her chin. I kissed her forehead, released my arms from her waist and left.

She’s a melody playing gently in my heart, she’s a song set on repeat for hours; she’s the pain which demands no cure, she’s perfect than anything of yours. She’s the soundtrack of my summers, you’re not a single percent like her.

“Never give up on Love and then, life is worth living for.”

I’ve lived such.

You must do…



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