James and the Jade Dragon

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This is just a short story I did. It's about a guy that goes to another world.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



“The last thing I expected when I woke that morning was to find an unexplored world outside my door.”

I stood looking into what was once my bathroom, thinking where am I going to pee now? At that moment the realization of what was happening hit me, there was a new world in my bathroom to explore. So I took a book from my desk and put it so that the door wouldn’t shut and quickly got dressed in pants and a short sleeved shirt with a button up shirt over that, looking in the mirror I looked like a lumber jack. I was six feet tall and broad, my short brown hair staying out of my hazel eyes and my face was tan from being out in the sun so much. Then I put my hiking boots on and grabbed my back pack and threw some energy bars, rope, a multi-tool and a big water bottle into it and made sure I had my pocket knife and compass with. I put my back pack on and opened the door again and stepped through, making sure the book was still in place and then closing the door, leaving a crack so I could find my way back.

As I stepped out into this new world I looked around and felt my heart pound at the prospect of exploring. I pulled out my compass to see if it would work in this world. I watch it as the needle spins around and comes to a stop in an Easterly direction. Well I guess I’ll just have to remember which way is North then. I take off in what I’m guessing is a Northerly direction. I climbs over fallen trees and jumping on rocks for what seems like an hour, but when I look at my watch, only 10 minutes have gone by.

As I climb on top of a large fallen tree I can hear a stream running just a bit to the West, so I take off in that general direction. As I come up to the stream, just before I come out of the woods, I see someone kneeling down filling what I assume is a water bottle or something like it. I crouch down and watch as they continue to fill the water jugs. As they turn to put one on the pile with the rest I realize that it’s a girl that I’m looking at. She seems to be dressed in what I would say was Native American garb, deer skin pants and shirt with moccasins and her hair in two braids. Though from her brunette hair and light skin color she doesn’t look like a Native American.

As she finishes filling the containers with water, she stands up, collects the water containers, turns to leave, and that’s when I notice a rope hanging from her neck. That seems strange. I think to myself as I look up and down the stream for a narrow place to cross. I find a place just downstream where the banks narrow to about two feet. I slowly come out of the woods and head downstream to cross. Then I come back to about where the girl was filling the containers.

I turn and head into the woods, trying to be as quiet as I can and try to follow the girl’s trail. Which it turns out is easy enough as once I get into the woods I find myself on a game trail. So I follow it for a while until I hear voices in the distance. I then step off the trail, moving to the side, and then slowly making my way towards the voices.

As I get closer I can start making out four different voices, all male. Once I can clearly hear what’s being said I crouch down and look around the area to see if there’s anyone keeping watch. Luckily I don’t see anyone, so I start creeping forward to try and get a good vantage point of their camp.

“So, how much do you think we can get for all of these?” A low gravelly voice asks.

“Well they aren’t the best bunch we’ve caught, but they should fetch a hefty price none the less.” A smooth, charming sounding, voice replies back.

“What about the girl, she should fetch twice as much as any of the rest.” A high pitch weasel sounding voice says.

“The girl is off limits, she’s for the boss.” Charming voice says.

By this time I have come to a spot behind an old fallen tree that I can look under and I can see the entire camp. I see three men sitting around a fire with a pot over it and another over by a cage. The girl is sitting to the left of a medium sized guy with slick backed black hair and looking to be in his late thirties. That’s got to be the guy with the smooth voice.

Sitting next to the girl is a giant of a man, he seems to be twice as wide as Charming voice guy and about seven feet tall. I wonder if that’s gravelly voice guy. He looks to the right of the slick hair and sees a man that he would describe as the complete opposite of the giant. This man seems to only be about four and a half feet tall but very stout and with a beard down to his waist. Ha-ha, if I didn’t know better I would say that one’s a dwarf. I think as I let out a small chuckle. Then I see a cage on wheels and a tall skinny man over by it, looking to be relieving himself. That has to be the weasel voice guy.

