a short poem about the life of a "shoe".

I am a shoe
I let people try me on
If they don't like me
They put me back and buy another
Differant sizes try me on
Sometimes they're to big for me
And sometimes They're to small
Then some one trys me on who's the right size
And they fit so comfortably
I do this because
I am a shoe

I am a shoe
When they've paid for me they put me in their car
They take me to their home
Where they try me on again
An wear me around their home
They think i look good on them
This happens because
I am a shoe

I am a shoe
In the morning
They find me in their living room
They try me on again
But i no longer excite them
So they take me to the street where they bought me
And get their money back
I go through this because
I am a shoe

Submitted: March 13, 2010

© Copyright 2023 Andi Parks. All rights reserved.

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