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This is a story of a person called Vasu who has been desperated from what's going on around him and around the world.To get peace, he set off for Himalaya where he missed to identify the most precious thing one can ever have.

Submitted: May 04, 2010

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Submitted: May 04, 2010




This is a story of never ending fighting within: fighting between the choices for good and bad. This is a result of our inborn sentiment and overflow of compassion toward oneself and humanity. This is a sweet but at the same time heartbreaking tragedy which one may fall at any moment.

The moment may come to anybody since we, human being are living in unsatisfied world with a quest of eternal satisfaction and peace. We are indeed searching that beautiful moment of absolute peace and calmness. The stage, where any kind of failure and achievements don’t agitate our mind. The stage where worldly suffering and happiness has nothing to do with us. The stage where there is nothing to do with the relative nature of goodness and badness-we are out of the field of relativity. The stage which is achieved by the Buddha, the Christ, the Mohammed. The stage which is always knocking us to be attained from our deep inner core for our own goodness since it is absolute pure and it is the real nature of our being.

The knocking from the heart of Vasu has already begun when he began to perceive the deceitful nature of world. This had put him in a choice less states in several occasions until one day he set off for solitude.

Vasu was born in a poor family in a small town. The town was far from the main city therefore the town was quite and peaceful. Most people were farmer, they had lot of leisure time. No one was hurried in that town. Rich in cultural and religious heritage, Vasu had been fed by the society, the spiritual needs from the very beginning of his childhood. Because almost all festivals in that small town were relatedto religion, people were used to be to believe in mystic stories that had spread in that town and Vasu was not an exception. Visiting temples and practicing certain rituals were part of his life.

From the very beginning Vasu loved isolated life. He had reserved character. He was very close to the nature. His father used to tell him “son, get up early in the morning and look toward the north, you will hear bell rings, from the remote Himalayas.” He used to get up early in the morning, wrapping himself in an old rug; he would go to the roof and look toward the north. Surprisingly every morning he would hear the bell rings from the north. He would feel as if the sound was coming from the heaven. He loved this moment.

His old parents were in no position to earn money while his brother had set for his own business with ample profits. Sister had stopped her studies and gone for job to fulfill the financial shortages. Vasu was still going to school.

As Vasu grew up, he began to realize that the mysticism confines only in stories. There were thousands of problems in life that couldn’t be solved merely by visiting temples and praying alone. Therefore he took shelter on various spiritual Gurus to fulfill how religion helps people to get out of their problems. He keenly listened to Guru’s discourse but he was not satisfied when the Gurus blamed science for loosing peace from the earth. He couldn’t find solution for these contradictions. He believed in Science. He believed science is truth. He believed that the speedy paces taken by technologies one day will annihilate human sufferings. He believed that the science will one day lead human being to the absolute truth- the final answer, all human beings have been waiting for.

One day early in the morning while he was listening to religious discourse from the radio, he was impressed by a story. “An eagle was flying in the sky with a piece of meat in his mouth. He was being chased by many crows. So the eagle could not eat the piece but had to continuously fly away from the crows. Ultimately the eagle got tired and though to throw thepiece of meat. Once he threw the meat, suddenly the crows disappeared. Finally the eaglefelt he was released from the suffering”. The host would then analyze the story and said “We won’t get peace unless we run after material world.” This conclusion had immense impact on Vasu.

The situation in Country was degrading day per day. Politicians were alluring people by giving apparently false promises. They were playing with the ideology of great personalities. But couldn’t set themselves as an example. Dirty game was going in-between political parties. Therefore not even one government could take the country one full term. This unstable situation in his county had dragged the country to the extreme poverty. And every body was aware of this. This situation had made Vasu skeptic about the future of his beloved country. He understood that unless you are the slave of sensual pleasure you can’t think of goodness for others.

Vasu entered University. His principle that humanity should come first before religion, geographical boundaries and beliefs had made him overcome any kind of social and religious boundaries. Because of this nature he could earn lot of friends from various cross section of life. He was very interested in subjects like classic literatures, philosophy and nuclear physics. He was interested in how and why the existence of this world occurred. He though, once the origin is found, lot of answers could be found which have been mysteries for human being for infinite years.

University life for Vasu was not so easy because of prevailing situation at home and the country. One of his trusted friend left country to complete degree course in short time. The loneliness of his life was filled by a charming young lady Roopa. She was totally opposite to Vasu, with capricious nature, and this was what served them for attracting each other. Roopa used to tease Vasu saying “you are going to be Socrates in future” in return Vasu would answers “if I get married you” .Both of them enjoyed their company.

