Philosophy of Poetry

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This is an article on the the Philosophy of Poetry

This article is a discourse on the Philosophy of poetry. Now what is poetry? Poetry is a picture of sounds and the music of words. Poetry as defined by Wordsworth is a spontaneous overflow of feelings. The poetry of imagism by Ezra Pound defines it as an image that is: an image is an emotional and intellectual complex in an instant of time.

Here in this article, I want to digress on to poetry and to provide new shades meaning to discuss the art form of poetry.

The ideas on the Philosophy of poetry I want to put forth are: Igneous Ignition, Sedimentary Callisthenics and Metamorphic Catharsis.

Now what is igneous ignition? It is the ideational content of poetry. It is the rhythm of words. It is a calligraphy of thought. It is a music that works. Igneous ignition transforms the medium of poetry into a work of art. It is the figurative use of language. Also it is intellectual and emotional output of the author. The poet weaves thread of marvel. It is the everyday depiction of objects, thoughts and feelings into museum of art. Again it is the fulcrum of literature. Igneous is the fictive depiction of all that is matter into the reality of art. Igneous ignition is the aesthetic of a carnival.

Now what is Sedimentary Callisthenics? It is the autobiography of the poetry put in the music of words. From autobiography stems the form of content that is the ego of the writer. And, from the persona emerges the style of the writer. The autobiography of the poet is put into the museum of words. The autobiography of the author emerges from the reality of perceiving everyday objects with the nuances of feeling. There is a preponderance of the work of art which translates the work into a creative medium of a carnival of reality.

Now what is metamorphic catharsis? Metamorphic catharsis is the aesthetic experience of appreciating the art of poetry. It is also the development of aesthetic feelings of the poet. With catharsis: the words are transformed into pictures and thoughts are generated into images which deify with the figures of speech. It is the creation of literal content into the figurative medium leaving room for ideas of art to penetrate the process of thought. What are the aesthetic experiences and where do they stem from? This happens when the feelings, perceptions, moods, situations, dreams, thoughts become a vehicle of consciousness and acts as a sedative to mesmerize the fetish of words into a narcissism of creation. Metamorphic Catharsis of appreciation of the author is a rendition of realization that is put into the mind of ubiquity.

Lastly, I would like to summarize that the Philosophy of poetry encompasses three generational tools and they are igneous ignition, sedimentary callisthenics and metamorphic catharsis.

Submitted: December 16, 2021

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olive tree

'spontaneous overflow of feelings' - that's fantastic.

I can't pretend I understood all this, although it was quite clear. I just think the jargon is cool. I enjoy practically useless esoteric knowledge. I also like how you used types of rock as a template.

About autobiography emerging in writing - I notice this. It surely is appreciating and demonstrating nuances of life through filters of feeling, as you said. It's like a series of uncontrollable Freudian slips. Once you've "kill[ed] all your darlings," including yourself, in writing, shame and concern take leave and you simply just say what's on your mind, because you realise some things do not matter as much as you supposed, or were led to believe. Something John Cleese said, "the only real creativity comes from spontaneity [and the unconscious mind]."

Yeah, I agree, there is certainly narcissism inherent in deification of the figures of speech in writing. I'll take this as a warning to be more aware and less self-concerned... granted patience, because one may only improve in increments.

Nice piece. All the best.

Fri, December 17th, 2021 1:47am

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