American Chop Suey or Cold War Stockings

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It's an editorial on the Russian military pullout from Syria.

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016



American Chop Suey or Cold War Stockings are political idioms. I have used American Chop Suey in my earlier article and now I am coining another term: Cold War Stockings. It refers to a situation where a strong country goes to aid a weak country besieged by civil and religious conflict. Then without ending the conflict, it abruptly pulls out. An example is: American pullout from Iraq. Now the Russians are following the same road. They have pulled out from Syria leaving the country to succumb to a tragic Jihadic fate. The departure of Russia’s military intervention in Syria is reminiscent of Cold War Stockings.  Cold War stockings break Syrian democracy into a broken glass and fertilize the growth of a fanatic Islamic State.

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