While Roopa was getting closer to Vasu, he sensed some kind of responsibility. He was confused what to do next. He told Roopa to wait till he get a job and he had some responsibility to fulfill at home also. In the meantime, Roopa was forced to get married to a prosperous family. Vasu felt alone once more. This time, agonystriken by his lonliness was so deep that he understood the suffering of loosing some one who is too close, is unbearable. He didn’t think of going closer to anybody then after.

As he got more matured, his attention was drawn by the agitation going around the world, the war in middle east, huger stricken in the African continent, economic instability, global warming. He understood although science had make a wide pace for the betterment of human being, the uncontrollable emotion of human being is responsible for the agitation. He remembered the story of the flying eagle and came to a conclusion that if people were not to run after material world to have instantaneous sensual pleasure they would not have suffered.

Vasu having unsatisfied of all what is happening around him and in the world, decided to leave everything and go to Himalaya to get some unanswered questions-What is the value oflife? why is all this suffering for?. To leave his family in this condition was very difficult task for him, since he knew he was the one to look after his parents. Tolerating loads of sadness on his heart, he left for himalaya that night.

He had to take a long route to Himalaya from his house. While traveling, all way long he was in argument with his mind. He didn’t know whether the steps taken by him was correct or wrong. He was afraid if he has to regret for what he is going to do now. He knew he was going to a new place which was strange to him. He didn’t have any idea how he was going to live there.

For first few days he stopped in a lodge. The town where he stopped was beautiful. From the window of the lodge the huge Himalaya in front was like picture stuck on the wall. With cold breeze and only few people walking, he got some kind of solace there.

As Vasu was educated person, he easily got a job in a village school as a teacher. He made a small hut far away up from the village, from where he could had a view of river down. The place he selected was beautiful and secluded. For early few weeks he was busy in preparing his accommodation. The knowledge he earned was of enormous values to the villagers, therefore the villagers respected him a lot for his knowledge. He earned big confidences upon own self.

His usual routine was to go to the nearby river early in the morning, take bath in cold water, perform some yoga, get breakfast, go to school, take part in communal discussion, come back home , read some spiritual books, take dinner and sleep. Vasu was very satisfied with his regular schedule. Earlier he used to hear lots of bad things happening around him and around the world. Things happening around him and around the world were not in favor to him. This made him very unhappy. Unlike to this, in this village people would keenly listen him. He would put his philosophy before the villagers, there would not any objection from any side. This made him satisfied. And what else does a man need if he is satisfied.

In winter, school got closed and there were plenty of time for Vasu to spend alone. Because of snow fall and coldness in the village he would rarely come down to the village. He would stay at home. From time to time he would think of his home, his girl friend and his friends and he would cry in his desperate situation.He would feel bitter and lonliness in this solitude. The calmness of the place was so heavy to pass. He knewthathis parents had hope from himonce he completehis higher education. He though he might have done some good to his family. Few months he had severe home sick. He realized he might have done a terrible mistake in his life leaving his family. He felt sorry for his parents.

After few weeks, school started. He again came to his normal routine. His colleagues noticed he had become quieter than before.Actually Vasuwas confused about his life. He didn’t see big differences in his previous life and his present life. Earlier he was disturbed by the things going on around the world and now he was disturbed by his ownmind having choise in conflict. He understood that the story he was impressed by was not completed. He understood although you leave all worldly matter, you are still suffering unless you stop thinking about it and to stop one’s mindfrom thinking was the most difficult task. In addition, Vasu came to some clues that mind is what makes human being suffers.

As time passed by Vasu began to understand that the satisfaction he was receiving from current society was not true satisfaction. It might overturn anytime if some opponents would come arise. Therefore he began to confine himself from taking part in communal discussions. He seriously contemplated on spiritual studies.

Sometime Vasu was frightened by the way his life going on. First he was alone. He didn’t have his relatives nearby. Secondly, Vasu was getting older. What might bring to his older age he didn’t know. Vasu left the school. He lived in his savings from school. Most of the time he spent meditating.

Vasu is old now with grey hair and long beards, wrinkles on the face and his hands and legs numb. What was Vasu’s mission? Why did he go for solitude leaving all valuable relations? Did it stand for him to make such a sacrifice? Was Vasu successful in his mission? Did he get the peace he used to think about in his early age? Has the pattern of world changed? Vasu has no answers for these questions. Time has already passed. He can’t go back to his past.

One day he got sicked. Hardly could he move from his bed. He couldn’t prepare food for himself. He laid on bed for several days. He was so weak that he hardly could open his eyes. Suddenly one day someone knocked his door.

“Is there anybody inside” a small boy voice came from the outside.

Nobody answered.

The boy knocked the door and shouted “Is there anybody”

Since nobody was answering, he forcefully opened the door.

Door opened with creaking noise, a flux of light with cold breeze entered inside.

The boy came closer to the bed after noticing that someone was sleeping.

