It's a description of Honor Killings, a unique feature which takes place in India.

In India, the word Honor has become attached to killing and has repulsive connotations. Though the Constitution of India proclaims social and cultural equality of all people, sorry to say in certain parts of India caste is still a major thorn in the rose. What I am writing about is news that escaped the major main stream media and was published in site: The Logical Indian. In the state of Tamil Nadu a youth belonging to the Dalits (Dalits are socially challenged caste of India, looked upon disparagingly by the some sections of the higher caste) married a girl belonging to the upper caste. While travelling on a bike certain marauders hacked him to death and also injured his wife in the process. This kind of killing can be called as (CASTICIDE), coming from caste and killing. The gruesome killing poses certain serious questions about the fallibility of Indian democracy. Has the Indian democracy become mature enough so that it can tolerate social equality? The answer is a pathetic no! The failure to overcome caste vendetta lies in the root of a faulty system of education. Social Studies textbooks have to be rewritten from analyzing multiple perspectives of caste differences and at the same time leaving room for encouraging kids to think and relate to social equality in a democracy.

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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