The skinny guy finishes what he’s doing and turns around and walks back to the others. He picks up his plate and scoops out some more food from the pot, before settling down next to the giant man.

By this time the smell from the men’s campfire has gotten to me and I’m resisting the urge to pull out an energy bar, for fear of letting them know that I’m here. The men seem to be settling, even though the sun is still high in the sky. They must be waiting for someone else to come. I quietly move back from the log yet keep an eye on the men, just in case. I move a ways away from the campsite and look for a place to make my own camp. Luckily I find a cave not too far from the camp, though there’s a large boulder blocking most of the entrance to it, there’s just enough room for me to squeeze through.

I stay next to the entrance as that’s the only light coming into the cave and unsling my backpack, taking out an energy bar and my water bottle. As I’m zipping me bag back up, I remember that there might be a flash light still in there from before, so I start checking the pockets. Fortune is on my side and I find one in a pocket. I turn it on and shine it into the cave, looking to make sure I’m alone. As I fan the light across the back of the cave I notice that the back of the cave turns slightly. So I get up and walk to the back of the cave, shining the light into the passage. I notice that it feels hotter as the further back I go, but I push on, curious now as to what could be back there.

I can feel a hot wind coming from the direction that I’m headin. As I turn another corner, I feel a gust of hot air push me back, almost making me fall down. Man, that’s some wind. I keep going forward and soon finds what looks to be a nest with an egg in it. That’s weird, why would there be an egg in a cave? As I’m shining the light around the cave the light goes over something that reflects and catches my eye. I move towards it and notice that it’s half buried in the dirt close to the wall.

I bend down and uncover the oval jewel, picking it up I shine the light into it. It’s green and see through with something that resembles a dragon in the middle. Huh, this is cool, I wonder if this is an emerald? I think as I put the jewel in my pocket, just as I hear something behind me. As I turn around and shine the light on the egg, the egg moves. I take a step closer to it and it moves again. It seems like the closer I get to the egg the more active it becomes. As I come to the edge of the nest I reache out my hand to the rocking egg and just as I’m about to touch it, the egg cracks.

When the egg cracks I jump back and fall down, dropping the light. As the light comes to a stop on the egg, a tiny head appears. I can’t take my eyes off of the egg as the small being inside tries to get out. The being makes a squealing noise as it pushes its head through the shell and the rest of the way out, I look down to grab the flashlight and notice that something is glowing in my pocket. I reach in and pull out the jewel that I found; it’s glowing a deep green.

I pick up the flashlight and stand up, moving the jewel towards the being in the egg; he notices that it pulses slightly. So I take a step towards the egg and the pulsing continues. I take another step, bringing the jewel closer to the egg. Finally I’m at the edge of the nest again, holding the pulsing jewel.

As I am walking towards the nest the being broke free of the egg. As I get closer the pulsing glowing jewel caught the creature’s eye. I move the jewel closer and the creature extends its neck, wanting to meet the jewel. As the jewel and creature connect a bright green light emanates from where they touched. It’s so bright I have to cover my eyes and look away.

When I look back, both the jewel and the creature are gone but, sitting in the creature’s place is now a woman the likes of which I have never seen. Long dark green hair, with bright green eyes; clothed in what looked to be a match for what I’m wearing. Her body is petite but i could definitely see curves to her short frame. As I am looking her up and down, she stands up and steps out of the nest and comes up to me and starts sniffing me.

“Umm, hello, my name is James.” I say as the woman continues to look me up and down.

“He…hell…hello.” She says, surprising me.

“You can talk?” I ask and then I stick my hand out for her to shake.

She looks at my hand and just stares at it for a moment before I reach out, taking her hand and shake it. After a few shakes the woman starts shaking my hand enthusiastically, almost shaking me off my feet.

“Well you sure do like shaking my hand, huh? Can you tell me your name?” I ask as I pry my hand away from her.

“Name?” She asks as she tilts her head and looks at me.