“I need some water to drink” The old man was not answering but his facial expression was telling something.

“Do you listen? Can I have some water to drink?”

Vasu, at last, made up to tell him that the water is ina pot.

Boys enter and pour some water.

“Who are you boy?”

“I am here with some of my yaks for grazing. I am from next village. My name is Nyomgba”

The little boy came closer to the old man.

“ Son, I have been laying here without food for few days, I have high fever. I feel to drink hot water. Can you help me finding some food?”

“O.k if you are sick get asleep I ‘ll get you some food.”

Vasu after drinking hot water felt himself warm and he went asleep.

When opened his eyes, he felt good. He saw a packet near by his bed. It was rice pudding. He enjoyed the food.

Vasu was thankful to Nyomgba.

Next day Vasu felt very healthy he wanted to see around. He opened the door and looked around. He heard bell sound. Far away he saw flock of yaks grazing. Thinking he might met Nyomgba he headed toward the yaks.

“Hello grandpa, how are you feeling now” Nyomgba shouted from amongst the yaks.

“I am feeling better, Nyomgba. Thanks for the food and water you gave me, it worked”.

Vasu wend to a rock to sit. Nyomgbo joined him.

“Nyomgba, I have been to this village for several years but I never saw you before”.

“Grandpa, I am not from this part, I am from another village. This place is better for yaks for grazing, therefore I take them here”.

“That mean you have a family. Don’t you go to school Nyomgba?”

“I don’t go, I have to look after of these yaks, they give us milk, we sell the milk in town……don’t you have family? Are you alone grandpa?”

“No son, I had a big family but I left them”

There was a wishing sound of air.

“why?” Nyomgba asked after a long pause.

“I have some unanswered question, I am searching for that” looking at Nyomgba puzzled face Vasu touches his head with caress “you won’t understand it, you are still small Nyomgba”.

“I can’t leave my family for anything else, they love me”

“Yes, you are right, my family also loves me”

“Then why did you left your family?”

Vasu sobs and thinking for a while he continues “You won’t understand….. I also don’t understand, it happened”.

Nyambgo realized he asked not correct question. Therefore he quit the place

“Grandpa I’ll come tomorrow. See you”

Nyomgba left Vasu alone. Sudden flashes of his families came in his memory. He had the same images of his family at the time when he left his house. He remembered those happy moments which he had with his family, friends and Roopa. He smiled and took a deep breath.

Remaining days, Vasu continued coming to see Nyomgba. Nyomgba used to bring foods to Vasu. He enjoyed watching Nyomgba’s activities. Although, Vasu realized the value of lonlines, he understood what it mean to be in touch with human relation. This made Vasu wish to meet his family stronger.

“Son, today I feel I want to see my family. I know they might have changed a lot. I know I won’t meet my parents, I am not sure if my brothers and sisters are alive, but I still want to be close with them at least in my last moments.”

Nyomgba just listened him.

“I don’t know if I have achieved what I wanted, but I am quieter than before. I think I don’t have to do anything with this world. My mind is still not so stable therefore I want to meet my family and make my mind calm.”

“When are you going to meet your family?”

“As soon as possible, may be tomorrow, because it takes time to go to town and from there it takes 3 days to reach my home town by bus”.

“Till then take care of yourself son, you helped me a lot in my last journeys. I am very very thankful to you”.

“I have my family, you go to see your family and tell me how are they”.

“God bless you” Vasu left the place.

These was the last conversation of Vasu with Nyomgba.

Next early morning, Vasu, departed from the village. It was difficult to walk him long way without a stick. He was very excited. He was going to meet his relations after several years. He though he would be big surprised to his relatives.

There was not so big changes in his town. New houses had encroached green lands. People moved faster than earlier. Vasu headed towards his place with lots of hopes to meet his contemporary people. For few hours he couldn’t locate his place since new road networks had been built. Ultimately he came up to a known temple. His house was from the alley right to the temple. He took the way. To his surprise he saw a new house in the place where his house stood. There was a signboard of government institution. He didn’t know whom to ask about the old house which used to stand there 50 years ago. He saw people rushing in and out of the institution without noticing an old sage. He didn’t have clue as to whom to refer. Finally he noticed an old vendor in front of the building.

“Excuse me, do you live nereby?”

“Yes sadhu, I live in a hut after the temple.” he pointed toward the temple.

“ Do you know when did this new building erected?”

“I think its around 15 years ago. Before that there was nothing in here. It was a bare land”

Vasu understood this was not full information he wanted. His hopes to meet his brother and sister faded away. Vasu’s eyes filled with tears, the vendor didn’t make notice, He gathered some strength and said good bye. Although this place was once Vasu’s familiar place but today he felt himself a stranger with no one close people around.

