A Broken Promise

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The promise made and broken with Mother Nature.

Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013



A Broken Promise


The sun gleamed off her flowing waters,

Dense with buoyant fish,

Her mountains rose like prestigious kings,

And she called to them with her wish.


This wish was the Goddess’ sole request

She praised them with the blow of a kiss

She hoped the beings would fulfill her wish to their very best.

Then with her mighty voice she preached, asking them to promise,



For all the beings who set foot on this land,

Forever hold your peace,

Fulfil your lives with merriment, purpose and




Agreement was among the animals,

All different, yet all the same.

“We Promise!” cried the animals,

For the Goddess they dare not shame.



And so began the beginning,

The end of all ends.

For a planet was coming together,

And all beings were set to attend



The beings evolved ever so slowly,

Changing in their own ways,

But they all remembered the promise,

They gave to the Goddess that day.



They would all behave as equals,

No one above the rest,

But as time moved on, it was clear

Who considered themselves the best.



These were the humans- the pale faces.

Seemingly smarter than all,

They took control of the animals,

Their own laws they began to install.



Here we are in the present,

So far away from the start,

As humans we’ve concurred everything-

And continue to tear Earth apart.



What happened to all being equals?

Respecting our neighbours on this planet?

Instead we’ve damaged and taken for granted,

This land and the life all around it.



Were working towards an improvement

Covering up our flaws and mistakes

But our beloved planet is forever scarred

After we took from it all we could take.



Perhaps one day we will see it-

The light that guides us all,

Most of us seem to ignore it,

 Caught up in our daily drawl.



But the light is what contains the answer,

The promise we made that day,

 To the Goddess we pledged we’d be equal,

And for all of eternity, that’s how we’d stay.



As of now our promise is broken,

The Goddess we have betrayed

But there is still hope! Don’t you worry,

Though the deity is still in dismay.



All we need is to love, to remember.

We’re almost there – halfway!

We need to live here in peace and in harmony,

And return to the Earth what she gave.



© Copyright 2019 Anastasia Kaschenko. All rights reserved.

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