“Yeah, your name, you know what I should call you.” I say as I push her hand away as she tries to shake mine again.

She looks at me and I can hear someone in my head saying a name. Charlotte.

“Charlotte? That’s your name?” I ask as I look at her again. “Yeah, you do look like a Charlotte. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice…to meet…you to.” Charlotte stammers out.

“So you seem to be getting better at talking, that’s a relief; I thought I was going to have to play charades with you, ha-ha.” I say as I turn around. “Come on Char, lets head back to the entrance so I can get a look at you in the daylight.”

I start heading back to the entrance, leaving the nest room behind. Little do I know that as soon as I leave the nest room, in the exact same spot where I found the emerald jewel, an amber one now sits, waiting for the next person who needs help to come by and claim it.

As Char and I come to the entrance, Charlotte stops and puts a hand out into a stream of sunlight, letting the light from it warm her skin. She then runs past me and sticks her head out of the crack into the full sunlight. I hurry up to her, just as she’s slipping out into the woods.

“Hey, Charlotte, wait up.” I say as I start climbing through.

“But James it’s so beautiful out, I could just lay in the sun all day.” Charlotte says, making me stop in my tracks, as she falls down into a soft patch of grass where the sun is beaming down.

“Wow, you got really good at talking all of a sudden, didn’t you.” I say as I walk up next to her and lays down.

“Well it’s easy with a great teacher like you.”

“What are you talking about, I didn’t teach you anything.”

“Sure you did, through our link I learned all I needed to. By the way, could I have one of those bars that are in your bag, please?” Char asks as she sits up.

“Ummm, yeah sure.” I sit up and unsling my bag, then rummage through it, picking out a couple different bars. “Sorry this is all I have at the moment.”

“That’s alright; I just need something to eat. Growing up takes a lot out of you, you know. Besides, I’ll need my energy if we’re going to rescue that girl, right.”

“Well, yeah but…wait, how did you know about her?”

“I told you, through our link, I learned everything I needed to know. Besides, that’s why you found my jewel.”

I sit there for a moment looking at Charlotte, wondering what I got myself into. As Char finishes the one energy bar I hand her another and she takes it, thanking me, before munching on the new one. So, how am I going to save that girl, let alone the rest of the people in that cage? I think as the constant chewing of Char puts me at ease. Well I was thinking that I could turn into my dragon form, fly you into the camp and while I’m dealing with the men, you could free the people in the cage and get the girl

I fall back and roll away as the other voice in my head finishes their plan. “What the hell was that?” I ask as I look at Charlotte and her half eaten power bar.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. I thought that you were okay with us sharing our minds.” Charlotte looks down trodden as she nibbles a little more on her bar.

“That was you?” I ask as I move back by her. “I didn’t mean to sound angry; I was just surprised was all. I really didn’t think the connection you were talking about allowed for telepathy.” I say with a small chuckle. “Although, that plan of yours was pretty good. I especially liked the part about you being a dragon. That sounds so cool.”

Charlotte looks up as I say that and she has a little smile on her face. “Okay, then let’s do this, before they get reinforcements.” She shoves the rest of the bar into her mouth and quickly chews it and swallows. “Now you might want to stand back.”

She closes her eyes and stands still a moment, before a tail and wings begin to grow out of her backside. Her legs start to grow and crack as they become the hind legs of a dragon. Her face elongates and her teeth start to poke out of her mouth, as she falls forward, her arms catching her as they keep growing. Her clothes fall off her in shreds and her skin starts turning a dark green color, and I can see scales starting to form. I’m trying not to look away as I’m hearing the cracking, popping and grinding of her bones as they shift and grow. After a minute, there in front of me stands Charlotte in her Emerald dragon form. The sun glistens off her scales, making them glimmer and shine. She unfolds her wings and stretches, rearing up on her hind legs. As she touches back down she folds her wings up and walks over to me.

What do you think about me now? Charlotte projects into my mind.

“Well, you’re certainly greener, ha-ha.” I chuckle at my joke.

