This is a collection of Micro-Fiction.

Ha Ha Ha

I wish to be acknowledged as a Writer of fame (ha ha ha). I wish that one day when I am walking, people will stand in respect and ask me for an autograph. Yes, fame is the honey of success. I don’t know if all writers wish for that. Yes, it will be dreams coming true. My muse is smiling in ironic humor.


I was glancing at the Newspaper column and I was scanning photos of people who have passed away. I thought to myself that my passing away will be the news headlines and not a paid obituary column.

The Doll

This happened to me in Indonesia where I was working as a school teacher. The principal asked me to invite a UN spokesperson for the school day celebration and he asked me to do it because the UN representative was an Indian. So I went to the UN office in Jakarta to invite him. I was ushered into his office after a long wait. I was startled to see a strange doll, an African one having a curious expression on its face. It had a grimace and a sly smile on its face. It was quite of ju ju kind of a thing. It keeps on haunting my memory. I wanted to ask him but I felt too shy. The doll has become a part and parcel of my psyche.

Go with the Flow

Every day I write a journal which merges my biographical self with the fictional self. My journal is composed of prayers and praises and also requests. But after all that I try to live life with currents it takes me. I have no regrets but I am filled with gratitude and thankfulness. Yes, I take life as it comes to me, but always I wish life to be prosperous.


Submitted: September 01, 2022

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