Back From the Dead

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As the final battle comes to a close Zaina brings Helen back to life. Her plan blows up in her face as Helen begs for death not wanting to be a walking corpse. Sequel to All For A Better Tomorow. Kind of graphic but strong I do hope.

Submitted: July 18, 2013

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Submitted: July 18, 2013



Hey guys! This a sequel to All For A Better Tomorrow, I reccomend reading that one first, but understand if diving into the sequel is more convinient, so here is a little back ground information to get you started--

The setting is a Post apocalyptic world where they are at war with a group wanting to destroy the Earth and turn everyone into robots to preserve humanity. A army is formed all around the world from nomads willing to fight back. It is up to Four 17-19 year old's to call together the army that was in hiding. The lead role girl Helen is dying and is given a power box to keep her body going so that she can help her team finish what they started. On D-day the machine built to send the alert fails and their only hope is to use the box inside Helen to power the Machine. Her friends and her love, Harry try to hold her back but her mind is set. So she gives her life to save them. This sequel takes place after her death during the battle and before the burial of Helen. Zaina is a twenty four year old engineer.

I am still developing my story so I would take any constructive criticism gladly 3

Zaina was back in the room with the machine that had succeeded in its purpose. With the machine, signals for help had been sent all over the world and an army of nomads and droids had showed up at the front lines to defend their planet against the enemies army which had already began to destroy miles of Earth before they had gotten there. All of this happening within thirty six hours. Zaina walked over to the cot holding the body of Helen. Bradley had placed a blue tarp over the body before they left to prepare for the oncoming hoard. Zaina pulled this tarp back revealing the corpse. Helen’s body was a pale ashen hue highlighted by pale blue lips and eyelids. The area where Zaina had removed the box was still open but the flesh had fallen back into place and slumped inward like a collapsed roof. The blood had dried and was deep reddish brown. Zaina didn’t want to breathe in through her nose so she took breaths through her mouth, although she could still faintly taste the tang of death rising from the body.

Zaina could tell that someone had rearranged Helen’s body as her arms now laid neatly at her sides and her head was positioned facing up when it had been tilted to the left before. Zaina felt compelled to say a quick prayer before pulling the tarp back into place as it had been before she had messed with it.
Zaina walked over to the end of the room where a wall of clear tarps where concealing a great deal of equipment. She grabbed a corner of one side and pulled them down to reveal among other things huge computer screen about as long as a bathtub. The computer was similar to the machine in that it had its own battery but the battery for the computer was incompatible for the machine and would have been unable to transfer energy as the power box inside Helen had been able to do beautifully. With a push of a button the computer hummed to life and tiny led lights shined all over. Zaina typed in eight digits and the blue from the home screen illuminated her face. Zaina was going to use the computer to watch the battle play out. Her brothers, Franz and Elias instructed her to stay away from the battle despite her wishes. They both agreed that one of them had to live on and felt their sister would be the best option.  Her brother Elias had given her a code to hack into at least four droids so that she could hack in to his camera and see through its eyes. After doing just that four screens appeared on the blue screen. (Insert at later time thrilling fight scenes full of death, suspense, and adrenaline and awesome)

 Zaina watched with pure excitement, they were winning. A rag tag team of nomads were destroying their enemies. It was unlike anything she had seen before in her life. Zaina jumped up and down with glee. Her heart was racing with adrenaline, each beat cheering them on. Zaina didn't know why, but when the blue tarp covering Helen came into the corner of her eye her heart contracted. Zaina felt heavy for Helen, that she couldn't see what her life had done for the advantage of their army. Zaina wondered if it were possible to put the box back inside of her.

Zaina looked at the body to the power box. Zaina was an engineer, not trained to be a doctor like her brother Franz, and not even skilled in making great decisions like her oldest brother Elias. Yet Zaina still felt she had to try something. She knew all she had to do was slip the power box back inside where she had removed it before. The power box had worked for corpses in much worse shape than Helen was in now. She had seen this with her own eyes. It wouldn't last forever but, at least Helen could experience her work. Zaina, deciding what she was going to do grabbed the power box and with her other hand pulled away the tarp. Helen looked so peaceful. With a pocket knife Zaina lifted the already cut flesh and pushed in the box. Zaina took out one of her stud earrings and with the back of it pushed the reset button. She watched Helen’s face as it began to slightly twitch. Then as quick as she could Zaina stapled the open flesh and when she was only a few staples away she heard in a wispy voice. “Zaina?”

Zaina looked up at Helen’s face, two hazy brown eyes looked back at her.

“Helen, hold on.” Zaina stapled three more times then stood back up. “How do you feel?”

Helen didn't blink and when she did it was voluntarily as if she was trying to blink away dust that had flown into her eyes.

“I feel nothing. Am I dead?”

Zaina looked bewildered, not knowing what to say.

“My ears are ringing.” Helen told Zaina.

“Can you sit up on your own?” Zaina asked.

Helen looked at Zaina and then tried to sit up but was having a hard time remembering to move.

