A Study in Contrasts

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A study in contrasts in a historical fort setting that left me wonder struck.

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




The evening sun casting its orange gold rays across the plain,

and the chill breeze starting its routine with small whirls of dust,

the tableau of actors that played their parts on the eternal stage,

going through the motions, as timeless as master time himself.


The moment interrupted by the arrival of a nonchalant visitor,

perky and impertinent, disruptive and yet blending into the milieu,

a silhouette full of life, a study in motion and a chorus of chirps,

that soon hushed up and the echoes faded away into the sunset.


It was into this picture that I wandered, an unintentional intruder,

and was caught up in the study of contrasts, a muted frenzy of calm,

a struggle between the regal serenity, the overwhelming grandeur,

and a bundle of energy too lively to be contained in a vessel of flesh.


And it was then I realized that this was nature’s way of a balance,

between the somber and vivacious, an eternal quirk in every frame,

never predictable, never the same, a surprise at every twist and turn,

a wonder that never ceases and a creation that seeks to inspire.

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