Broken Dead

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What happens if in the year of 2221 two hundred fourteen years into the future a genetic experiment that never should have taken place had unforeseen side effects on the six human test subjects. In return they became something out of a two hundred year old horror film. Something that never should exist in the first place. A creature from ancient legends; they became vampires…

Submitted: May 16, 2008

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Submitted: May 16, 2008




She was ten years old again, her face eager shining with childish delight waiting at the grimy front window of their rundown old house. Her heart was pounding frantically as her eyes saw what was happening but refused to believe what she was seeing. Daddy was half a block away when another man jumped out from behind the ally, knife in hand. Katherine screamed in terror her emerald green eyes wide with fright. Grabbing the small hand gun that Daddy kept in the house and frantically slamming the door open. “Daddy don’t die!” screeched Katherine her copper curls damp with sweat as she raised the gun carefully took aim and shot. Too late-always too late…blood so much blood.

Eight years later many hundred miles away a young Irish woman woke with a start to find she was suspended in a large glass tank. Wires and other electronic equipment were attached to her person almost instantaneously setting off the alarm to let them know she was awake.Katherine was badly shaken by the flash back she just experienced so life like it was as if she was there again watching it all happen. A tingling feeling spread from the top of her scalp to the bottom of her toes; her vision wavered becoming strange. An aura formed around everything varying in color and size.

Her eyes caught a hold of an orange, red, and yellow man shaped figure in the corner of the room. Ahhh, thought Katherine calmly her eyes narrowed. Taking a long look at the man she locked on to her target with a cold calculating mind set. The same set of mind she had used on the street when she was getting close to her prey just before the kill. Her past eight years had been full of death. Ever since that day when her father had made one too many mistakes and made the wrong enemy ending up dead with a knife in his stomach and an orphaned ten year old daughter with no home and a death on her conscious.

Katherine was never absolutely sure what happened to her mother. Ever since she could remember it had been just her and dad. Whenever Katherine tried to bring her mother up around Father he would say “Katherine Shannon O’Riely, I’ve told you a hundred times this subject is off limits!” He never said if she died but Katherine got the distinct impression that she wasn’t dead. Katherine snapped back to the present by the faint sound of movement from the man in the corner. Her attention was focused entirely on the man’s aura noticing for the first time the bluish green gun shape on his waist. She didn’t like the fact that this man was carrying a loaded weapon or the feeling of sadistic pleasure sensed in his mind. This man she thought icily is bad news. I don’t like him; he has a very rotten personality and he enjoys torturing and killing young women. Time for him to go because I have a feeling that I may become his next victim if I’m not careful. Katherine pulled her arm back tensing her body preparing to deliver a rapid succession of martial art palm strikes intended to shatter the glass upon impact.

She located the weakest point in the glass using her special abilities of sight and carefully calculating the amount of force needed to shatter the glass. Katherine would then use this point as the focal point for her attacks. She wanted to be sure that everything was timed perfectly right down to the second. It was especially vital to coordinate the glass shattering and the jump so that they came one right after the other. She quickly delivered the blows with expert skill and practiced ease. She had already disconnected all of the wires and electronic equipment from her self so she was all ready to leave. She crouched low and sprung putting as much power into her legs as she could her feet left the ground and she soared fifteen feet in the air.

She executed a perfect back flip and landed expertly in the attack position on her feet. “Halt!” a deep commanding voice ordered loudly and Katherine instinctively knew where the voice was coming from. It was that disgusting man from the corner and he was seriously ticked off at her, well serves him right, Katherine thought maliciously. Her whole body tingled with an unfamiliar sensation her blood rushing through her veins and there was a loud roaring in her ears. She turned and faced the man a grim smile curving her lips and a hungry gleam in her eyes. Katherine advanced on the man slowly her eyes locked onto his throat and the rapidly beating pulse visible there. She could sense the man’s raw terror as he helplessly stood rooted to the floor. Prey caught in the predator’s web, her web. Katherine’s lip pulled back into a ferocious snarl revealing two long deadly sharp fangs.

