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Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



UNLEASH, UNTIE, UNWIND To let all the knowledge flow from the portal of the vacation to the ever living chambers and the innermost portions of the unfolding doorways present in the reach of the non-wrenching child's hand so often denied by the mysterious giants the arbiters of the sea of crystal all dashing the hopes of its children like the cauldron sea foam against the rocks and para-psychology will tell you of the inner worlds we hide from ourselves what of the thickened vaults so encroached upon by stagnant vines and undergrowth the brush of the ages teeming to hide the brilliance therein a petulant insult to ourselves we hold dear and in a constant sting in the shade invisible to its self created wrath behold the nature of the infant so coy and subtle never given up upon and clothed gently in fields of swirling mist given just enough to survive or more than enough yet not enough the streak of immortality always so vigorously plundered and away and away and away the ignorance of creators on end shown forth to illuminate and cuddle garbage and to make queer all known songs a shot at a backstabbing Gnome to illicit foresight into everything and stop the carnage all charioteers already reaching their endpoint and scream as we may in the coddled night there is only a vacuous opening to an impinging aloneness of course in a thin, flickering moment light as we understand it can be put to shame if there were only such a thing as selflessness in an almighty term beyond any need to yearn and black as soot the night comes luring the purified light to an introverted self combust and an elusive silence I shall never live to taste the purer air on lofty peaks so hidden and wavering with lack of despair cradle us all in a damaged wreathe so downtrodden and forgotten to prime the taste buds to the unknown and fixate on honeysuckle beyond our damaged wound verily all walk singing and cleaving to a hope never exposed the rotten grave is tired and weary what is it to end all thirst? and un rape the raped? hiding in a silent womb all chuckle the great provider

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