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This memoir is about my long awaited dream that just came to pass in the recent past no matter the hurdles and peseantry state that has been there for years,but for along time the array of hope and this dream kept revitalising.

Submitted: July 29, 2019

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Submitted: July 29, 2019



MY DREAM. By Andayi churchill winston. Every day we dream various dreams with an aspiration of making them come true, born and bred in Africa in the distinct land of +254, a young man was born in a cosmopolitan society but from a tribe that has more than fifteen subtribes,and that's the luhya community.

This a tribe that I find interesting as much as many contend it angrily.

Growing up in both rural and urban setting was one thing I loved and treasured most, since it offered me an opportunity to interact and share a lot with people from other communities, with our interests and hobbies intact,my dream kept reigniting and resurfacing and the future of Africa shining bright and brighter was seen from a distance, with dream I owe 254 a lot,just to make it better and better.

Every single day I could remind myself of this dream as I grappled with everything I came across for life was really a struggle but the dream kept steaming up just to set a clear pace.

In slumber its where I dreamt most,for I could envision this future in style as I extrapolate its plan in a dotted sketch that if life finds its way and the impediments dealt with accordingly then realising this dream was the only option.

This being my dream I could not share with an other person regardless of us being pretty good friends for it had a special place in my heart.

Journeying is the only way, and surviving through the hurdles was my biggest challenge and the internal monologue was at its apex with the only question in "what if I don't make this dream come true?" But I could push through as far as the dream is untouched.

Time went on and on,primary came and passed and this was not the end of it all,for it was preparation for the ground fit for the dream to settle.

When I joined campus every thing was knew and campus which was perceived to be independent became the only place I could break or make this dream come true, and at this point I could remind my self of an adage, that I came across long ago in the phases of education that, " a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step " took a piece of paper and a pen wrote down a few things that could make this dream a reality and indeed the ball started rolling.

All this was a result of a dream dreamt long ago back in the village but time had now came to harness what could make this dream happen.

In the class of many students with different interests and tastes in a one round up course I could figure out something,that our class is totally different since everyone wanted to have their best.

Journalism being the only song to be sung and heard but the dream kept reigning, and I thought I have to grab it tightly since the dream I had in mind has now come in my hands and if I lose it then I should be ready for the fiasco with mind and conscience.

The institution was the ground,and everything was in the run and competition was not the thing since everyone was ready for the outcome of their dreams,and hard work was not even in our DNA but to work smart and outsmart everything that came by was the only writings we could read and comprehend.

The relationship between the school of life and school of education grew up every single day,and I realised that the values and morals inculcated were of essence since the academic discipline was anchored on them.

The institution being a Christian one did never sidelined students from other religions like the Muslims,Hindus and the likes from drawing from the sea of knowledge for all our dreams were valid,even though some couldn't take it lightly since they felt their freedom is in way being infringed, but since life had to move on then regulations and code of conduct,code of dressing was most likely to cause halt of some careers when violated.

Having came through a primary school motto that said " together we succeed," to a high school motto, " success is our pride" finally to campus where the motto was simply " my university of choice" the choice be bigger than the institution for I chosen the dream.

Everything grew bigger and expectations on the other had rose a notch higher, and the clock kept ticking and time show case what our academic muscles depicted was the sun set and we bid the campus corridors adieu, this was the final lap and every final lap doesn't need a a participant but a tough competitor. Everyone went out happily and I could reconnect with day to day soliloquies that the journalist in the making is now set to narrate his own stories in his unique which the highly emphasised technique of a journalist reporter and still expectations never ceased.

Life carried on as usual but we had to gamble around in the field where we proceeded for industrial attachment and everything looked new for it was hands on experience and there after we familiarised.

Later in the year long awaited ceremony came and everyone was appeased for the circle was now coming to an end,gathered at the graduation square for occasion and it's ultimate time drew close and finally adjourned and the outside world became our home up to date.


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