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Our school days were filled with sweet memories. This is a tribute to all those who made it special. This is for all to reminisce their good old school days and go down the memory lane.

Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016






Together we made  precious moments

That shall soon transfer into sweet memories.

We may look back fondly

At all the wonderful  times  we had together.

Good and bad

Sad and glad

The boisterous laughter and the tears

The overwhelming praise

And even more overwhelming admonition!

The bouts of insanity and bubbling joy

Friends and foe

The nasty quarrels and the jovial pranks

Oh! The list goes on and on….

Indeed there were ups and downs

We were at the heights of happiness

As well as the depths of despair.

But what matters the most

Is that we faced it all


We have varieties of characters

And we have glorious dreams for the future

The time may come soon…

For us to part ways

To go on our own journeys  of Life !

But no matter what path we take

The memory of the place

We all started off from

Will forever be embedded

In our hearts and souls.

True, School Days are the best

The most fun - filled time of our lives

We learnt so much

We learnt to have fun

To laugh and to cry.

Our School Days may be drawing to a close

But our friendship shall stay strong,

Beyond all odds.

Our friendship shall shine !

Thus, this is my small token of gratitude

To all of U

Who have made a mark in my life!

I shall not say Farewell !

Yet hope you all Fare Well !

All the Best!

Let us cherish every moment !

This miraculous journey

Was indeed great fun !


Ananya  G. S.



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