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Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018




Bound in chains, Filled with pain, Walls so high, Just want to cry The voices; they put me down They make me drown In the sea of misery. “You can’t do this, You can’t do that. “ ‘What will people think?’ Enough of this, I want to sink, For I’m stuck in the dark And I can’t escape.

T’ is the utterance of my soul, Don’t cut my wings Just let me sing My heart out. All I want is to be free. I have so many dreams That from my heart do stream. Please just don’t make a wall And break it all.

Let me open the window To the world beyond, Don’t just shut the door And leave me alone in the dark, For I need that spark To live my life a little more. Don’t drown my inner voice, Don’t crush my soul, I just want to feel whole. I just want to be free I want to be unfettered.

Just then I see a ray of light, I see the boundless sky so bright. There appears, in my mind, A beautiful angel, so kind. “What is your worry, dear? What is it that you fear?” To which I reply, “The voices That put me down; The chains, That bind me in.”

She did give a hearty laugh That stunned me in my flow of thought. “Dear, you realise not The truth of life. You are bound Only by the chains you chain yourself. Worry not, you have the power, The weapon greatest, Is with you, every hour.’

She began fading And I cried, “Wait, where is the weapon To free myself ?”

A faint voice said, “To be free, In your soul is the key ! “ And she did disappear from sight.

Though my surroundings were unchanged, I felt enthused with a strange light. I took a deep breath And closed my eyes, Trying to find the key, With the help of the light inside.

And find it I did, In my soul. I had discovered My inner voice, Delighted to hear it After aeons. My spirit charged, I sprouted wings. That broke the walls, That let me fly.

Fly, in the boundless sky, Spreading my wings, Discovering my dreams And making me smile.

For , I saw light And breathed fresh air. I was on top of the world That was buzzing beneath.

Let voices say what they will, I shall listen to my inner voice. In mind, spirit and in poise, I can be truly free. I am unfettered, I am me!

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