The Photograph

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How a man lost love of his life.

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



Alexander was sitting on a meadow, playing a beautiful melody on his violin, a photograph of a beautiful young girl in front of him. He has not seen her for many years, but when the man closed his eyes he could feel her lips touching his. Every time that happened Alexander hoped to open the eyes and see that the last eight years were just a bad dream and that she was there, next to him. Every time he had this childish hope, and every time he was disappointed. But he would continue doing the same thing over and over again.

The girl’s name was Katarina and she was the most beautiful girl to have ever been born. She was so beautiful that sometimes Alexander doubted if she was real, because she could not belong to this world. Her large blue eyes, blond hair, pale skin, red lips, everything was so perfect. Being around this girl made you feel like you just got a glimpse of a fairytale. For she made everything so much more beautiful. But it has been eight years since Alexander last saw her and he would probably never see her again.

All of a sudden, the man stopped playing. He put down his violin and stared into the void. He had promised himself that he would not be crying, but his eyes were already filled with tears. At this moment he was hating himself for all the things he had done wrong in his life. If it wasn’t for those things he could live a happy life with a girl he loved more than anyone else. But Alexander made mistakes, and the price was losing love of his life.

When he left his village years ago, Alexander believed that he would return to the same place and go on living as he did before. When Katarina begged him to stay with her he only said that he wants to live first, before having to settle down and marry. No matter what the young girl told him, his answer was the same. He would come back one day and maybe then they could be together again. Alexander was cursing himself for those words. How could he think that, after all the awful things he said, Katarina would still wait for him? Years ago he thought he was nice and gentle, but now he saw how cruel his words actually were. It was like telling Katarina he didn’t love her, like telling her she was a burden for him. Alexander wished he understood all of that eight years ago. Now it was too late.

Nobody could tell Alexander where Katarina was and what happened to her. Five years ago a merchant was passing through the village. He immediately fell in love with Katarina and asked her to come with him. So she did. And ever since there were no news of the girl and the merchant. Some people said they got married, others that they parted ways soon after, but no one knew the truth. Those were just rumors and nothing more.

When his tears have dried Alexander got up, picked up his violin and the photograph, and walked in the direction opposite of the village. There was nobody there who could hold him back. There was only one person he lived for. He had to find Katarina. Alexander didn’t know what he would say or do, but he wanted to see her. He hoped Katarina would love him again, if he came and asked for forgiveness. He could not know. But he had to try. Alexander reached the road and headed north, looking for Katarina, the love of his life.

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