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Imagination - An inexplicable miracle !

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016




 -An inexplicable miracle !



Imagination, that wondrous spell

That enhances all of creation.

So ethereal, so magical, so mystical,

With fascination

And rays of inspiration,

With the tremendous power

To transcend all boundaries,

Structured in all its beauty

So vivid, so life-like.

It’s a movie in play,

Stories of glory created.

While we are at one corner of the world,

We can go across oceans of space and time

And travel the whole world and beyond!

To discover enchanting secrets

That can nurture the spirit.

Imagine flies…

And goes to great heights

Imagination flows…

And sends waves of wonder !

So colourful.

Such a bright colour splash

A beauty beyond words

Bright dreams adorn the minds of people

Dreams so magical,

That they can make us dare.

Dare to discover

What lies beyond,

What lies within.

For, imagination is that inner voice

That longs to communicate with us.

It gives that spirit a voice, a life.

Imagination can activate the mind,

Exercise every single cell and make it fresh.

Imagination pumps up the heart,

Brimming with passion and emotion.

Imagination utters the voice of the soul,

That spirit burning bright.

Acts as a messenger

For God and the Spirit.

Imagination is a boost for life,

Provides food for thought.

And it constructs

‘A storehouse of ideas’ ,

 Weaves stories so beautiful

And serves to us the nectar of living life.

A child, with the new mind

In the child does the imagination flow free.

Dreams… of underground world,

Floating clouds, Sifting into space.

Oceans, forests, seas, skies, mountains…

Fairies, wizards, goblins, monsters,

Creatures with inexplicable features…

Oh! A realm of fantasy of his very own,

Where anything is possible.

The pulse of adventure,

The fury of action,

The gust of wind,

The spells of magic,

Bouts of Joy, Fun and Enchantment.

Oh! They are all tales of wonder!

In every particle of life,

There emerges wonder, curiosity,

Love, joy, discovery.

There is a child within us all…

Grappling for attention, for affection,

Cries for utterance.

But, as people grow older

And are busy in their own journey of life,

Often, quite sadly, this child within gets suppressed,

And over time ceases to exist.

But among those who believe, in that inner voice,

Nurture it and let it pulsate with passion,

They find in life a colour so bright,

Gives them time,

Time aside to rejuvenate

And be filled with joy,

The joy of wonder…

Note, anyone can beckon

To that child within,

To live, to flourish.

And then that voice in the darkness

Will come, streaming willingly

And make our life beautiful once more.

All we have to do is let our imagination fly, flow and float across, free…

And it shall be happy to do so,

Make you cherish every thought,

Every moment and make it


Tís true, life is beautiful,

For, reality is a true fantasy after all.


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