The Open Mystery of Love

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Submitted: April 18, 2016

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Submitted: April 18, 2016



Meet the Unknown Love

By Anatoly Nekrasov


Chapter 1. The Open Mystery of Love

It has been six or seven years since I wrote the book “Learning to Love”, and now I come back to this subject again. It is time to share what I have learned on my way to love. These years showed that it is truly possible to learn how to love! Although some still think that love is either given or not, and it does not depend on the will of man. It is not so. This delusion prevents many from living happily.

In my books, I often break assumptions that are sometimes so habitual that people follow them without thinking… and get mediocre lives full of suffering. While life goes on, everything around changes, and if one does not realign something in time, it starts to slow him down, interfere, and then ruin his very life. So, it is better to remove an obstacle than to stumble, stop and get problems.

There are many assumptions about love. No surprise – it is in the very essence of life, love is life, its only source. Therefore, if somebody wishes to send people down the way of misfortune and create for them the biggest trouble, there is nothing better than to bring the seeds of delusion in the very basis of life. And so they did… It was not without the will of man though.

As a result, there is so much contrived around love… Even the simple words of an ancient wise man – ‘God is love’ – still enlighten only a few. Thousands of years have passed, and still the majority of people don’t understand love, consider it to be a feeling, divide it into divine and earthly, fair and dirty, sinful, distribute between confessions, go to war in the name of love or, referring to love, kill nature and even people… Such is the thistle that has grown on misunderstanding love. An according life we lead…

For example, look at one very popular delusion about love. We often hear and repeat the words from The Bible: ‘In the beginning was the Word…’ We never think that thus, we bring the greatest distortion in the basis of life – put mind instead of love in its very beginning. Life is truly overturned! This is how we live, standing on our heads… The matter, of course, is not in The Bible; it only reflected the already existing delusion and strengthened it even more. This very conception lead to mind dominating man and planet. Everything turned upside down! Now we see the impetuous growth of technological civilization that is ready to destroy itself and the Earth multiple times in the most sophisticated ways…

We are members of this civilization, and of course, we are very clever, and we may doubt – why, for thousands of years everyone thought that in the beginning was the word? Think, friends! This is so obvious: let millions of men and women gather in one place and say very clever words for the whole year… Only think and talk! Out of it, new life will not be born – not a single child… And leave for a while a man and a woman who love each other? Silently, after a certain time they will give Earth the new life! Only the presence of love is needed, in any form. Even if it is a simple sexual desire (which is a manifestation of love, too!), – a new life will be born! What about the growth of a fetus – at which stage does brain start to form? When do babies start to feel and express love? During the very first days of their growth in the mother’s womb. And when do they start to talk?

Maybe, it is enough of these deepest delusions?! Let us let love take its deserved place in life! Let us apologize before love and invite it in our lives as its basis. Love will understand us and come to us, and fill our lives with happiness and joy. Do not wait for somebody to do it. Right now, step into a new relationship with love.

Forgive me love… Thank you, love, for being with me…

So, in the beginning was Love. Let us start from here.


One more popular misbelief about love is that it is a feeling. By taking love for only a feeling, we have dramatically belittled it. Imagine what we get, if out of a broad spectrum of light, from infrared waves to ultraviolet, we take only one stroke – for example, a tiny fraction of green light, and say that it is light. The same is with love: by seeing only a feeling in it, we diminish love million times, and therefore, the life of man. This is how the greatest power – an enormous, truly cosmic energy of man – turns into microscopic power of a “small” man. These “small” people live on Earth and solve problems backbreaking for them through great suffers… How to see the full spectrum of love? How to bring this – cosmic – love into our lives?

This delusion is cured very simply: it is in the consciousness, and therefore, we can eradicate it through consciousness. Love is the greatest cosmic substance, or, if you like, energy. Although the word “energy” does not cover the true meaning of love, it is still closer to it than “feeling”. Here it is important to realize the true essence of love, of which barely anyone on Earth ever thought. If at least sometimes we hear about the great cosmic power of love, then this concept of love I came across only once in my life. The truth is very simple. Ingeniously simple! Love is a living highly intellectual substance!

Thus, love is the greatest, living, highly intellectual cosmic substance. It is the creative and connecting force of the Universe.

Having freed the concept of love from two deepest delusions, we get its completely different destination than just a feeling. And a different life with different possibilities. Nevertheless, there is one more misconception that prevents love from manifesting fully in life, and man – from taking his most deserved place in the Universe. This delusion is that one can only get love from somewhere… In reality, man is the creator of love! Yes, exactly the creator of this great living highly intellectual substance! This is man; this is his true magnitude and true value.

Today the majority of people on Earth are consumers of love. They consume love from each other, from nature, from God… Only in the rare moments in life, on the rise of some state, they radiate fractions of love. They live out of the crumbs they get from the others and from the World. They get married and have children, go on nature, visit places of power and churches – just for someone to love them. More than ninety percent of people live this way.

A little percentage of people are translators, channels of love. They connect to some earthly or cosmic source: a teacher, high power, cosmic civilization, God – and transfer the energy of love to other people, the aforementioned consumers. These are mediums, healers, religious ascetics… They seldom run their inner generator of love; on the contrary, they try to deny by all means their role as creators of love, by saying: “It’s not me healing, it’s…” Very little is the quantity of people who really create love consciously and are not afraid to admit it. This is the actual picture of today. This is what the third delusion has led to: that man is a small creature and cannot be the creator of love.

By freeing love from three greatest delusions, we also free from them life and man. Thus, we get new possibilities and new life. We say to ourselves and the World: in the beginning of life was, is and will be love! It is the greatest, living, highly intellectual cosmic substance. It is the creative and connecting force of the Universe. And Man is the creator of love!

Now let us look at how it works in “common” life, look into human stories through the new vision and new consciousness.

© Copyright 2019 Anatoly Nekrasov. All rights reserved.

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