Those Eyes (Your Sixth Sense)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story of what brought this about is in the poem itself. The effect that eyes have are magical. They tell stories without a word being spoken.

Submitted: October 05, 2012

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Submitted: October 05, 2012



Those eyes are the clearest windows,

untouched drifts of white snows,

they can catch you and hold you quick,

that you can't takes yours away in a nick,

the black in the middle drills into your soul,

until you feel all of you is but a big whorl,

there is no beginning or end in the whole,

an endless trip down a chute from a hole,

never cold, always warm and loving,

except this line that you should not be crossing,

then there is a wetness in those eyes,

that make one wish they were 6 feet under ice,

you can see her steeling herself to be happy,

but the wetness won't go away easy,

the smile forced makes you die deeply,

the other times when she is in thought,

while nibbling on her nails ever so soft,

you see them clouded over and not there,

and you want to bring her back to you here,

but it is an intensely personal moment,

and you stop with your hand raised, spent,

then they clear up and the light seeps,

like the sun from behind a cloud peeps,

her eyes are then the clear pools that invite you in,

and you plunge like a thirsty man too long seeking,

the black lined windows of her soul entice,

you to lose yourself in their depths in a trice,

it is not the kohl that does the trick,

it is the magic in between the makes it click,

those eyes of hers when she is in joy,

the abandon and merriment in them, oh boy,

her eyes close up as she can't bear the mirth,

and the whole world is in darkness forthwith,

when she is caring, they seem to envelope,

hold you, protect you in a warm clasp,

trying to heal in their soothing gaze,

any hurt that you might have ablaze,

the eyes that define your very existence,

have become part of you, your sixth sense.

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