Gone, But Never Forgotten

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a poem that i dedicate to my Grandmother and all the love she has shown me throughout my life

Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010




Warmth of your loving embrace,

Comforts me in those dark hours

When it would seem that life isn't worth living.

I cried on your shoulder so many times,

Never did I think that you wouldn't be there,

For the next time that I needed to be held.

You say, "That you want to go, now that you know that it's inevitable."

But I can't seem to want to let you go,

Your my rock, my anchor

From which I draw strength.

I wanted you to stay

With me for a while longer,

But you say that,

This pain is too much for you now.

That it's your time now to go, and I have to accept that.

Frustration makes me want to scream,

At the wide open blue sky,

At a god whom is taking you from me before I'm ready to let you go.

This isn't fair, I just finished going through a heart surgery with her that no one thought she'd make it through.

Then when she makes it through okay,

And everything is looking good you do this to us.

I can't stand in her way,

Her decision isn't going to change, and I respect her too much...

To make her suffer,

In the end

She may be gone, BUT she will never be forgotten.

For as LONG as I live,

I will make sure that everyone I know remembers,

What love she gave us, and her willingness to give until she had nothing left.

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