Living Thoughts

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"Living Thoughts" by Anatoly Nekrasov, Preface

Submitted: April 18, 2016

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Submitted: April 18, 2016



Living Thoughts


By Anatoly Nekrasov




I came into this world – how rich did it become?

I’ll go – how great will be the harm?

Oh, if someone explained to me why man,

Arisen from the dust, is destined there again?

Omar Khayyam

Up to now, many books have been written about spirituality and the strive for better life. Every author’s experience is remarkable in its own way. Some call for spiritual movement to God believing that in real life, everything will arrange itself. Others offer spiritual practices for reaching health and wealth.In this book, I offer to create a happy life yourself, relying on spirituality as the deepest humanity, i.e. the unity of Spirit and Matter. If you have come across this book, it means that there is something precisely for you in it! Goethe says in Faust:

Is parchment, then, the holy fount before thee,
A draught wherefrom thy thirst forever slakes?
No true refreshment can restore thee,
Save what from thine own soul spontaneous breaks.

Yes, a living word, and, most importantly, communication to oneself, moves towards truth. However, modern man, raised on a printed word in many generations, sees it as a necessary part of his life and sometimes as the main source of knowledge. Could we know Goethe without books? Books will long stay the main source of cognition.

The key to wisdom is love, and it is in the heart of man, including him who writes a book. The more love there is in the words of the author, the deeper in the reader’s heart they resonate. Thus, the key to wisdom lets open one door after another, the endless mystery of life.

In this work, there are not only fruits of brainwork. Every phrase, every statement has been derived out of many interactions with subtle planes from spiritual positions (spiritual practice), with different situations in life, through personal experience. All of my words went through heart and soul. Unlike in similar works, where, as Seneca said, “philosophers speak not about how they live themselves, but how others should live”, on these pages I give voice to what has been lived by me, my family and friends. We aspire to live as it is written here, and thus help living thoughts to grow!

This is the very reason this book has an enormous energy value. The book is not only educational, but also life changing. I already know many examples of salutary change in destiny and healings triggered by these texts.

This book is meant for multiple thoughtful reading – in this case, the effect will be maximized. Although a brief reading will also affect the reader and drop the seeds of future comprehensions. One who has read it will be rewarded with serious good changes in his destiny.

This book does not aim at specific interests (someone’s enrichment, anyone’s glorification, religious agitation or recruitment of followers and disciples, energy manipulations and so on). I only set out a certain worldview, offer (but not impose) it to the reader without any initiations, vows, oaths, promises to keep secret…

The book was born as a result of not only and not so much the traditional methods – intellectual generalizations, specially designed experiments and surveys – but rather out of deep heartfelt understanding of its topics. Dictated by the voice of the heart, subtle feelings, intuition, in the best sense of the word, it does not impose or require anything, and some categorical statements are explained with stylistic costs. There is no need to strictly follow each phrase in the text, turning it thus into a dead dogma. The reader is, rather, to feel the essence of writing with the heart than to understand it with the intellect. Based on the suggested knowledge and feelings, and personal experience, everyone can make new steps on the path to the Truth.

In writing the book, I used a variety of methods: research, based on corresponding knowledge, experience and techniques; non-scientific, including religious and mystical experience; esoteric and occult knowledge. The book combines mythology, theology, theosophy, philosophy, psychology and natural science. I believe that truth is there in everything – somewhere individual grains, somewhere placers, and somewhere nuggets – it is just necessary to find them. Hence, the presented material is highly subjective. Should the reader disagree with it, there is no need to challenge it. Immerse in the world of images, compare your knowledge to one in the book, and you will easily disclose your own facet of truth, which will be of greatest value to you.

It is fashionable to talk about spirituality. What is spirituality? With no uniform criteria, people preaching spirituality often find themselves on opposite sides. Why do not spiritual people understand each other? Is it spiritual when a man cannot achieve happiness on Earth? Therefore, it is important to find a universal criterion of spirituality that would help to verify one’s path at any given time.

Each person has a task in life and non-compliance leads to suffering. How to find these tasks and how to perform them? What to do when in the background there are many years, a whole bunch of diseases, family problems, or no family at all? How to be happy in this case? There is a saying: "Accept suffering with joy!" Is it necessary to suffer at all? Today the Bible, the Koran and other holy books are there practically in every home, but why people’s happiness has not increased? And how to combine the words "God is love" with all that we have now? Everyone feels the proximity of the Cosmos, contactees are on every street, why don’t we see their work, and they live not well? How do we ourselves influence the Cosmos?

Lately, there has been much talk and writing about corruption, evil eye, curses, with different protection methods given. How effective are they, and in general – are they necessary? I have interacted for many years with different people, different energy phenomena and never used any protection. Man himself has everything to avoid negative Impacts on him.

Most people are aware that family is the basis of life and in the family, the apotheosis of happiness comes. There are families, they give life, but why are there so few happy families? It means that something is not right in the very homes, the very idea of a family in the people that create it. How to combine the growing freedom of man with family ties? Earth has entered a new millennium. What kind of family and what worldview will there be in the new era? These – and much more – are the topics of this book.

The book consists of three parts. Each part and each chapter is a finished work and can be read separately, depending on the reader's interest. The sequence of reading is also not so important. However, for a greater depth of understanding, penetration, and, most importantly, for the most effective use of this knowledge in life, it is advisable to read everything.

The first part is called "Man". It discusses various causes of human suffering, the issues of human development, as well as philosophical questions, up to the meaning of life. What is spirituality and humanity? Freedom and responsibility? This part has chapters about prayer and subtle bodies of man, lists healing techniques and love manifestation forms. It is difficult to single out any of these chapters – they are all important, and together they help to change lives through the formation of a new worldview. I want people to become aware of their enormous possibilities and use them in their lives.

The second part is called "Relationship." As the name implies, it deals with the relationship between man and cosmos, nature, people, and the "subtle planes". A vast material is dedicated to the study of a communication language between man and the world – in particular, through dreams and divination. To get rid of fear, and the fear of death is the biggest, it is necessary to know as much as possible about life after death and how to behave for those who remain. A big chapter "Life after the death of a close" is devoted to this serious issue.

Large volume is occupied by questions of mutual relations in the family, with the family. Chapter "Fatherhood" will allow for another look at father's relationship with his wife and children. I would recommend to study seriously the chapter "Mother's love". I am sure that for many it will be a big revelation and a need to review a lot in life; it allows one to see the causes of today's problems.

Research shows that many problems arouse straight out of the blue – because of an incorrect system of values. The chapter “Priorities of love” allows to correct this kind of mistakes. “Love triangle” is a spacious chapter – almost everyone meets this issue in life in this or that way and makes a lot of errors. This material helps to understand the causes of “triangles”, and the ways to solve the arousing complex problems. At first, not everyone might agree with the conclusions made, but for everyone it will be, without doubt, useful to read.  For those who want to view the issues of politics, economy and the future of Russia from spiritual positions, I offer the chapter “National idea”.

Part 3 is called “Learning to love”. For the happiness to grow infinitely, it is important to include in your sphere of happiness not only family, but also your nation, humanity, and Cosmos. Contemporary man is clever and cerebral. This disease is particularly strong in women. There are plenty of clever women, and almost no wise. How a woman can become wise? How a man can become sensible? For this, it is necessary to learn how to love! In this part of the book, spiritual practices are also presented, because they teach loving, too. Let us learn to do the Deeds of Love and love – it is the true path to happiness!

Have a good trip with this book!

© Copyright 2020 Anatoly Nekrasov. All rights reserved.

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