Well that’s what color an Emerald Dragon is. Charlotte retorts.


Now hop on and lets go save those people. Charlotte bends down to let me climb on her neck where it meets her back. Hold on tight, I’d hate to have to find a new partner so early. Charlotte says with a big old dragon smirk.

I wrap my legs around Char’s neck and lock them and then grab her around her neck with my arms. As I do this Charlotte tenses her legs and pushes off into the sky. As she clears the tree tops she spreads her wings and catches the wind, slowing our descent, she turns and glides away from where I think the camp is.

So why are we going away from the camp? Charlotte asks as we go further and further away.

Because, I think we should try and get as much altitude as we can before coming down into the camp. I think back to her, hoping that my plan will work and not get me or anyone else killed.

Okay, I guess that makes sense. It’ll take me a bit longer to recover from the landing, if I come in too fast though.

Hmmm, yeah, we want to get the drop on them but still be reactant ourselves. Well then we’ll just go up far enough to see their camp and then come down.

That sounds better, and speaking of which I think I see their camp. Charlotte thinks as she’s circled back around and started looking for the camp. It looks like there are still only the four men, one cage and the female. I don’t see anyone that looks like they’re going to be joining them, so that’ll help us out.

Indeed it will. I’m ready whenever you are Char. I pull out my pocket knife, and re-secure my hold on Char’s neck, just before she slopes her head and starts a low angle dive towards the camp of slavers.

As Charlotte starts to descend into the trees just above the camp, things start to happen fast, and in almost a slow motion for me. Charlotte lands in the middle of the camp, crushing out the fire, and drawing everyone’s attention to her. She lets out an almighty roar that shakes the trees around her and has the skinny man stumbling back and falling down. I hop off her back and stay behind her as she maneuvers around towards the cage, blocking me from the men’s sight.

I bring my knife out and start cutting a rope holding the cage together, when I hear a yell, from the giant of a man I’m guessing. As I get the one rope cut, I notice that it’s not just one single rope but many ropes holding the cage together. Shit, this is going to take a bit longer than I thought.

That’s alright; I’m having fun with this giant man. Char replies back. Luckily none of them are very good with their weapons, ha-ha. Char laughs as the dwarfish looking man takes a swing at her leg and she blocks the axe with her claw as the smooth looking guy tries to stab into her side with his sword, but her scales keep it at bay. The skinny man is nowhere to be seen though.

I finally get through all the ropes on one side and then start on the top ropes, working as fast as I can. Luckily the people in the cage know to keep quiet and not draw the attention of the men to them.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The weasel sounding skinny man says as he comes up behind me, leading the Indian looking girl by the rope.

I jump at the man’s voice and turn around pressing up against the cage. I feel someone’s hand trying to get my knife and then someone whispers in my ear, “you distract him and I’ll get these people out of here.” Hoping I’m not trusting the wrong man, I let the person’s hand take the knife and then I step forward.

“I’m here to rescue these people.” I say and I unsling my backpack, reaching inside quick and pulling out my hunting knife.

“Oh, so you want to play that game then?” Skinny man says as he steps back and ties the girl to a tree, then pulls out his own two daggers, each half as long as my hunting knife.

How are you doing over there Charlotte? I quickly think.

I’m doing good, the short dwarf guy is down and charming is almost all tired out, but the giant of a man is still pretty fresh. Why, what’s up?

Umm, I might need your help, I’ve never fought someone wielding daggers before. I thinks as the skinny man and I start our dance.

You’ll be fine, just don’t let him cut you, ha-ha. Charlotte laughs she brings her tail around and smacks charming, causing him to fly ten feet into the air and crash into a large tree, snapping his back.

Gee, thanks for the pep talk. I think as I unsheath my knife. Holding the knife in my right hand and the sheath in my left I advance a step towards the skinny man. When no attack comes, I take another step, then another, I’m just out of arms reach of the skinny man when I notice the girl straining to bend down and pick something up.

