For Better or Worse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic
Little song/rap i've been fuckin around with.

Submitted: June 04, 2015

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Submitted: June 04, 2015



Ain't no woman like the one i see

She comes round, fall to my knees

She gone.


Been around the world slowly

axel turns, i still bleed.

She gone. Still i pleed.

Come home. Baby, your all i need.


I don't care much for lies

Seems by. Each time oh they fly

We both roll around them

Only to settle down cry.


Cause baby youre the best i know.

So it shows as i let feel go.

Let it all go, hollow, and pain go.

Or am I just a bastard to cast away.

I'd rather stay like John Snow.

Stand like a man.

Play everyone the Fool.


No that's not our story told.

We failed sin.

 let the devil in.


As now our story sounds old.

But we can do it right.

Share delight, bask as on in the light.


Baby no one likes me

And youre all i see,

Slowly round the world.

Till theres nothing left to see.

I don't care to lie.

Spit in my face, thats fine.

Time is the worst crime.

Always leaving us awry.


Maybe our story is still untold.

but here and now, writing this verse.

The words that matter are the worst.

But still its bother i father.


But as for you and me.

That shit just ain't meant to be.

And it's not.

Simple as that.

Now a fact.

Our relationship was out of whack.


Our story on the page.

Again it was sin that got us in the end.

Devil dug his way in.


Still at night, when i hit the sack.

It's you i dream of.

Inspration for life

hardwork dedication.

Exact reasons

For leavin

Later me amore

Sorry if im boring

Sour sweet in my dreams while i'm snoring.

As for my girl I hope she's soaring.

© Copyright 2020 Anders Killington. All rights reserved.

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