“It worked, they are fighting now and they are winning. Your Harry and my brothers. They’re winning.”

Helen looked like she was trying to grasp what Zaina was saying. In Helen’s head she knew that this was good, important even. However Helen could not feel the right emotions to react.

Zaina noticed something was off. She began to wonder if she had made a mistake.

“H-helen, I brought you back so you could see them win. I found a way so that you could see.” Zaina said in a wavering voice.

Helen still looked at her blankly, but internally trying hard to find the right way to react. They were winning, she wanted them to win. This was good.

“Let me see then.” Helen said clearly.

Zaina looked around for the wheel chair she had seen somewhere and found it behind the closet door. She wheeled it over to Helen who was looking around the room still flat on her back.

Zaina helped Helen into the chair and pulled her up to the screen. (More fighting scenes but victory none the less. To be inserted later.)

“Isn't this fantastic, Helen? We win!” Zania fist pumped the air.

“Yes, it is Zaina.” Helen felt a stirring within her gut, happiness. Peace. Despair.

“ But I am still dead.”

Zaina looked down at Helen aghast. “No Helen you are alive! After this all plays out I will personally harvest power boxes from our enemies. You can live forever if you want.”

Helen shook her head slowly. “I am dead. My heart--it doesn’t beat. I am so cold.”

“What about Harry? And Heather and Bradley they--.”

Helen snapped at that, her eyes widening slowly in terror. “No, don’t you ever let them see this. I can’t let them see me like this! You have to take the box out. Let me die Zaina! Let me die.” Helen was sobbing but unable to cry. She began to thrash her arms.

Zaina took a step back from the estranged Helen. Tears flowed freely down her face. Her heart hammered against her chest. “Helen no, you are alive. It doesn’t matter if your heart isn’t beating. You are alive!”

Helen didn’t listen to her. She began to claw at the staples on her abdomen. After realizing she didn’t feel pain ripped one of them out. Zaina watched in horror. “No Helen!” Zaina pulled the wheel chair back and held Helen’s hands back, easily overpowering her.


“LET ME DIE! PLEASE THEY CAN’T SEE ME LIKE THIS. LET ME DIE. I HAVE TO DIE!” Helen bellowed. Twisting and wriggling trying to escape. Zaina sobbed profusely unsure of what to do. “PLEASE!”

The front door slammed open revealing a flustered man in its wake. “What the hell is going on?” He shouted over Helen’s pleas of death.


Professor Franz rushed over to see a manic Helen and flustered Zaina. “What have you done Zaina?” He gasped.

“I wanted her to see you guys win and it is all going wrong, she isn’t reacting right.” Zaina sobbed.

Franz pushed Zaina out of the way. “Helen?”

“Please Professor Franz, let me die. I can’t go along like this. A zombie. It’s not right.”

Professor Franz stared into Helen’s blank, but pleading eyes.

Zaina tried to speak but was silenced by the expression Professor Franz looked at her with that could melt steel. “You shut up Zaina! What the hell were you thinking?”


“Helen’s going to decompose on her feet if she were to go on like this. On. Her. Feet. It only works when they are still alive. When they are dead they are still dead! You cannot possibly be this thick!”

“I’m sorry.” Zaina whined completely distraught.”

“Please let me die.” Helen whispered.

Professor Franz looked at Helen with sadness and understanding. “Don’t worry Helen, I won’t let you suffer any longer.”

“Thank you.”

Professor Franz pulled out a pocket knife and pulled out the staples one by one.

“Please don’t let Harry be alone. He was so lost when my friends and I found him and he will let that ruin his future.”

“I’ll do what I can.” He said grimly.

“And please, Professor Franz. Zaina. You mustn’t tell anyone that I came back. Promise me please.”

“We promise.” Professor Franz replied for the both of them.

Professor Franz pulled out the last staple. “This is it Helen.”

“Don’t let yourself be alone either. You deserve to be happy just like the rest of them.”

“I’ll do what I can.” The Professor assured her, and then with a heavy heart pulled out the power box. Like a marionette cut from its strings Helen went limp. Her eyes were looking at the screen when she was talking to the professor. Blinking back tears that had welled up in his eyes Professor Franz followed Helen’s line of vision to see what had been the last thing Helen watched.

In a field dotted with fallen bodies, three people stood together. Harry, Bradley, and Heather were celebrating their win. Cheering, jumping, hugging. Happy.

Professor Franz picked Helen up out of the wheel chair and placed her back on the cot. He was pulling the tarp back over the corpse when Zaina told him to wait. She ran back over before her brother could protest and put Helen’s arms back at her side and her head facing upwards again. She pulled Helen’s shirt down to cover up the mess she had made. Zaina was convinced that no one would be able to tell that the body had been moved at all. Then, too ashamed to look at Helen’s face covered the whole body with the tarp. She tried to say something to Franz but was stopped.

“I can’t even look at you right now.” He told her coldly. With that he grabbed his bag that he had dropped on the way in and walked out the door with a slump in his posture. Zania held herself tightly and walked back to the screen to watch the rest of the battle in silence.

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