He wanted to see Roopa whom he spend some of his precious time, he headed toward her house. He located the place. He could see from the gate opening an old lady sitting on a wheel chair and gazing on the ground. He rang the bell. Small child came to the gate.

The child got frightened seeing an old sage in front of the gate. Then he suddenly run shouting. “Mama there is a beggar, he will take me” and he disappeared. After a while a middle aged woman came to the gate with some food.

“Daughter, I have heard that this house belongs to Upendra, is it so?”

“Yes Upendra is my grandfather-in law?”

“Who else live in this house daughter”?

The woman was puzzled with unexpected question.

She took a pause

“My grand mother in Law” she pointed toward the old lady

“Is She Roopa?”

“Yes she is”.

Vasu couldn’t stop his tears rolling from his chick

Vasu’s heart shattered. What happened to his beautiful Roopa in this span of time? He felt sorry for Roopa and wished good for her but didn’t reply and left from there.

By this time, Vasu didn’t have slightest will to meet his closest people knowing that this will make him more suffer. He noticed that his new place was far better than his town. Therefore, he though of moving towards Himalaya to his place. On the way he came across a familiar place he used to visit while he was still young. He remembered his friend Subash. He wanted to see his friend. He was in front of a 3 storied building. He gave a ring, an middle aged woman came and opened the door.

“Yes sadhu (saint-in english), give me a minute I’ll bring you food”

“No..No daughter. I don’t need food. Just want to know if Subash is at home?”

“Yes, he is upstairs. Who are you sadhu”

“Tell him Vasu want to see him”.

The woman returns after few minutes

“Subash Jee call you upstairs”

Vasu followed the woman. Vasu realized that his old friend was living in luxury.

Vasu noticed an old man lying on the bed. Young and energetic Subash has transformed to an old man who was hardly breathing, and all of his tooth has gone.

“Who are you” asked Subash.

“I am vasu”

Subash got confused “who Vasu?”

“I am your friend. I am son of Tulshi Sahu. We used to study in same university”

“O God, you are Vasu….I remember”

Vasu went closer to Subash and put his hand on his head.”

Both of their eyes filled with tears. They could not talk for a while.

“Vasu where did you go? Your family searched you everywhere.”

Vasu could not stop crying.

“Where are my relatives Subash?”

Subash could hardly talk but any way he arranged to say something.

“Vasu, it has been 50 years since you left. When you left I was also not here. But I heard later that your parents were very worried about you. They had hope only in you Vasu. You shouldn’t have performed like that. I feebly remember that your house was put into an auction. After that I never heard of your family”.

Vasu was very sad. He realized that he lost every body and there was nobody else to loose any more. His severe will to meet his old relatives was cooling down. This sadness has brought in him a kind of compassion over his family, friend and girlfriend. He thought what has to happen in this world happens at any rate, his presence and absence doesn’t make any differences.

“What happened to you Vasu?”

Vasu didn’t say a word.

“Subash, I have no one in this world, I want to go back to my place.” Sudden love to his place arouse in Vasu’s heart.

Subash couldn’t stop him.

The same night Vasu departed to the Himalayas.

After two days of traveling, on the morning he came to the town. Before going to his village, he wanted to meet Nyomgba. He came to the village. He saw a small boy chasing some hens. Thinking he might know Nyomgba since he was also of same age.

“Son, do you know Nyomgba?”


The boy led Vasu through stone paved alley to his home and introduced to his father.

“Can I see Nyombga?”

“Yes, Its me.”

“I am searching for Nyomgba who used to graze yaks in next village. He is boy of your son’s age”.

“Sorry Sadhu .I don’t know him.” He looked at his wife with suspicions “And I don’t know if somebody take yaks so far for grazing from here”.

“Anyway check some houses to the right, there you find more people with this name”

Vasu became skeptic about Nyomgba.. He questioned himself several time, Why should Nyomgba go so far to graze the yaks. Vasu found few people with that name in whole village but couldn’t find one whom he used to spent his good time.

Vasu was full with mixed emotions of disappointment and suspicions. Who was Nyomgba, who used to visit him? Why were he disappeared? Vasu had no answer for this. But what he understood is, encounter with Nyomgba was a very very special event in his life.

He left for his village. That night Vasu remembered Nyomgba a lot.He remembered how on the first day he came to his hut. Vasu got very excited remembering Nyomgba's capricious activities. After seeing his closed ones, he didn’t have any attachment towards his past. But what about that small boy who came to his life while he was near to death? Who brought food to Vasu every day? And why Nyomgba disappeared when Vasu finally understood what he achieved? Vasu felt a kind of ecstasy in these questions. His mind became quieter and quieter. Vasu went on to deep meditation. From next day the hut never opened.

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