A Walk in the Forest

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A walk through the woods provides a challenge ...

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013




In the growing dusk I walked out to explore the woods,

humming tunelessly for the trees that stood high and proud,

the black tar soon giving way to a broken half paved roads,

and all signs of life quietening in dark that fell like a shroud.


Soon, all I could hear was the sound of my solitary stride,

accompanied by snapping twigs as my feet slipped on the gravel,

my only friend my shadow that walked bravely by my side,

my companion through the years, one that I knew so very well.


The trees seemed to be urging me to stop and talk a while,

as their long leaves rustled and waved at me in the light breeze,

I stood and listened while they whispered in their own soft style,

but not a word of their secret could my weary mind even seize.


As the path disappeared into the spreading gloom ahead,

and a lone cricket decided to comment on my predicament,

I stood there and wondered where this path I was on lead

should I go on ahead or return to escape the night imminent.


And a calm settled over me as quiet as the darkening wood,

and I walked on ahead into the path that curved out of sight,

not caring where it went but staying on it as long as I could,

as the creatures came out and began their symphony at night.


Expectancy grew in my heart, I barely could see the path I was on,

each blind curve crossed revealing the last orange glow of the sun,

until I chanced on a light shining through the shrubs, a beacon,

and my quickening feet took me back to the place I had set out from. 

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