This is a collection of Micro-fiction.

Epiphany about a butterfly

Your murmuring painting on wings…you dreamy pasture of a poetic gaze…you splendid rainbow of colours…you surreal lilac of windy drift…you poet’s fancy on adoring wings…you pleasant psalm of nature…you stained glass of an opera…you daze of angel in effervescence…you flora of an origami…you bard on wings of love…you nature’s song of praise…you tapestry of rich sumptuousness…you adorable ballerina of a versatile hymn…you carry Picasso in your surreal flight.

The Placard

Recently when I was travelling on the road, I happened to see a flex and to my surprise it read: CPI Communist Party of India, local committee conference. To my amusement it had the icon of the Pope of Vatican embedded in it. I was under the belief that Communists were atheists. So I surmised that the picture of Pope was done to appease Christians.

Submitted: April 15, 2022

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