She was right in front of him now and could almost physically taste his terror as she reached forward and grasped his throat with a long slender hand. She lifted him up off the ground with ease as she forced him to meet her piercing gaze with his terrified one. It was difficult because he fought her every inch of the way, finally in the end Katherine won. Satisfied she let him drop back to the floor where he lay shaking like a leaf. His skin pale as bone and his eyes wide with terror staring into nothingness as he relived some terrible scene over and over again. Katherine laughed softly to herself as she watched him the sadistic pleasure plain on her face. She bent down slowly her eyes intent once more on that frantically beating pulse. Hunger and longing rippled across her face as she bent forward and whispered cruelly “You are almost not worth the effort” and then she opened her mouth exposing her fangs.

She felt him stiffen and his muscles tensed as he guessed what was about to happen and rebelled. She scoffed at his resistance and amused by his petty efforts to thwart her. He is pathetic she thought with considerable disgust sneering down at him. She opened her mouth a bit wider and sank her teeth into his throat piercing the tender skin. The blood began to flow and nothing else mattered not to her, not her dead dad, and not even to her long gone mother. The only thing that mattered was the blood…


She crept through the hall way virtually melting into the shadows her new instincts providing her with the skills she needed. Her thoughts were dark as she worked through the thoughts of her missing mother. Why would her father act like that unless she was dead? Or maybe he didn’t want Katherine to have anything to do with her mother and that’s why he threw a holy hell fit when she mentioned him. The more she thought about it the more it made sense. He was trying to hide things from her even in his death. Hadn’t he always been like that when he was alive? Sneaky and overly protective to the extreme. The hints of something more all through out her life were beginning to piece together and make sense now.

A faint sound of leather scraping against the concrete jerked her attention back to the present. She scrambled up the wall her new senses and physical prowess making it possible to do so. She clung to the ceiling watching and waiting to see who was coming. A young man about twenty seven walked underneath her. Her nostrils flared as she sensed the blood rushing through his veins. She struggled to control this new urge to attack him and drain him of the blood. She concentrated instead on trying to remember if she’d seen him before. He was tall maybe six foot six inches tall, broad shoulders, sun bronzed skin, thick wavy black hair, and wore glasses. She noticed he was dressed in a combination of black leather and army camouflage. Weirder still was the knives she could see concealed in his outfit.

The way he was moving it was clear to her he was not a regular here. He seemed to be sulking in the shadows as she has been doing. Only he was not as good as she was, but he came pretty damn close. For being a human that is she thought with a smile.He paused as if unsure which way to go and Katherine decided to introduce herself the old fashion way. She dropped from the ceiling and tackled him to the ground. Her hand went over his mouth just in case he decided to scream. “Hello I’m Katherine,” she murmured with a sly smile. He seemed to be more surprise than afraid of her. He relaxed against her hold and she removed her hand. His eyes were a peculiar color, an intense violet.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jack Hunter. I’m with an organization that calls itself Blood Brothers. It’s an assassin group and you my dear are exactly the person I’m supposed to find,” Jack said with a grin. Katherine gave him a quizzical look and arched a brow. She was very curious not just because he was devilishly handsome but also because his name was familiar to her. It took her a moment to remember where she had heard it before. Then it dawned on her, he was one of the young men who had trained under her father. She wasn’t for sure what exactly was going on her but she didn’t want to go anywhere with anyone she didn’t know.

“Sorry Jack,” she emphasized the words. “But I’m not going anywhere with anyone I don’t know,” she told him roughly pushing him away. She didn’t even realize that he was now the worst of her worries. The alarm had been sounded and the place was swarming with security guards. She crouched down and a hiss escaped her lips as she pulled them back into a feral snarl. Her eyes became hooded and she spoke to him again. “Looks like we have some play toys,” she said with a laugh. He chuckled too his face becoming dangerous.

“Yeah it sure does look like it,” he said with a smile. They stood back to back and readied to face the charge. Katherine took out the first three guards by breaking their necks with her kicks. She whirled around and punched a guy in the face boned crunching and he was dead. She sensed danger and whipped around and flipped the next guy jamming her elbow into his nose. She fought until the area around them was littered with dead bodies. Finally it was over and she realized that this was more than a street fight it was a massacre.

“I’ll go with you,” she sighed and her face fell as she surveyed what she had done.

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