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It's a fictional dream that the famous writer Jorge Louis Borges Had.

(This writing is dedicated to Jorge Louis Borges, the Father of Magic Realism)

Borges the writer, tired of writing through the night fell on his hands holding the pen. The pen became a troll in imagination and gave him the dream of a lexical paradox. In the Sign, the Signified makes an abstract idea, like passion, and the Signifier makes a concrete visual thing, like the Rose and in the dream that Borges saw: the SIGN became an arcane ritual. The troll was making the Signifier go blind and the Signifier go deaf. Puzzled by the dream, he woke up and the troll grinned at him in sign language and muttered: ‘hockuspockuslexicadabra’.


Submitted: March 14, 2016

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