GOD and Soul

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This reflects a spiritual view of life. I feel we must celebrate the unbreakable bond between God and the soul and enrich it's value. Then their splendour shall shine a light in our life.

Submitted: May 19, 2015

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Submitted: May 19, 2015



These are two mystical, but very powerful words that depict the supreme power of this world.
  We go to religious places, the House of God in search of Him and His blessings, as guests. God, as a kind host, asks if we need anything and we say, “O’ God, just please give us your blessings.”And God blesses us wholeheartedly.But don’t you think now it’s time to invite God to our own home too and give him love, gratitude and respect? In reality, there’s never a specific time to do so, because the power of God is already there with us and within us too, and will always be.
Yes, God is omnipresent and omnipotent. He always wishes the best for His children, His creations. We just have to have open eyes and ears and, an understanding mind and a caring heart to realize this truth and unravel the mysteries of life.
  God has already depicted his greatness and power by creating so many things. He created this universe and gave life to it and is thus eternal. He is the supreme power and has no particular physical form. All His wondrous creations are but different forms of Him.
  When I look into the vast sky, the majestic mountains, the awe-inspiring landscapes , and feel the beauty of the sun and rain enrich the world and regenerate life and all the wonderful and beautiful creations of God, I know He’s there…present in every particle and sustaining life.  I am often awe-stricken at how God must have created this universe in utmost perfection. And how He gave thought and feeling to the living beings and the ability to survive and perform functions is amazing. I am ever grateful to Him for the best gift ever He has given me-Life, an opportunity to be a part of this world, this huge family.

  Well, one thing is, if God is present in all the living beings, it must mean He is there in me too. I guess I’m not so ready or worthy enough to feel His presence completely. Yet, I know He’s there within and I believe it too. And I always try to instill that faith in me. In fact, God is present in all of us in the form of the soul. “Soul is not just the gift of God; it is the manifestation of God himself.”
God and soul are two different words, but in reality, they are one and the same in essence. Both don’t have a particular form or figure. They are not tangible to the ordinary man. That’s why I was surprised the dictionary had a precise definition for these terms. Because there are some things which cannot be expressed precisely in words or figures. They have to be understood and experienced as a whole. God is just given forms for us to understand, visualize and relate to them in a better way.
  God and Soul, Atman (self) and Parmatman(super self), are all so powerful and are capable of performing great feats.
The story of Siddhartha was one thing that inspired me a lot.
Siddhartha wanted to go on a search for God and the Atman. His virtues in his youth were that he could fast, wait and think. But later, he too, like other humans entered into the vicious cycle by sinning and lost those virtues, lost the will to live. But then, he was awakened by Mother Nature. He listened to the river and thus listened to God and understood the meaning of life. Siddhartha thus attained salvation in the lap of nature which is the lap of God after all, when he was able to unify its power with his soul.
I remember that my English teacher would say that the soul is like water in the bottle called the body. The soul adds value to the body and the body houses the soul and gives it a structure. Both complement each other. So we should let the bottle be clean and the water, pure. And when he bottle loses its strength or is crushed, the water can simply be poured into a fresh container of any form. But when the water itself is polluted, the bottle loses its worth.
This is Sansara, the continuous cycle of birth and death which most of our souls, which become impure and purposeless, are bound to. Many great saints have tried to achieve salvation and let the soul become one with God and achieve its true purpose. If the water is able to quench someone’s thirst and perform a virtuous task, the soul has achieved its purpose. It’s not a waste, but a virtue.
  Once the three fires of passion, aversion and ignorance are extinguished, release from the cycle of rebirth is attained.
  All this was difficult to understand, but it fascinated me all the same. With time I came to realize that this body is nothing but the Temple of the Living God, after all. So it is essential that we do virtuous things and make God feel welcome within. This is what I mentioned in the beginning…
  Thus, for the soul to be pure and God to feel welcome, it is necessary to be good from within. And that implies we do the right thing at the right time.
A very special part of our soul is our conscience which tells us what is right and what is wrong. It is so powerful since it enables us to learn from our mistakes and constantly introspect and thus improve. This helps us be a better person in the long run.
 So we have the capability to do both good and bad. But it is our choice- add our own little contribution in gratitude for ‘Life’, the best gift ever or just destroy the creations and look on with scorn. Whatever bad we may do will leave a scar on the world which may or may not be forgotten, but the soul will be lost forever. On the other hand, whatever good we do will also leave a mark which people will look at fondly. The soul can be strong and blessed. We can be remembered for service or for hindrance. But finally whatever we do in life is reflected in our soul. It all comes with how welcome you make God feel in you.
But it’s never too late to change for the better as God’s compassion is vast and He has the power to turn you from devil to human. But that is only if you have the will to change for the better and relieve your soul.
  For, as long as the power of God and soul don’t fade away, there’s always hope…

So let us communicate in the universal language of all creations of God-Love and use the most special tool of the soul-Humanity, and together, we can surely make this world a better place. That’s when you can achieve true inner peace.

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