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I just wonder why things happen this way and not that way. I understood that an event can take only one way at a time and that is the easiest way.

The meaning of easiness has not been scientifically defined yet, although every events in this nature take the easiest path out of all existing possible paths. Let’s see water flowing in the river as an example. While looking at the river we can ask our self why it is taking this way but not other way round. There are enumerable ways the river can take but it has taken this way. Since the event has already taken place, we can confirm that it couldn’t take other way therefore this must be the easiest way. Similarly, if we peep through our history there were infinites events like war, crime, charity, entertainment etc and each event have passed through single path at a time which is the easiest path. In this light, the most heinous act in human history the I and II world war have came through the easiest path it could ever take out of all possible paths to give the present shape of the world.

We come to know the path taken by event only after the event takes place .But if we can properly take into account the factors which influence event to take the easiest path, we might be able to predict our future as well.

To understand what the easiest path is, we have to look at the make up of the nature. Nature is made up of nonliving thing say nonliving nature, living thing say living nature and energy circulating between them.

Non living nature is made up of matters (eg. water, plastic, paper, building materials etc) with certain properties which change when conditions alter (eg. At normal condition water is liquid, when heated it become liquid etc) and interaction between them govern by some kind of laws. (eg.: two masses pull each other which is called gravitational pull). Non living natures have been thoroughly studied under various branches of science.

Any event in non living nature is governed by the properties of the matter, interaction between them and energy content in them. The property imposed on matter is inherent to it. We say it is natural. Ice becomes water and water changes to vapor as temperature increased. We can’t argue on this natural phenomenon.

 When river flows it always takes downward flow. The gravitational pull of the earth attract it. Therefore water never flow upward naturally. When water flows downwards it takes one path at a time although it could take lot of possible path. This can be explained by the energy content in it. A matter with energy has tendency to dissipate the energy and come to lower energy state. This is nature of energy.

There are three modes of energy state in the nature. Mode of higher energy state, mode of energy releasing state and mode of lower energy state. If a matter is in higher energy state, the matter is unstable and it is in stress (restless nature). It tries to release its energy. If the matter finds a medium through which it could release its energy it does it without any delay, here it comes to the mode of energy releasing state (dynamic nature) While releasing the energy through medium, it takes the route with as much lowest resistance as it can. Energy releasing state is accompanied by some extent of disorderness. The higher is the resistance the lower is the disorderness. By releasing energy it comes to the mode of lower energy state. The matter become quiet (sleeping nature). As such, the nonliving nature has tendency to be in lower energy state. Dynamism  in non living nature is brought about by some energy carrying agent. Lets take a look at an example.

Water in certain height possesses potential energy (higher energy state). The water is in stress. As soon as it finds a way it begins to flow releasing as much energy as it can in shorter time (energy releasing state), this energy we convert as electricity and light etc thanks for human intelligence. After releasing its energy it comes to the lower energy state. It becomes quiet. While water flows, it takes the path with lowest resistance. If there is less resistance the degree of disorder ness is high. For example waterfall, there is very less resistance therefore water particles are thrown hazardously, while in canal it goes in a stream.

Thus path of water is determined by property imposed on it, (if not at higher temperature it vaporizes), the law of interaction between water and earth, energy contain in it, medium through which the energy is released and the presence of resistance. These are the factors which determine the easiness of an event for non living nature.

Now let’s see how events take place in the world of living nature.  In the world of living nature, nothing takes place without efforts of living entity. We have to make efforts to get things done that mean things are not easily get done. This case we take inductive method to explain the choice of easiest path.

First let’s see interaction between living and non living nature. This interaction is necessary for living nature to fulfill certain purposes of living being. (How these purposes are built will be discussed later) Therefore in everyday life, we are in constant interaction with non living nature. For example while taking bath we are using water, soap etc; while we wear clothes we are using clothes; while we are in office we use various kind of stationeries, computers etc; for entertainment we use various kinds of equipments. That way we are constantly interacting with nonliving nature. We perform interaction with nonliving nature by imparting directly our reserved energy (mechanical energy) to the non living nature or indirectly by supplying energy using some kind of energy source. For example while we are bathing we have to raise soap and do various kind of movements, we transfer mechanical energy to the soap; while wearing cloths we transfer similarly our energy to the cloth: while working in computer we provide electrical energy by switching on the computer and we prepare various kinds of data, we have to spend our mechanical energy by typing.

We as human being make lot of efforts to support our life. Most better case is when we achieve something with less effort- this we call luck. Most worse case is when we make lots of efforts but we don’t achieve anything- we turn out to be unlucky. To do any kind of efforts we need energy. We see all around dynamic world. Every where we see some kind of movements: Wind is blowing; Animals are in constant movement; people are going here and there; vehicles are heading here and there; clouds are constantly changing and all this movements make us feel of dynamic nature. Dynamic nature is mode of energy releasing state. To release the energy there should be energy reserve. Where this energy come from?

The ultimate source of The Earth Energy is The Sun. Most of the machines use fossil fuels. All fossil fuels is the result of organic deposits while all organic deposits are ultimate product of sun lights. One of the permanent energy retainers in this earth is water. The water from lower altitude i.e., lower energy state, is vaporized by the Sun. When rain, it is relatively in higher altitude. It acquires potential energy- it’s in higher energy state. While flowing downwards i.e., in the energy releasing state, part of the water is taken by animal and plants- the living nature and part of water flow towards the ocean. Plants are nourished by water while animal get energy from plants. In this way, The Sun provides energy to both non living nature and living nature. The Sun put the Nature in higher energy state (restless nature). While nature releases its energy, it comes to dynamic state (dynamic nature).

We get energy from food. This energy is stored in biological form. We become energy carrier (restless nature). Once we are energy carrier the energy tends to release irrespective of our choice whether to release this energy or not but we can take control while releasing the energy that is under us. But since this energy and our body are of material nature, our body naturally wants to be in lower energy state (sleeping nature) by releasing the energy (dynamic nature). Retaining energy is more difficult task than to release it.

While doing something, we release energy and at the same time we try to avoid putting own self in stress (physical or mental).We try to run away from putting ourselves in stress. We try to take easiest way. Stress developed within us resists us from doing something. Resistance to an event performed by living nature is developed as stress in mind and body. While we try to avoid stress we create certain amount of disorder ness around us. For example: We generally avoid to put slight physical stress to pile up the files and clear working table, hence it is generally in disorder, stationeries being strewn here and there.

In the world of living nature, the path of the event depends upon the energy content and degree of alertness, activeness of our consciousness.

 to be continued.........

Submitted: May 20, 2010

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