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This is my personal life story I would like to share with anyone. I have heard that it helped some people through hard times so i decided to post it and let them know that in every situation there is an exit to it.

Submitted: November 19, 2013

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Submitted: November 19, 2013



There is something I want you to know before you read my story. I’ve told few of my friends some of the things from my past and it changed them a lot, couple friends who were unbelievers came to follow Christ and

It’s amazing, so I am sharing this story not for people to read it and feel bad or sorry for me but with hopes that this story will touch somebody else’s heart and that if they are unbelievers they will come to Christ or these who think that they have no hope because their life is so bad but in hope that this story will change that. I knew that I always had God right beside me and that this was his plan for me and that he knew that imp strong enough to survive this period of time and to understand the lessons that he thought me. Thank you all for taking time to read this. Feel free to do anything with my story you can share it, you can repost it somewhere else if you want I don’t mind.



Growing up I didn’t have a good family care, my

Parents were alcoholics and I had to raise myself 

With help of few other friend’s families.

I was almost never in school

Because I always had mom mom’s words in my head repeat: “you are worthless”, “Nobody loves you”, “I wish you were never born” having these words repeat in my had

Made me think that I should not be in places with many people because they would make fun of me too and I was afraid of hearing these things from someone else. I hated my life so much that all I would do is drink alcohol with friends and smoke all day so I

Don’t have to sit and watch my mom get drunk and beat me up and tell me I’m

Worthless. I remember when my mom was trying to sell me to a man who would have giving her 2 bottles of vodka and cigarettes If she game me to him, that day I remember like my five fingers. I was watching TV one day and all of the sudden my mom walks inky room and tells me to pack my stuff and go with this man and I asked why? Who is he? And she just hit me very heard on the face and said that I have to hurry up, at this moment I thought to myself here it is the end of my life and that he is going to kill me and I had no

Other choice I packed my bag’s and walking to my mom’s room when I

Heard that she is selling me to him for 2 bottles of vodka and pack of cigarettes, I dropped my stuff and something clicked in me and I started running away from our house as fast as I could and after that I went to my friends house where I stayed for about two months.  One day my brother came looking for me and I said I never coming back there anymore and he said that he will never let her do anything like that ever again and I believed him and when we got home she beat me up so hard that I could not lay on my back at all she hit me in the face a lot my face was swollen and bruised for a long time. You know after having to deal with all of that I was ready to die for sure I said to myself this

At I can’t suffer anymore of this and I went out with my friends and

Drunk a lot and then I just left alone to walk on the streets and hoped to get hit by a car. Later after that my school teacher came and brought me to school to the principle and she said we are going to sent you somewhere where I will be safe and where my life will

Change so they brought me to this children’s home where I spend about 2 years and

While I was there my life did get better I was happy for the first time in my life I attended to school and had an amazing friends, everything in my life was awesome. When I was about 8 years old my mom died because of the diseases she had and my family never told me anything about her death, I had to go home and find out a month later that she died. When I found out that she was

Gone I felt so bad it felt like I’ve lost part of me it

Hurt me probably worse than any abuses from my mom. I went from one orphanage to another and as days were going by I suffered badly from loss of my mom and things she has told me as a child. Few years later I got offer to go to America to stay with a family for few weeks during

Christmas and I was really scared because of the things I’ve heard from people who

Have been in America before, but when I to there the family I went too had two boys and

A girl their biological kids and at first I couldn’t think that they will be such a blessing in

My life I looked up to them every day and they are the ones who first told me about God

And that’s when everything started make sense for me, I understood why my life was so hard, I realized how strong I am, I realized that God was there every step I ever made,

That family is a true blessing from God I didn’t know any English so it was very hard to

Communicate with them, it was hard for me to accept their love for me because I used to be hated for so long and I got used to the hate I thank God everyday for them, they put

Up with me every day but they never stopped loving me and that’s what amazed me about family life. I thank that family for everything they’ve done for me they might never 

Realize what it meant for me but I sure did and it changed me. I n 2008 I got adopted by a different family and I had to live everything I had in Russia behind and move to America where the life has changed for sure, first few years it was very hard for me to live here because my friends, my family my culture are gone now I

Have to get used to live in different life, I’ve done and I’ve said things to my parents that hurt them a lot but they didn’t say

Anything back that would hurt me all they ever told metis that we love you and we always will, no matter what I did my parents never said or did


If you are that person who are hurt right now and think you have no hope, I hope after reading this story you will understand that this is just for short period you just have to be

Strong and remember God is there right next to you even if you don’t feel that he is

There just get quiet and you will hear his voice, you will feel him when you stop worrying and pay close attention and I promise you will feel him and hear him just like I did and

So did many other children, don’t say you hate your parents because they play very important role in your life if you think about it they’ve done so much for you even know

Maybe right now you have bad relationships with them but if you just tell them simple

Thank you for all that they’ve done for you, you will see that most likely things will change because trust me when you lose them you will wish they were there, and it’s

Going to hurt so bad and you will wish that you had so much to tell them that you have

Not said and you will wish you’ve never said you hate them. I used to regret the things I’ve done but now I let them go because I don’t want to waste my time thinking about things I’ve done I have a great future to think about. Past is past

Don’t dwell on it learn from it.

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