The Great Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Lost in the thick forest, she feels lonely and afraid. Little does she know she is being followed and tracked down by someone, there the mystery begins...
A plot full of twists and turns, shocks and surprises, umpteen dangers, breaches of trust, tough choices and challenges, will she ever be able to uncover the mysteries of the forest and find her way out?

Submitted: December 01, 2014

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Submitted: December 01, 2014



The Great Escape

 As I was walking through a thick pine forest, I sensed something was following me and waves of fear rolled through me. I looked back and was stunned by the sight before me. For, I discovered a pair of eyes peering into the darkness, the face masked by a cape. When realisation dawned, I bolted for it. In the heated chase, unfortunately, I stumbled on a log.
 My pursuer caught up with me and tried to stifle me. As I retaliated, I tugged at the cape unintentionally. I got the shock of my life when I uncovered the true identity of my pursuer. It was none other than Tara, my childhood friend. “Tara! I never expected you would do this.”  Tara replied regretfully, “Friend, I had never meant to do this. Kidnappers on the prowl had kidnapped me a few days ago. They are making me do things against my will. Please believe me. I want to escape but I don’t have the courage to escape on my own.
I believed her. “Don’t worry. We’ll plan our escape.”

Just then, a saviour appeared in the form of a forest officer. We were overjoyed.  I called out, “Sir. Kindly help us. We are lost. Please guide us to this address...” He nodded and said, “Ok. Follow me. But before that I need to make a small stop.”
  He took us to a cottage and made us wait in a room. Then, we heard a child sobbing uncontrollably. That’s when we smelt something fishy. Curious, we ventured towards the direction of the sound and found to our dismay a room full of kids and a little boy being smacked by a burly man. Tara stood frozen in horror. She recognised the man to be one of her kidnappers. We were debating whether to run for our lives or save the captives. We decided to do the latter.
Just then, the forest officer arrived. We were glad to see him, hoping he would rescue the kids. But instead, he just shoved us into the room and ordered the men to tie us up. We felt betrayed; the trust was shattered. Our saviour turned out to be the chief enemy. But we were not going to give in without a fight. Even the kids pitched in. We fought valiantly. Outnumbering the louts, we emerged victorious. Hearing the commotion, the real officer on patrol arrived and took control of the situation. The gang was apprehended and the officer appreciated us for our bravery and we were taken safely home.

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