When I was distracted, the skinny man lunged forward with his right dagger, I jumped back just in time to avoid it. Following through the skinny man swipes with his left dagger and nicked me on the forearm before I could move it out of the way. The skinny man reverses his left dagger and tries for a backhand swipe at me but I step in and block the dagger with the sheath in my left hand. I then step around the skinny man with my right foot, coming up behind him and trying to stab the man in his kidneys.

The skinny man quickly brings his right dagger back behind him and swipes at me, getting me to jump back or get cut in the gut. “You’re better then I gave you credit for.” The skinny man taunts as he turns around.

“Yeah, I didn’t think I had it in me either.” I say as I look behind the man and see the girl with her arm cocked back. Then I cock my head to the side and hear the sound of wood creaking, taking a chance to look behind him, I see the cage partially open. “You know though this really isn’t a fair fight anyways.”

“Oh yeah, and how is that?” Skinny man takes a step forward and tenses his legs, getting ready to lunge again at me.

“Cause, you’re out numbered.” I say as I slightly nod my head at the girl and wave the people from the cage forward.

At the same time, the girl throws what she has in her hand and the people in the cage rush forward. The rock hits the skinny man in the head and he stumbles forward just as the man with my pocket knife passes me and he knees the man in the side of the head. Then taking the pocket knife the man ends the weasel’s life, as the rest of the group crowds around him kicking and beating him.

I walk over to the girl and she turns around, exposing the back of her neck so that I can cut the rope free. As it falls from her, she turns around and gives me a big hug, making me blush. “Thank you, but I have nowhere to go.” The girl says as she pulls back from me.

She can always come with us back to your world, right? Charlotte asks as she lifts her head up and spits something out of her mouth.

Is it even possible to take her back, let alone you¸ to my world? I think back, looking at what Charlotte just spit out.

I don’t see why not, you came through just fine.

“Well if you would like to join me and Charlotte, you’re welcome to come with us.” I say, looking at the girl. “Though, where we’re going it’s a little different than here.”

“Oh, that most definitely alright. I don’t like it here anyways.”

“Okay then let’s get out of here before their comrades show up.” I’m just about to tell the other people the same thing, but they’re already gone.

“By the way, my name is Chloe.” Chloe says to me and then looks at the giant green dragon.

“Nice to meet you Chloe, I’m James and this” I point to Charlotte in her Dragon form. “Is Charlotte.”

“Thank you for rescuing me and the others.” Chloe says as I help her onto Charlotte’s back.

“Well when I saw you by the river and noticed the rope around your neck, I knew I couldn’t leave you to your fate.” I climb on in front of Chloe and wrap my legs around Char’s neck. “Now you might want to hold on tight.” I tell Chloe and I feel her arms tighten around my waist.

“I don’t think I’ll ever let you go James.” Chloe says as she leans into my back.

Charlotte Jumps into the air, easily clearing the treetops and spreads her wings, turning in the direction of the door back to my world. You know, I think you just got yourself a lifelong mate with that one. Charlotte thinks to me.

And what about you? I think back.

I’m a lifelong companion. Char replies as she flaps her wings and slowly starts to descend into the trees where the door should be about. Not a mate, buster. She thinks with a smirky sound in her thoughts.

As they land, Char folds her wings and settles down, letting me and Chloe slide off. She then closes her eyes and lets the transformation happen, turning her into her human form, complete with clothes.

“Now, should we go through?” I ask the girls.

“Ha.” Char laughs. “If you want to get back to your life, we should.”

I walk up to the crack in reality and slowly open the door, hoping that my room is empty. I walk out first and take a look around. “ Okay, it’s clear.” I say and motion the girls inside.

“Wow!” They both exclaim at the same time. They both look around at my room and out through the window.

“I guess this is your new home, ladies.” I say, trying not to sound nervous about what I’m going to do with a dragon shape shifter and a girl I rescued from slavers. And my new life.

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